Super Gene - Chapter 708: A Father's Love

Chapter 708: A Father's Love

Chapter 708: A Father's Love

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Everyone was shocked; they had no idea why Dollar just stopped fighting all of a sudden. They believed, if he accepted the strike that was coming his way, he'd end up half dead.

Everyone thought Dollar might have had a trump card up his sleeve, but he didn't. Queen's leg struck Han Sen's head without resistance.

But what happened next dropped every jaw in the vicinity. Although Queen's strike hit Dollar's head with startling velocity and pitch-perfect aim, he didn't move. Dollar did not move a single inch.

It was like Queen had whacked a statue, not a human body.

But with Queen's power, even if Dollar was a statue, he'd be nothing but rubble right now. And still, Han Sen stood upright as if Queen had not even touched him.

"Impossible!" Teng Zhen Liu stood up, and with wide eyes, peered at Dollar who had just stood there in acceptance of the kick.

It was not just Teng Zhen Liu bearing such a reaction. Everyone who knew even the slightest thing about Queen and her power could not believe what had just happened.

Queen's power was above all other evolvers, it was commonly believed. It was hard to imagine how tough a person would have to be to withstand one of her strikes and not even budge.

And Queen herself was just as shocked. But still, she did not let that be cause for refrain. Her pair of beautiful legs went back to kicking Han Sen like two fierce dragons, and again, she was unopposed. She hit Han Sen heavily, over and over.

Queen kept on kicking, striking, and hitting. Her leg skills left no room for retaliation, had Dollar sought to pull a stunt. The legs just came at him in a ceaseless barrage from every angle.

The crowd was frozen at the sight, at how none of Queen's attacks made Han Sen move a single inch.

The entire shelter was quiet. Even the other human fighters who had joined Divinity's Bout were in awe.

The raging sound of the kicks echoed far and wide across the battlegrounds, but Dollar's strong purple body continued to stand still, as if Queen's hurricane of attacks was nothing more than a stiff breeze.

Queen, who always did what she wanted and achieved the results she desired, suddenly started to look a little panicky.


Queen kicked towards Han Sen's face, but then stopped right before it landed.

Everyone looked at the two. Dollar did not move; all he did was raise his right hand slowly. He grabbed Queen's lower leg, and she was unable to move it anymore.

"Have you kicked me enough yet? Can we end this now?" Han Sen asked gently, as he held onto Queen's calf.

Everyone who heard this was struck with a strange feeling, and the atmosphere changed. It no longer looked like a fight on a battleground. Queen now looked like a little girl who had been throwing a tantrum to her father. Dollar was the father who allowed her to let it all out before taking her home.

Although it was inappropriate, that was how people viewed the scene after hearing Dollar speak. The cold and powerful Queen was little more than a sulking little girl now.

Queen took notice of this strange atmosphere, as well. She gritted her teeth and lifted her other leg. She twirled in the air and kicked Han Sen.

Han Sen did not care for the other kicking leg, and he allowed it to strike his neck. He stepped forward, reached out his hands, and grabbed ahold of Queen's waist as she was in the air. Then, he lifted her up on his side like a little girl and walked to the edge of the battleground.

No matter how many times Queen kicked, Han Sen did not care. He just continued his walk to the side of the battleground.

Everyone thought their eyes were playing tricks. No one could have expected a person as calm and composed as Queen to take part in such a juvenile scene.

The father and daughter feelings only continued to grow. Queen was the tantrum-throwing girl while Dollar was the understanding father. He did not argue with the little girl, he only allowed her to release the anger she had pent up inside her.

Somehow, a phrase popped into many people's heads; "A father's love."

Everyone looked puzzled; the people from the Ares Martial Hall, in particular. Their mouths continued to remain open, not seeming likely to close anytime soon.

No one expected Queen, who was the boss of the Martial Hall—the woman who they looked up to the most, like a G.o.ddess they could not look at directly—would end up in a scene like this.

Queen's heart was stricken with anger and embarra.s.sment. She never thought she would be treated like this, and she would have preferred to be killed.

But at the same time, Queen was shocked. She was aware of the extent of her own power, and she knew there were only two possible explanations for Han Sen's ability to withstand her attacks. Firstly, his armor must have been incredibly hard to survive her barrage of kicks. She struggled to imagine what sort of armor he possessed, if it was indeed that tough.

It was either that, or he was just much stronger than her. The strength of his armor would not matter too much if their powers had been on a similar level.

A lot of the educated spectators could see this, and it made them even more surprised than the evolvers.

Queen had already maxed out her sacred geno points. She also had the best hyper geno arts. Her power was way above the limits of most normal evolvers, and yet, she could not do anything. Those watching could not believe or even fathom how powerful Dollar might have been.

"Super geno points; he must have absorbed super geno points. Otherwise, he could not be that powerful." These thoughts ran through the minds of many people.

The First G.o.d's Sanctuary and Second G.o.d's Sanctuary had people who had killed super creatures and obtained their Life Geno essences.

But up until now, a method of absorbing the essences and gaining super geno points had yet to be discovered. The only explanation for Dollar's performance was that he had managed to do what others thought impossible.

In the silence that now enveloped the arena, Han Sen had reached the edge of the battleground. He threw her off the stage.

"Go home and stop wasting your time. I am not here to fight humans," Han Sen coldly told her.

As he said this, it was like everyone stopped breathing.

"I am not here to fight humans."

It was an average sentence but still, it made people unable to breathe. The blood of the audience began to boil in excitement.