Super Gene - Chapter 718: Blood Spring

Chapter 718: Blood Spring

Chapter 718: Blood Spring

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In an ancient forest resided a gentle spring and basin. It did not flow with water, nay. It flowed with blood. A creature guarded this spring, and had done so since it was born. The Zhao family believed this beast to be a super creature. They had done battle with it many times, and on each occasion, their forces were dealt grievous harm and forced to retreat.

Fortunately for those that fought it, the super creature never left the spring it guarded. It never gave chase, and this allowed the Zhao family to continue provoking the beast and attempting the same fight many times.

Han Sen and Zhao Heng hammered a deal out, and then Han Sen followed him out to the spring.

Qin Xuan accompanied them, too. This pleased Han Sen because he had no fondness for the Zhao family, and he feared he'd die of boredom without someone he was fond of talking to being present on the journey.

On the way, any creatures that sought to bar or prohibit their pa.s.sage were dealt with by members of the Zhao family. The eight Zhao family members wanted to impress Qin Xuan and Han Sen, as they had each unlocked a gene lock. Zhao Haiyang was quite powerful, and he was more than keen to flex his muscles.

There was one thing that interested Han Sen a lot, and that was the fact that the Zhao family members' fitness levels were higher than those of most people who had unlocked their gene lock.

While they were taking a break, Qin Xuan quietly told Han Sen that the Zhao family had a geno optimization solution, and that the family members were provided with a special training regime since they were born. With a controlled diet, their genes would actually improve. This was why the Zhao family had greater strength than those who were at a similar level. And that was also one of the many reasons they were pompous braggarts.

"Qin Xuan, try this. It is a nutrient fluid from Angel Gene, and it is good for your body. These things cannot be bought at the markets, you know." Zhao Haiyang approached the two and handed over a pen-sized bottle to Qin Xuan. Inside, a transparent purple concoction swirled.

"Thanks, but I have my own." Qin Xuan did not accept the fluid from his hand, and a hurt look crossed his face.

Han Sen was laughing on the inside. The Zhao family members really seemed to think themselves as G.o.ds, as if they could do whatever they pleased.

The Special Squad had an important rule, however. Unless the situation was dire and the absolute need arose, squad members were not allowed to accept items from others. This also applied to the people on their team. You drew from your own supply strictly, to avoid problems arising further down the line.

Qin Xuan's rejection of the fluid was normal protocol, and even Han Sen would not even think to offer her an item. He was positive Zhao Haiyang knew about this rule but, perhaps unexpectedly, he sought to bend the rules and offer her the gift regardless. After the rejection he sulked, and it looked as if his overbearing ego had been dealt a hearty blow.

But quickly, Zhao Haiyang returned to normal. He sat down next to Qin Xuan and resumed talking with her.

Han Sen listened in on them for a bit, and he felt sorry for her. Zhao Haiyang was so self-obsessed that he could only talk about himself and about the power his family possessed. All Qin Xuan did was smile and nod, without making a single vocal contribution.

It wasn't long before Han Sen got tired of listening to the inane blabber and decided to sit next to a tree away from the others. There, he rested his eyes for a bit. He also sent a message to Princess Yin Yang, who was far away right then.

On a mountain, a good distance from them, Princess Yin Yang was leading another party. Zero and the silver fox were trailing directly behind her, with w.a.n.g Yuhang at the back. He appeared to be sulking.

"Hey, Princess? Might I ask where we are headed?" w.a.n.g Yuhang asked miserably.

"Just follow in silence! How can you incessantly drone on about so much dragonp.o.o.p?" Princess Yin Yang sternly responded, giving w.a.n.g Yuhang a peeved look. The entire time the party had been traveling, w.a.n.g Yuhang had done nothing but complain.

"Well, pray tell that which the bossman has pleaded we do! Communicate with me here." w.a.n.g Yuhang ran in front of Princess Yin Yang and asked with a wide smile.

He had previously tried to ask Zero. But he felt as if his presence before her was invisible. She didn't respond or even look at him, as if he was nothing but an annoyance.

Only Princess Yin Yang would occasionally tell him something, but nothing she said was particularly explanatory or revealing.

Princess Yin Yang ignored w.a.n.g Yuhang and continued walking.

Han Sen's intent for bringing w.a.n.g Yuhang and the rest was by no means good. The Zhao family had pretty much forced Han Sen into fighting a super creature, and he was not going to bow to their desires quite so simply.

The Zhao family would never expect w.a.n.g Yuhang and the rest of Han Sen's team to be following them. The road was long and taxing, and getting attacked by other creatures was a common occurrence. The noise of such fights would not make for a stealthy tail.

But the silver fox had the ability to repel creatures. So, fortunately, they could follow the larger group ahead without stirring any trouble. The Zhao family had no idea of they were coming.

This ancient forest was the abode of a host of dangerous creatures, and they had killed a lot on their way in. There was a fair share of sacred-blood cla.s.s creatures, too. Han Sen and Qin Xuan were never given the opportunity to fight, and as a result, could not reap a single benefit or reward.

Zhao Haiyang offered to share some meat with them, an offer they both rejected.

Near an ancient tree, a river ran by that was blood-red. It was like the gentle gush of a freshly opened wound.

"Follow this stream of blood and ascend. In about twenty miles, we will see the blood spring and its creature," Zhao Haiyang reminded them.

The Zhao family were arrogant, yes, but they weren't dumb. They were borrowing Han Sen's strength to finally slay this super creature of theirs, once and for all. If they couldn't capitalize on his presence amongst them this time, they weren't sure they'd get another chance.

After walking twenty miles, the ancient forest opened around a red, craggy hill. It wasn't tall, but there was a crack in the middle. The crack birthed the blood-red spring, which flowed to create a pool of blood at the bottom of the hill.

In the blood pool, a black beast rested. It had black fur, and its head was crowned with two curved horns.

It was impossible to tell what it was. Its shape seemed to resemble a dog, but it looked a little like a cat, as well.

Its size was equivalent to an adult tiger, and therefore quite small compared to most other super creatures. But after reading its life force, Han Sen could tell with 100% certainty that this was indeed a super creature.

"According to our deal, you will need to cooperate with us for the length of the fight. And also, you must provide us with the final hit," Zhao Heng told Han Sen.

"Okay, whatever you say." Han Sen nodded.

"Summon your super pet to fight and we will look for an opportunity to surround it," Zhao Heng said.

"No problem-o." Han Sen did not say much and simply summoned his adiraid.

Zhao Heng and the rest looked at the adiraid with genuine admiration. There was also a glint of envy towards Han Sen. It confused them why a person such as he had been fortunate enough to find a dying super creature he could easily finish off, and then be rewarded with such a pet.

Han Sen commanded the adiraid to attack the super creature, while he also sent a message to Princess Yin Yang.