Super Gene - Chapter 717: Angel Gene

Chapter 717: Angel Gene

Chapter 717: Angel Gene

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Han Sen went to the meeting room posthaste, and saw Qin Xuan engaged in conversation with a few others. The group was a mixture of men and women, and there were eight in total. Three of the women were quite elderly, and they looked as if they were in their eighties. Of course, they only appeared as if they were in their thirties because they were evolvers.

Han Sen scanned each of their energy flows to decipher their true age.

There were five men, who varied more in age. There was one old man, three middle-aged men, and one other young man. The young man stood closest to Qin Xuan, and he was talking with her.

Between them was a white-haired old man, who looked really intimidating. It seemed as if he possessed a lot of power. He examined Han Sen, acting as if he was far superior to him.

It wasn't just the old man acting like that, but the rest seemed to, as well. Their bones stiffened with a sn.o.bbish pride, and they behaved as if they were far above everyone else.

"Han Sen, allow me to introduce you. This is Angel Gene's director, Mister Zhao." Qin Xuan saw Han Sen approach and immediately introduced those in her company.

When Han Sen heard her mention "Angel Gene," he quickly understood why the people with her had such proud looks.

The Alliance had two organizations that excelled in the field of gene research. One was Dong Lin and the other was the Zhao family, called Angel Gene. Over 80% of the exclusive geno solutions for hyper geno arts in the Saint Hall were developed in a.s.sociation with Angel Gene.

Aside from that, Angel Gene produced many products for the benefit of human genes. These products ranged from nutrient fluids to such things as hardware and technology; all for the cultivation of one's genes. Angel Gene had an excellent product line, and this allowed them to maintain a large portion of the market share.

The Zhao family described themselves as being a core component for the functioning of the Alliance. While such self-serving consideration painted them as a loyal bunch, it was a means of letting everyone know that the Alliance wouldn't be what it was without them.

Han Sen had heard a lot about the Zhao family's pride, as a lot of their family members were councilmen. The Zhao family's influence was so great, they had even been known to affect the entire swing of presidential elections. This alone was an example of how powerful and influential their family was considered. As a result, they had every right to be

Zhao Heng was one of the directors and played a pivotal role in the family. The young man amongst the people that had come to visit was called Zhao Haiyang; he was the chairman of Angel Gene and grandson of the organization's leader.

"Manli, come and pour tea for the Zhao director and Mister Zhao." Han Sen believed the reason they had come to see him was because of his little angel. If that was the case, however, he wasn't sure why they had brought Qin Xuan with them.

Of course, their a.s.sociation was not a strange one. The Zhao family had ties to a great number of different factions and organizations. It was not a total surprise, seeing them together.

"You are Han Sen of the Ji family, yes?" Zhao Heng asked, as he looked at Han Sen. It was like an elderly asking any young person a question.

"I am Han Sen," Han Sen answered. Zhao Heng had believed him to be a true member of the Ji family, and he wasn't sure what to say in response.

"Not long ago, I had a chat with Ji Ruozhen. The topic of you came up, and from what I hear, you are quite nice," Zhao Heng said.

"Thank you for the compliment." Han Sen frowned, unsure what this old man was looking to sell.

Although Ji Ruozhen was younger than Zhao Heng, he had already achieved more than the old man had, and he was on the verge of becoming president. Zhao Heng was only one of the dozen directors of his family. The way he spoke would suggest he was superior to Ji Ruozhen himself. His voice oozed arrogance.

The leader of the Zhao family would undoubtedly possess the same tone of voice.

"People always said the Zhao family had chutzpah, and it's true. It looks as if their heads are in the clouds and they hardly pay heed to anyone around them," Han Sen thought to himself.

Qin Xuan noticed Han Sen's apparent displeasure at the company he had suddenly received, and quickly sought to remedy the situation. She said, "The reason they have come here today is to request that you hunt a super creature on their behalf; or at least, it is a beast that looks like a super creature."

But before Qin Xuan could continue speaking, Zhao Haiyang took over and said, "You don't have to come; you can just sell us your super pet. There will be no difference."

When Han Sen heard this, he did not look mad. He just thought it was strange that a person like Zhao Haiyang could have survived this long in this world.

"Sorry, I'm not selling my super pet. And I've been quite busy recently, so my schedule is full-up for the foreseeable future." Han Sen never considered helping others hunt super creatures, particularly people like the Zhao family.

"Young Man, please consider our request!" Zhao Heng blurted out at the sight of Zhao Haiyang, who looked ready to blow his lid after the sudden rejection.

Han Sen wanted to say something dismissive again, but Qin Xuan suddenly coughed and said, "Director Zhao, please have a drink of tea. Han Sen, there is a cla.s.sified doc.u.ment from the Squad you should have a look at. I brought it over for you."

Han Sen, in the exclusive company of Qin Xuan, exited the room and moved to his office. "Team Qin, what's going on? Has the Squad ordered me to help them?"

Qin Xuan had a wry smile, but she shook her head and said, "No. If this was a matter concerning the squad, things would be simpler."

After Qin Xuan explained, Han Sen understood. The Zhao family had many seats in the council, and Ji Ruozhen's election was running so smoothly because of the backing of the Zhao family.

"No wonder that Zhao Heng randomly mentioned Ji Ruozhen. That's why, huh?" Han Sen coldly laughed, and then continued to say, "I don't believe the Zhao family will stop supporting Ji Ruozhen due to my rejection. That Zhao Heng and Zhao Haiyang are only bluffing with their projection of power."

"The Zhao family's support for Ji Ruozhen provides them with benefits, too. You're right that they won't so simply give up supporting him." Qin Xuan had a brief pause, but then continued by saying, "But think about it; if you reject Zhao Heng, and the Zhao family complains to Ji Ruozhen, is that something you can accept?"

"They can make Ji Ruozhen order me to help them?" Han Sen asked, with a look of confusion.

"The presidential election is in its final stages. The Ji family will not allow any disgraceful events or controversy to tarnish their name. The reason the Zhao family has asked for your help now is because they know the Ji family will not be willing to reject them. If the Zhao family looked for Ji Ruozhen, I am afraid he will have to agree to their requests. Sometimes, even the Ji family have to concede to the plights of others," Qin Xuan said.

"That means I have no choice." Han Sen owned 5% of shares in Sky Technology. If something went bad during the election, and Ji Ruozhen was not made president, the stocks were sure to plummet.

If Ji Ruozhen really was to become Han Sen's father-in-law, it seemed he would have no choice but to agree.

"You can still talk about the terms and conditions with the Zhao family. It's either talking about them with that lot or with Ji Ruozhen. Who would you rather have such a talk with?" Qin Xuan smiled.

"Well, if things are like that, I'll go and help them!" Han Sen said, with an evil smile.