Super Gene - Chapter 711: Battle with the Son of God

Chapter 711: Battle with the Son of God

Chapter 711: Battle with the Son of G.o.d

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He had long white hair to skirt his cold, handsome face. He wore a white robe hemmed with gold, and he approached like the Son of G.o.d he was. The whole world seemed humbled by his mere presence.

Everyone watched the Light Son of G.o.d come on stage, and they all froze with bated breath. His oppressive presence made it difficult for the audience to look at him straight. To look at him felt like blasphemy.

"So handsome!" A woman could not help but blurt out. He looked so holy, even a woman from a different race couldn't help but find him attractive.

Compared to humanity, the Light Son of G.o.d was like a perfect being. He stood casually, yet he emitted a holy aura that belittled everyone else who looked at him.

The Light Son of G.o.d was of a similar height to Han Sen, but from the way he stood, he looked taller. It was as if he was looking down on Dollar. His eyes were full of disdain, as if Han Sen's worth was less than that of an ant.

The evolvers who watched felt suffocated. It was like a mound of rocks was slowly being built upon their chests, and they wanted to heave blood out of their mouths.

"G.o.d said, 'Let there be light,'" these words exited Light Son of G.o.d's mouth. His white eyes shone, as if to embody the G.o.d he spoke about.

He said these words before every single fight. It wasn't anything personal uttered towards Han Sen, because he looked at everyone the same way—he considered everyone he opposed as nothing.

With his angelic voice, Light Son of G.o.d raised his index finger. It was thin, long, and perfectly chiseled. It pointed towards Han Sen.

A white beam suddenly formed in the air and pinged off Han Sen's forehead, before he had the chance to react.

Han Sen looked as if he had been sniped with a perfect headshot. His body leaned backwards after the shot, and he crumbled like a castle to the ground, the momentum catching up and sliding him a good distance back.

The humans who watched the fight fell silent, and suddenly felt terrible. Dollar could not even withstand a ranged attack that came from Light Son of G.o.d's finger.

The people who had researched Light Son of G.o.d bore wry smiles as they shook their heads. They knew this was going to happen, but still, they couldn't help but feel bad.

The Light Son of G.o.d's attacks were too fast, and humans had no chance of dodging the white beams emitted from his fingers.

Suddenly, Dollar's collapsed body moved. He pulled himself back to his feet and touched his head. His dark purple helmet had a circular indentation in it. It was almost like a bullet hole, but it didn't pierce all the way through.

"Coooin!" people yelled, with reinvigorated joy. They couldn't put into words their sudden relief, and all they could do was chant his name in unison.

Han Sen's forehead lit up with pain. He had already cast the ant king's energy flow to boost his defense inside his berserk ant king armor, and still, Light Son of G.o.d's attack had almost pierced right through. His foe was stronger than he had imagined, and he most certainly believed he was a super spirit. He was most likely stronger than a super creature.

Light Son of G.o.d's power was indeed at the level of a super creature, but his wisdom far exceeded theirs.

When Light Son of G.o.d lifted his finger earlier, Han Sen could not even see the beam's trail. Without seeing it coming, he could not react to it. Before he noticed it was firing at his forehead, it was too late.

Light Son of G.o.d saw Han Sen survive his beam attack, and was surprised that Han Sen's head was not blown off. He raised his lips and mockingly said, "Not bad. To not be killed by my beam, your life must have many accomplishments."

"If I can kill you, that'll just be another one to the tally." Han Sen shook his head; the beam was incredibly powerful. Although his helmet blocked it, his head still suffered a concussion. His neck was in pain as well, most likely suffering whiplash from the sudden impact.

Light Son of G.o.d had a disdainful smile and he said, "Ignorant human, that first hit was only a drop from the well of my power. Do you really think you have what it takes to compete against me?"

"Yes, for if that was any indication, you must have a pretty small well." After that, Han Sen ran towards Light Son of G.o.d with his fist raised.

But after Han Sen's first step, Light Son of G.o.d pointed his finger at him again. The white beam managed to strike Han Sen's head once more. Blood dripped from beneath his helmet.

Everyone was shocked, the blood telling them that things weren't going too well.

"Too strong. This is not something mere evolvers can go up against. With such speed and power, there is no way he can win."

A lot of people had similar thoughts, as the audience's faces went pale.

Although the Light Son of G.o.d was not going after them, they still felt hopeless after watching his dominating power.

The dark-purple body stood up once more. The helmet had another bullet hole in it, and this time it had pierced all the way through, causing blood to leak from the hit. It was a terrifying sight.

"Is that all you got?" Han Sen stared at the Light Son of G.o.d, as the blood in his body pumped faster to the accompaniment of his heart.

Han Sen felt no fear, only excitement. He saw the glimmer of hope, the one that would guide him to defeat the Light Son of G.o.d.

The Light Son of G.o.d's attacks did not heavily damage him. Even though the beam pierced through his armor, the power was not enough to damage his gargoyle glyph body. He had cast the bear cub's energy flow to strengthen his body even more.

Han Sen's greatest disadvantage right now was the fact he was using Dongxuan Sutra to cast a number of different energy flows at once. He couldn't fight much longer, so he had to find a way to end the battle soon. He could not risk collapsing from exhaustion.

He stepped forward with another look of certainty. He raised his fist again with the intent of hitting the Light Son of G.o.d.

The Light Son of G.o.d's face looked ugly, almost as if he was mad. Five fingers now pointed at Han Sen, and another five beams of light pierced through Han Sen's body.

Han Sen's body was sent flying, his blood like flowers in the air. A few sensitive female spectators held their mouths as tears fell from their eyes.

With more blood seeping through his wounds and the tears of his armor, Han Sen managed to stand up once again. He didn't say anything this time, he just tried to punch Light Son of G.o.d again.

Light Son of G.o.d's eyes went cold as he fired another five beams of light. Han Sen tried to evade them, but the beams really were too quick. He could not dodge them, and again, five more b.l.o.o.d.y holes appeared in his armor.

But this time, Han Sen did not fall. His legs carved two deep marks into the hard floor of the arena. Han Sen used his hands to maintain his grip and not fall over.

Although things looked dire, he didn't fall. Blood continued to drip.