Super Gene - Chapter 685: Shocking the Alliance Again

Chapter 685: Shocking the Alliance Again

Chapter 685: Shocking the Alliance Again

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Huang Yunlong was the north's champion and top human evolver; not even Han Sen could beat him easily.

But before the adiraid, his persona had shriveled to that of a fleeing scoundrel. The adiraid caught up with him easily. A few cuts and slices removed his armor. Then, his helmet was removed, which came terrifyingly close to taking his scalp off along with it.

"Han Sen! I have no grudge with you. If you let me go now, I'll appreciate it. If you don't let me go, my Blood Legion will most likely avenge me." Huang Yunlong, in between his evasions and pleas, screamed and yelped as he tried to escape.

Han Sen frowned, as he had heard about the Blood Legion before. When humans first entered their Interstellar Era, they experienced many unique events and encountered a variety of different species. It provided a great expansion to humanity's understanding of life and their own existence. This also led to the forming of different religions and dogmas.

The Blood Legion was one of those religious organizations. Han Sen had heard that the Blood Legion was responsible for one of the Alliance's greatest events. It took lethal force to suppress them, and they were branded a cult. They were supposedly wiped out, without a trace.

But in the past hundred years, the Blood Legion's popularity had been on the rise once more. A lot of people had been contacted by missionaries of the supposed Blood Legion, in a recruitment spree.

Their activities had been viewed negatively, and over the past few years of their resurgence, many people had died for their allegiance to the cult. Many others did not lose their lives, but instead, their possessions, wealth, and social standing. Everything that defined who they once were, was nullified after becoming a member.

Han Sen did not expect Huang Yunlong to have ties with the Blood Legion, but that did not change anything. No matter who he was, Han Sen had to end him. If he didn't cut the head off this snake, people would a.s.sume Han Sen was soft, and others might try their hand at coming after him, as well.

Han Sen decided to live like a man. Huang Yunlong was responsible for the events of the day. He wanted Huang Yunlong's death to warn others who might one day seek to do the same.

Huang Yunlong shouted, but Han Sen did not care. He just coldly watched as the adiraid sliced him, cutting him down bit by bit.

Huang Yunlong was quite the elite, and after thirty slashes, he had yet to fall. Even Han Sen was not much stronger than him.

But facing the adiraid, Huang Yunlong had no chance. Death would be the only resolution to his encounter with it. His wounds slowed him down, and what happened next was inevitable. His head was lopped off. He didn't even have the time to close his eyes before he was beheaded. His open eyes spoke to the way he felt, in the final moments before his death. He was angry, and he did not feel that what was happening to him was fair.

Lu Hui and Lei Heng Wu were frozen as they watched. The northern master, Huang Yunlong, who had reigned the north for sixty years, was cut down just like that. And a dozen evolvers who had opened their gene locks were fought off by an angel-looking creature under the command of Han Sen. Only six managed to escape her wrath.

Han Sen did not even have to dirty his hands. The angel-looking creature had delivered the frightening results he desired on his behalf.

"What the h.e.l.l is that thing?" Lei Heng Wu was flabbergasted. He was unable to determine whether or not the adiraid was indeed a spirit. Even if it was, he didn't believe it would follow the commands of any human.

In the red morning light, the adiraid looked like a holy figure, tainted with an evil corruption.

"Let's go." Lu Hui commanded his people to leave. He was worried that if they remained there, Han Sen might misunderstand the meaning of their presence. If Han Sen believed they were with Huang Yunlong, they wouldn't end up any better. The angel-looking creature was far too scary.

For the people that had run off a great distance, Han Sen did not command the adiraid to follow. He then looked in Lu Hui's direction. After that, he went to scavenge and see what he might find on the ghastly remains of those who had been slain.

Nothing. Most of them had a little coinpouch, with some money and their cards inside, but that was it.

Han Sen had a look at Huang Yunlong and Cheng Yulang's cards. In between them, he saw the symbol of the Nine-Life Cat.

"Blood Legion... is there any connection between it and the Nine-Life Cat?" Han Sen's facial expression was complicated, unsure whether or not this was just a coincidence.

But Han Sen had never heard of the Blood Legion making use of the Nine-Life Cat as some form of symbol. He did remember that the Blood Legion believed in the Blood G.o.d, however. It was a G.o.d that could control the blood power of creatures.

Aside from Huang Yunlong and Cheng Yulang, none of the others had the same card. Han Sen then set up a pyre. After burning all the corpses, he left.

The battle in which Huang Yunlong had been killed in his attempt to Han Sen shocked the whole Alliance. Because of the Life Geno essence, many people had kept their eye on Han Sen. No one had expected Huang Yunlong would have been the first to try to take it.

A lot of other factions felt relieved. Many had made plans to do the same as Huang Yunlong did, and they were glad that he had attempted such a thing first. If they went, they'd only have traded places and been the ones who were killed instead.

"The creature that looks like an angel; is that a spirit? If it was a spirit, then it'd be indestructible. It'd be a thousand times harder than hunting down a super creature, for sure. How did Han Sen come to have something such as that in his possession?"

Many factions and organizations were shocked, and they fervently tried to guess what the angel might have been. Most of them believed it was a beast soul, while a few continued thinking it was a spirit.

No matter what it was, however, everyone knew that with such a creature by his side, Han Sen was invincible in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Unless someone had the most flawless plan, killing him would be impossible.

What happened to Huang Yunlong alarmed everyone. A lot of people who were planning on Han Sen now realized that doing it in a shelter was impossible. Killing him in the Alliance would be the only way.

But to attack Han Sen in the Alliance would be difficult. Everyone believed Han Sen to be from the Ji family. He was also with the Special Security Operation Team, which had deep ties to the Qin family. With a background like that, most attacks against him would be useless.

After Han Sen returned, he contacted Ji Yanran. He told her she could be in charge of the frosty bear Life Geno essence.

He had been unable to absorb the Life Geno essence so far, so it was pointless for him to keep it right now. Particularly since all it did was draw the jealousy and ire of others.

If Han Sen gave it to the Ji family, people would know that he could not absorb the Life Geno essence and it would hopefully prevent them from bothering him.

He wasn't afraid of fighting, but attempts were difficult to avoid. In the Alliance, he was not invincible. There was no point in being killed for an item that was worthless to him.

Han Sen did want to know if there was any way to absorb the Life Geno essence, however. With his own knowledge and wealth, his ability to perform tests and experiments was limited. Therefore, providing it to the Ji family was the best course of action.

He thought about selling the first generation Life Geno essences he could not absorb to others. Such items would most likely be useless to them, as well, but at least he'd earn a lot of cash.