Super Gene - Chapter 709: The King's Declaration

Chapter 709: The King's Declaration

Chapter 709: The King's Declaration

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In addition to his supreme fitness level, Han Sen wore berserk super armor. He also simulated the cub's energy flow to make his body not far-off the strength of obsidian. That was how he managed to shrug off Queen's attacks.

If he had not simulated that energy, the armor itself would not have been enough. After all, Queen knew how to make use of Yin Force, and no armor could withstand all that power.

"It looks like my absorption of Life Geno essences is going to be exposed." Han Sen had known exposure would be inevitable when he went up against the final spirit, but he hadn't counted on meeting Queen and having it revealed so early.

But Han Sen was prepared for the world to know, anyway. He was playing the role of the enigmatic Dollar, and no one would be able to find him once the matches were over.

In the next two fights, he met humans again. When his would-be opponents walked on stage, however, they did not fight him.

"Dollar; I am a fan of yours. Can I have your signature?" A two meter tall big man stood in front of Han Sen looking shy, and handed over a pen and paper.

Han Sen froze for a second, expecting another match. He didn't expect someone who had come so far to give up the fight and instead ask for a signature. He took the pen and paper and scribbled his name down.

He was not worried about someone recognizing his hand-writing. He could control his body well enough to mask his handwriting, so he used a style no one would be able to trace back to him.

"Thank you, thank you!" The big man greatly appreciated his autograph, and then quickly exited the stage.

The second human opponent was not as fanatical as the other man, fortunately. He did tell Han Sen something, though. He said, "Good luck, Dollar. You have our support. Go and become a Son of G.o.d." Then, he also gave up the fight and exited the stage.

The last opponent of the day was a royal spirit. Han Sen killed it with a single blow, which made humanity super happy.

Han Sen did not stay for long, afterwards. He quickly made his leave and returned to the privacy of the Crystal Palace.

Fang Mingquan had never been so excited. The media-man's soul was burning with the fire of unadulterated pa.s.sion.

Dollar's words lingered on the minds of many, but they particularly stood out to Fang Mingquan; "I am not here to fight humans".

Returning to the office, Fang Mingquan wrote an article called, "I am Not Here to Fight Humans – The King's Declaration," and posted it.

It described Dollar's fights over the previous two days. He made sure to highlight Dollar's most profound line.

In the end, Fang Mingquan wrote, "The king has returned; his sword directed to the position of becoming a Son of G.o.d. Will Dollar become humanity's first Son of G.o.d?"

The day held unparalleled fervor and excitement. They were hopeful for Dollar's performance in the future, hoping he would stand as a representation for humanity's position amongst the Son of G.o.d's.

But the real shock came from the Alliance's office. Normal people only understood he was strong; they didn't quite grasp the full extent of his strength like others might have.

The high-cla.s.s officers of the Alliance were aware Dollar must have absorbed Life Geno essences. They also knew he was wearing a super beast soul armor. If he wasn't, they knew he couldn't possibly have possessed such insane defense.

Even Queen could do nothing before him, and as a result, they were certain this was so.

A lot of people were excited and curious about this development. They were almost salivating at the prospect of Dollar proving that humans could indeed absorb Life Geno essences. Their inquisitiveness of how he had done so was difficult to temper.

A lot of people wanted to find out, but they did not know how to get in contact with the elusive Dollar.

Almost at the same time, the leaders of every faction issued a decree to seek out the man behind the mask; they wanted to find Dollar. The matter of Life Geno essence absorption was a concern of the human race and it was crucial for the development of humanity. They had to find out who Dollar was, no matter what. They had to learn, from the horse's mouth, what Dollar knew.

Many people a.n.a.lyzed the information they had on Dollar, in an attempt to predict who Dollar might be. They composed a list of suspects, one which contained the name Han Sen.

But Han Sen and Dollar had appeared in the same area many times, as well as at different locations at the same time. This led to his name being crossed from the list.

Not many people owned a doppelganger beast soul. People only knew Han Sen and Ning Yue had one, so no one considered this possibility.

Ning Yue was there watching Divinity's Bout, as well; this made him think of something. Not being wholly certain, he didn't let people know what he was thinking of just yet.

The aqua reaper lived inside him, and his thoughts and life were in Han Sen's hands. If he did something to displease Han Sen, he'd be a dead man.

Han Sen won the next few matches, which led to the generation of another major topic in the Alliance. Everyone was talking about whether or not Dollar could truly be the next Son of G.o.d. They wondered if he could beat the Light Son of G.o.d.

Because of his amazing performance thus far, many people were extremely hopeful at this prospect. A lot of people who did not care about Divinity's Bout started caring about it a lot more.

When people watched Dollar fight, the ferocity drew them in and made them feel as if they were a part of the battle themselves. This wasn't a simple series of fights anymore; it was a conquest for obtaining glory for all humanity.

Although Han Sen was only fighting for himself, to humanity at large, he was doing something no one else could. He was committing a selfless deed for the rest of the human race, they thought.

Even though Dollar had his fair share of detractors, they still hoped he could achieve glory for humanity and win.

Especially the old men who had been in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for a century. They had lived their entire lives in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, and throughout their lifetimes, all they had heard was how miserable humans were doing in Divinity's Bout. Although they looked like they didn't care, they still secretly harbored a desire for humanity to excel and win the tournament. They wanted someone to get payback on the spirits more than anything.

They acted like they did not care because they could not do anything about it. The efforts of every generation had led to countless deaths and innumerable injuries. Disappointment was the only reward for such grievances, and thus, they lacked hope. They continued to pretend as if they didn't care, even going so far as to make jokes about the event.

But when the hope came, even if it was only a little, they were excited. And they prayed and bid their wishes upon the people or person who showed the most promise.

The people who were older would feel an even greater amount of glory.

"Old Hui, have you heard about this year's Divinity's Bout? That Dollar there is pretty good, and maybe there is a chance this year will be the one." A lot of excited old men shared the news of Han Sen's many victories.

Over 80% of human evolvers were focused on Divinity's Bout for the first time. The media began reporting as much as they could on the event. Most reports were about Dollar, his past, present, and possible future legacies.

Overnight, Dollar became a legendary figure to the entire Alliance. His name was on the tip of everyone's tongue. The fame he received was different than what he received in the past. This time, Dollar was shouldering the glory of all humanity. He possessed a figurative halo that separated him from traditional celebrities, as well.

Even Han Sen himself did not expect things to turn out this way. Even in the military base, soldiers and officers ravenously talked about Dollar and Divinity's Bout.