Super Gene - Chapter 684: The Scary Angel

Chapter 684: The Scary Angel

Chapter 684: The Scary Angel

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Although Lu Hui was only leader of the Blueblood Force's Reserve Team, it was still a lofty position, representative of his abilities.

Huang Yunlong had done his best to hide his people's presence, but when they entered Lu Hui's territory, they did not go unnoticed.

Lu Hui was intelligent enough to determine what they had come for. It had to be something as valuable as Han Sen's Life Geno essence, for Huang Yunlong to risk everything.

Lu Hui knew Han Sen was currently in his territory, but he wasn't in a rush to meet and greet with him. He knew that for people like Han Sen, such gestures meant very little—actions spoke louder than words.

But for the time Han Sen was there, Lu Hui was unable to find the opportunity to do something meaningful on his behalf. That was, until Huang Yunlong's arrival. Lu Hui enlisted a few of his top men and went near where Han Sen was spending the morning. He did not rush there to meet Han Sen or say anything; he just waited.

People were at their most appreciative when they were desperate. Lu Hui planned to wait until Han Sen found himself surrounded by Huang Yunlong's, then spring an attack that would save his life. Such a bold action would be far more cherished and appreciated than if he were to simply tip Han Sen off to a coming attempt.

Lu Hui and his people lay in wait in a nearby forest. When he saw Huang Yunlong had brought a dozen evolvers with unlocked gene locks to murder Han Sen, he was shocked.

He had brought a terrible power, and Lu Hui imagined that Huang Yunlong must have emptied the entire strength of his territory to fell Han Sen. He was so desperate, he was willing to risk everything to obtain the Life Geno essence.

Lu Hui furrowed his brows and took a look around him, pondering whether or not he had brought enough people.

Just as Lu Hui was planning to run to Han Sen's side and defend him, he saw he had summoned an adiraid. When Lei Hengwu laid his eyes upon it, he was taken aback. With much surprise, he said, "No way he will use that spirit to beat them, right?"

The next second, the adiraid moved.

As the dozen warriors sought to attack, the adiraid flapped her wings and took off into the air. She flew to the man who was nearest, and attacked with her transparent greatsword.

The man was wielding a greatlance, and his body was heating up, emitting a white fog. He was an evolver who could control the element of heat.

But the adiraid was too fast, and she frightened him. He held up his lance to block her attack.

The adiraid looked cold, like a G.o.ddess that was pure and free from even the smallest speck of dust. She brought down her fierce greatsword.


The man and the lance were both cut in half by the ferocious greatsword. Blood and organs fell all about, but not a single droplet touched the adiraid.

Under the morning light, the adiraid still looked the same. As evil as she appeared and acted, she seemed to be graced with a holy, angelic look, too.

In that brief moment, every other evolver was suddenly petrified.

Huang Yunlong, Cheng Yulang, Lu Hui, and Lei Hengwu were frozen stiff. No one expected an elite, who had unlocked their gene lock, to be killed in such a grizzly fas.h.i.+on. It happened so unexpectedly, it gave them all the heebie jeebies.

A second later, the adiraid flapped her wings again. Her beautiful body soared through the air and teleported before another fighter. She weaved her greatsword up, effortlessly.

The fighter was clad in heavy armor, and he bore a greats.h.i.+eld. When he saw the adiraid's sword coming for him, he yelled and raised his bulwark to deflect the attack.


The thick greats.h.i.+eld was hewn in half, and the gentle wind caressed the evolver's head on its ascent and subsequent descent, free from the shoulders it once belonged to.

"Impossible!" Huang Yunlong's eyes opened wide. His face was distorted with horrific surprise, and fear crept into his heart to lay its first tangling, choking roots.

The man who used the s.h.i.+eld was called Duku. He had a skill called Platinum Body. When he opened his gene lock, his body would harden like platinum. With sacred-blood armor and s.h.i.+eld, his defense was unmatched. He was one of the strongest amongst the evolvers, yet he had been beheaded in less than a moment's notice. Even his armor and s.h.i.+eld had been reduced to splinters, much to the fright of everyone who witnessed it.

Cheng Yulang and the others all knew how powerful Duku was. After seeing such a person be slain so easily, the fear that was beginning to grip the hearts of everyone accelerated.

No one could believe Duku had been killed in such a fas.h.i.+on, and even Lu Hui and Lei Hengwu were in as much shock and awe as those who now had to face the wrath the adiraid.

The spirit's capabilities were far beyond what anyone had expected of it, and never before had they been so wrong.

"Oh my days! Is that truly just a spirit?" Lei Hengwu blurted out with widened eyes.

No could answer him. Powerful spirits did exist, but rarely did humans get the chance to see them. They had never seen spirits swear vows, either.

No one expected Han Sen to be in possession of a spirit as terrifying as that.

"Retreat! Retreat!" Huang Yunlong did not wait any longer, as he turned around and sought to flee. The thing that looked like an angel was far stronger than he expected it to be. It was scarier than a super creature, and his chance of killing Han Sen had quickly dropped to zero.

Before Huang Yunlong barked his order, however, everyone had already started running. They all wished that they could grow more legs, so they could skitter away with greater ease.

They were lucky to be alive, facing such a fearsome creature. They were elites who had survived many battles and encounters of terrifying proportions over the years.

A few of the evolvers had followed Huang Yunlong for many, many years, too. They once conducted operations that dealt with the hunting of super creatures.

But the adiraid was scarier than any creature they had faced before.

When they chased super creatures, they conducted and orchestrated the battles. Fights were selected because they were the hunters. But the angel-looking woman had human intelligence and skill; and this time, they were the prey. They were frightened beyond belief. Now gutless, they did whatever they could to scramble away and free themselves from it.

Han Sen could use his mind to control the adiraid. She flapped her wings and caught up with Cheng Yulang. His face drained of its color entirely, and he regretted the way he had mocked Han Sen. Han Sen was getting him back for his spite, which was why he was the first to be chased down.

Cheng Yulang's body burst with power and he tried to evade the adiraid's strike. It was to no avail, however. He was sliced in two. Before his death, all he could do was whimper. There was no death cry or final words; Han Sen had taken away those rights.

The adiraid-angel did not stop there, however. Under Han Sen's command, she went after Huang Yunlong.

Han Sen did not care who he was. He did not care about his family or background. Han Sen wanted to send a message to everyone in the Alliance. He wanted to tell them all that if they messed with him, they would end up dying gruesome deaths.