Super Gene - Chapter 712: Stand Up

Chapter 712: Stand Up

Chapter 712: Stand Up

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Seeing Han Sen still managing to stand up, the chests of many people felt heavy with sunken emotions.

When the Light Son of G.o.d looked at Han Sen again, there was no longer disdain in his expression. Instead, he looked at Han Sen with respect. He considered the Dollar he was up against to be a genuine opponent.

"Now, I will treat you like a real foe. You can quit now, if you'd like. If you choose not to, understand I will not allow you to live," the Light Son of G.o.d offered, continuing to look at Han Sen.

Han Sen did not answer, he just raised his fist to try to punch him again.

The Light Son of G.o.d's body finally moved. His entire body became light, and he teleported in front of Han Sen. Several beams of light were cast, which st.i.tched together to strike Han Sen.

"Aargh!" Han Sen's body was smacked into the air as more and more blood began to pour from inside the dark-purple armor like a red peony.


Han Sen's body crashed down onto the ground with a heavy thud. Not a single sound came from the audience that looked on, as the Light Son of G.o.d's power shocked them all.

But in their hearts the faint flame of hope was yet to be fully extinguished.

"Stand up." People chanted this line in their hearts but did not dare shout it out loud. They felt their hopes were pitiable, and nothing more than false hopes.

They thought it was like trying to light a match in a typhoon. They hoped the match could continue to burn, but they feared if they said something, its fire would go out.

Even though they did not speak, however, they still understood its futility. The wind itself was what would extinguish a match that was lit inside a typhoon.

But Han Sen was not a little flame. He stood up. A few cracks delicately traced and adorned his armor, blood seeping through them. Despite his wounds, he stood up straight in defiance.

He waved his fist towards the Light Son of G.o.d again.

The Light Son of G.o.d snorted and moved. The beams of light were cast again and they all struck Han Sen's body, which summoned even more spilt blood.

Han Sen did try to dodge it, but again, his foe was too fast. He could not see the attacks, and as a result, could not evade. He was repeatedly knocked down, but he never stayed there. Every time he was knocked down, he got up again. His armor was coated with a vast number of marks.

His dark-purple armor was now dyed red in his blood.

"Stop fighting; give up!" a woman cried out with a soft voice. She tried to hold it in, but no longer could. With a voice that was as soft as a prayer, she pleaded. She did not want to see Dollar suffer a slow, brutal death.

Han Sen could not hear her voice and even if he had, he would not care. He looked far worse than he actually felt.

If it was ordinary armor he was using, he would have been killed far sooner. Under the constant attacks, the armor would have broken a long time ago.

The devil ant king armor had very strong recovery abilities, however. Han Sen simulated the ant king's energy flow, which allowed it to absorb the damage that was being dealt and not wholly break.

The damage he had taken earlier was healed before he suffered the latest hit. This was what allowed Han Sen to pick himself up again and again. Without the protection of the ant king armor, he would have been shredded into nothing but bits.

Han Sen, who had been beaten down again, stood up once more. He raised his fist but could never get close enough to the Light Son of G.o.d to even touch the cloth of his garment.

Han Sen wasn't being reckless, but the Light Son of G.o.d was too fast and he simply could not follow. If he hadn't been able to sustain the attacks, then his inability to defeat the spirit would have been a.s.sured.

Han Sen needed to get a grip on the Light Son of G.o.d's attack pattern. If he could just touch him, he might have what it took to beat him.

Heavenly Go's formation allowed for the prediction of an enemy's attack pattern. He could react before they started attacking, and this even allowed him to dodge bullets. When the opponent started firing, it would be too late, of course; you would have to dodge just as the gun was raised.

Dongxuan Sutra could do this, too, but perhaps even more effectively.

The Light Son of G.o.d was too fast, though, and Han Sen could not even see when he chose to raise his finger-guns. Therefore, Han Sen had to a.n.a.lyze the Light Son of G.o.d's attack pattern.

If this was anybody else, doing so would have been impossible. But Han Sen had the dongxuan aura. He had been using it this entire time to observe his enemy's energy flow.

The energy moved before the body did, and the energy inside the Light Son of G.o.d could not lie. Han Sen had to better learn his energy flow so he could predict the spirit's movements and evade before he unleashed an attack.

"I'm almost there; I just need a little more time." Now, the Light Son of G.o.d's energy flow was starting to appear more clearly to Han Sen. Soon, he would be able to predict his every movement.

But the humans who were watching could only see him getting beaten down repeatedly, with seemingly no advancement. People felt their hearts slowly break, as they watched the blood paint his armor.


Han Sen was. .h.i.t by the white beams once more. He crashed onto the ground head first, his helmet carving into the arena floor as he slid another few meters. His head had formed a trench in the ground, which shocked the people watching.

This. .h.i.t to Han Sen was the same as before. It wasn't deadly, but his neck was already injured and he struggled to stand up immediately. He rolled his neck a few times first to ease the pain.

But this movement, to the people who were watching, strained their suspended hopes.

All they could see was Han Sen being beaten down another time, now unable to lift himself up. They thought his neck had been broken, despite his urge to continue the fight. They thought he was dying. It was as if it was only his will that kept him coming back for more.

Even those who did not like Dollar were tense.

"Dollar, stand up!" No one knew who started it, but every human present began chanting those words.

It did not matter whether it was in pity, or whether or not Dollar could even hear it, but they wanted to shout this out in his honor. They didn't want to believe he was dead; they wanted to see him stand up. And for as long as he stood up, they knew there was a chance of victory.

Han Sen could not hear what they were saying, and he only bent his neck to make himself feel a bit better. But after that, he chose to stand up. Of course, the others thought they had given him the encouragement needed to defy a looming death and get back into the fray. With grand excitement, they now started to feel emotional. The bodies of a few vibrated in the release of tension.

Even Queen, who hated Dollar to her core, now felt enthusiastic. She clenched her fists and although she did not say it out with the rest, chanted in her heart, and hoped for a happy ending.

"Doooooooooollar!" Fang Mingquan was watching the match, as well. Usually, he could talk a lot when commentating a fight, but he could not do that on this day. All he could think to say right now was to call Dollar's name.

The Light Son of G.o.d was powerful like an ancient deity, but his eyes suddenly revealed a glint of panic—he noticed Han Sen's body was recovering once more.

Even scarier was the fact that he couldn't strike the same wound twice.