Super Gene - Chapter 710: Glory

Chapter 710: Glory

Chapter 710: Glory

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Victory! Non-stop victory.

Dollar won again and again, which thrilled the Alliance. More and more people became excited about the Divinity's Bout, as the focus on Dollar increased.

Although there were many differing opinions, the mainstream media were all hopeful that Dollar could see his trials through and manage to become a Son of G.o.d, or perhaps even the number one Son of G.o.d.

At the same time, there were many people trying to determine who the elusive Dollar actually was.

Some people believed he was a gifted child of some large organization, with profound talent. Made-up stories said he could walk around the day he was born. He could fight when he was merely one year old and admire women with big b.o.o.bies by the time he was three.

Others were firm in the belief that Dollar had volunteered for some super geno engineering. They believed the genes of his composition had been modified, enabling the supreme power he wielded.

Everyone had their own story, and all manner of false rumors and tall tales had begun to spread.

Many articles and books had been released, some unabashedly false such as "The Secrets Between Me and Dollar" or "Trapped in an Elevator with Dollar." Such stories became quite popular.

The officers and factions of the Alliance worked tirelessly to figure out who Dollar was, but still, they could not find out. The way they clamored for intel was considerably worse than the general populace, but it was all to no avail.

But the more battles Han Sen fought and won, the closer he was to confronting the fearsome foe Light Son of G.o.d. And that time had now come; he was to battle with him the very next day.

People like Hua Ping had painstakingly a.n.a.lyzed the potential outcome of the next fight, with the data collected from Light Son of G.o.d's and Han Sen's previous fights. He had come to the conclusion that Han Sen had only a 20% chance of winning.

Hua Ping and his people had been predicting this outcome for a while now, even before Dollar's popularity exploded. They hoped to find a way Dollar might manage to beat his ultimate enemy.

But in each one of Light Son of G.o.d's battles, he killed everything that came close. No one had managed to last longer than a second after a bout started with him, and standing before him seemed to be a guaranteed death.

His movement speed was far too quick, too quick even to see. He would blink away, and the head of his opponent would be severed before he reappeared. He was the sort of foe no human could go against.

Although Dollar was strong, his speed was nowhere comparable. It was highly doubtful Dollar could dodge his attacks.

The reason Hua Ping believed Han Sen still had a 20% chance of winning was attributed to his armor. With good fortune, such st.u.r.dy armor might be what was needed to survive one of Light Son of G.o.d's killing strikes.

While blocking his attack did not guarantee a win, it still provided an opening. It was a slim chance, but it was a chance nonetheless.

All the big factions of the Alliance conducted their own a.n.a.lyses, but each one's result was considerably worse than Hua Ping's prediction. They saw Han Sen having less than 10% chance of achieving victory.

Compared to these high-cla.s.s sorts, however, the general populace was overall more hopeful and optimistic. It was almost expected that Dollar would become a Son of G.o.d, and they spent little time dwelling on the alternative outcomes for his final fight.

Han Sen himself tried not to pay much attention, but it was a popular topic that was making headlines everywhere he looked. He read a few articles out of curiosity, which revealed to him who he would be fighting.

Han Sen read one of Fang Mingquan's articles. It was a report that quoted Hua Ping's prediction of success and the reasons why, which gave Han Sen some sort of idea of what he should expect.

"A speedy spirit? That could be difficult." Han Sen frowned.

He was afraid of encountering speedy spirits, particularly those who would also be stronger than him. It was the worst of both worlds, and wielding such power with that terrifying speed really would make Han Sen an easy kill. The chance of victory was practically non-existent, if he could neither withstand the spirit's attacks nor fight back.

It reminded him of the raven on Sky Pillar mountain. It could kill humans freely due to its immense speed, and he and those who accompanied him that day had not stood a chance against it.

Han Sen's thoughts aligned with Hua Ping's. He had to hope his armor was st.u.r.dy enough to withstand the attacks of Light Son of G.o.d. That would be his window.

"I have berserk super armor. Even if he is a super spirit, I should be able to block it, right?" Han Sen was deep in thought, and he continued, "If he is fast, then that means he will be weaker physically. Heavy punches always. .h.i.t harder than fast ones."

"If you had brought your pet to fight alongside you, all this glory might have been yours." Annie approached Han Sen, supper in hand. She sat in front of him, as he read the news while he ate.

Han Sen smiled and said, "I would have liked to, but I don't have super armor. I don't have defense like him. And I don't even have the ability to absorb Life Geno essences like this guy, either. My fitness would be too low. In such a small arena, a super spirit could gleefully ignore my pet and come for me right away. There'd be no room for me to maneuver and exclusively sic my pet on my opponent."

"You are right, but that Dollar's fitness is still lower than the super spirit's. Even with super armor, he is still useless. He will not be able to hit Light Son of G.o.d, and so he will still lose." Annie took a breath and then continued to say, "If your pet is with him, it might give him the edge he needs to become one of the ten Son of G.o.d's."

"Even if I wanted to lend the pet to Dollar, where could I find him? All of the factions are looking for him like mad, right now." Han Sen shrugged.

Annie nodded and said, "We have run many tests on the Life Geno essences. We have no idea how to absorb them, yet Dollar has somehow managed to."

"I would like to know how, too," Han Sen said, as he continued to eat.

The next day, the human shelter's battleground was packed to the gills with spectators once more. The audience was rabid, eager to watch Dollar fight the Light Son of G.o.d. If Dollar won, he would become a Son of G.o.d himself. It would be the ultimate glory, and one of the highest achievements of humanity.

A lot of old evolvers also entered the battle arena, earlier than most. Quietly, they waited for the matches to start. Their hearts were nervous, and no one wanted Dollar to win more than they did.

From twenty year old people, to two hundred year old people, this fight was a cultural phenomenon. It attracted people of all ages, from all walks of life.

It was unknown how many billions of human evolvers now turned their attention to this fight. Even those who said Dollar had no chance of winning still prayed he might be able to summon a miracle.

This was nothing personal. Although Han Sen personally felt that it was, he was representing the entire human race.

Until Han Sen, no human had ever come this far. He was a genuine pioneer for humankind, and he shouldered the expectations of countless people. This was his glory.

"He's here!" A strong purple body stepped forward to enter the arena. The anxiety that tempered the mood of the crowd was suddenly loosed into a blazing flare of excitement.

A lot of people had read the a.n.a.lyses of Light Son of G.o.d. He was a terribly strong foe for anyone to encounter. As such, they were slightly worried Dollar would have been a no-show.

Although the Alliance had created the forfeit guide, no one wanted to see this man give up on this day.

And fortunately, he had arrived. Calmly, he walked on stage.

In that very moment, his body meant the whole world.