Super Gene - Chapter 686: Peach Trees Mature

Chapter 686: Peach Trees Mature

Chapter 686: Peach Trees Mature

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"Daddy, you sure have a lot of free time recently." Ji Yanran smiled at Ji Ruozhen's image on the video chat.

"I can't help it; my future son-in-law is far too talented!" Ji Ruozhen looked like he was joking.

"What has he done now?" Ji Yanran blinked to look as if she didn't know, despite the fact Han Sen had already told her.

"Didn't he tell you? He used a spirit to beat a dozen elites and Huang Yunlong," Ji Ruozhen said.

"I only heard he used a humanoid pet beast soul to kill a bunch of thieves that sought to rob him," Ji Yanran said, smiling.

"Thieves, huh?" Ji Ruozhen smiled and asked her, "Baby Daughter, did you ask him what level his beast soul is?"

"Super beast soul," Ji Yanran replied with certainty.

"So, it is a super beast soul?" Ji Ruozhen had already guessed that much, but he was still taken aback to hear it confirmed.

For Han Sen to have a beast soul like that, he had to have killed at least one other super creature. It was hard not to be surprised by it.

The Ji family spent a lot of wealth to fund the killing of just one super creature, and that was in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Han Sen had killed at least two super creatures in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, all by himself. This was the sort of goal many families had been vying to achieve over the past few generations.

Having a super pet and raising it to a battle mode was a far better investment than Ji Qing's super armor. The boon of power Han Sen had received would work exceptionally well when facing off against other super creatures in the future.

With that super pet by his side, Han Sen was sure to kill many more super creatures from now on. And Ji Qing's super armor hadn't lent her much aid, overall.

"Did Han Sen tell you how many super creatures he has actually killed?" Ji Ruozhen asked.

"He has killed two in total." Ji Yanran only told her father what Han Sen had told her. Han Sen had placed the kill of the Deadeye Peac.o.c.k on the little angel.

Ji Ruozhen sighed and said, "I thought Ji Qing was lucky, but Han Sen's luck far exceeds hers."

"That super pet just evolved into battle mode, and Han Sen hasn't brought her to fight any other super creatures yet. Huang Yunlong's death came at what was practically her first trial run." Ji Yanran laughed. She continued by saying, "Oh, and Han Sen said he will provide us with the frosty bear's essence."

"And what are the conditions of such an offering?" Ji Ruozhen asked.

"Dad, don't say that. Why would there be any conditions or strings attached? He only said that it was a gift for me and I can do whatever I want with it." Ji Yanran blinked.

"There really aren't any conditions?" Ji Ruozhen asked again, with much surprise.

"There aren't. But because he's been so good to your daughter, you can't allow yourself to be in his debt," Ji Yanran slyly suggested, acting all cute.

"This Han Sen is a smart guy, I'll give him that. Giving it to you as a gift will undoubtedly benefit him more than if he were to sell it to us." Ji Ruozhen smiled and finished by saying, "He has very good judgment, to think this way. He is not someone who hankers for a little profit every chance he gets."

"I know; I'm not blind. You didn't think I'd pick a fool, did you?" Ji Yanran smiled and proceeded to say, "Han Sen told me he'll be staying in the Icefield, and that we can come pick up the Life Geno essence whenever we want."

"Sure. You tell Little Han that the Ji family does not accept charity, and things aren't accepted without something given in return. I'll go back and have a talk with your uncle. We'll give Han Sen a reasonable reward for this gift. Fret not." Ji Ruozhen then paused for a bit before asking, "Oh, and tell Little Han that the Ji family is formally requesting the opportunity to cooperate and hunt a super creature together, in unison. If he is interested, I'm sure we'll have much to discuss. And in regards to that other Life Geno essence..."

"Han Sen agreed to sell it to the Qin family," Ji Yanran answered immediately.

"The Qin family?" Ji Ruozhen lowered his head to think for a bit, and then continued by saying, "Not bad. He's got his head screwed on right. He sure knows what he's doing."

Ji Yanran did not lie. Han Sen was indeed planning on selling it to the Qin family. After all, he could not absorb the Life Geno essence of a first generation super creature, and holding onto it would just make others jealous. He would also maximize the profit he could receive by selling it as early as possible.

Han Sen was a part of the Special Security Operation Team, and it looked after his family. Considering his relations.h.i.+p with Qin Xuan, he was almost obligated to sell it to the Qin family.

The news of the sale of the two Life Geno essences, and the fact he was in possession of a super pet, became well-known facts in the Alliance. A lot of key officers and faction officials were rocked by the news. A lot of people who knew Han Sen in a closer capacity were asked about him. Did he have more Life Geno essences? Would he be willing to cooperate, maybe even help hunt a super creature?

Han Sen's answer, of course, was no. He rejected all requests and remained in the shelter, refusing to go anywhere. All he did was practice his Dongxuan Sutra while waiting for the peaches to ripen.

Even though he was in the G.o.ddess Shelter, Han Sen still felt the itch of numerous eyes watching him wherever he went. He supposed that was the price of being famous.

But overall, Han Sen cared little. A month later, the season for the peaches to ripen had fast approached. Han Sen summoned Beetle Knight to camouflage himself while he was in the shelter, so he could sneak out unseen.

The whole world was paying heed to Han Sen's every movement. Having a super pet made him the focus of everyone. No one would miss a beat when it came to his wheeling and dealing, coming and going.

This was especially true when it came to the fighting of super creatures. If Han Sen was seen hunting a super creature, countless people would visit him, using a flurry of stretched excuses for why he should sell a Life Geno essence to them.

Han Sen did not mind selling them, but he did not want to sell them to just anyone. Regardless, this was primarily why he chose to sneak out without leaving a trace for others to follow.

To get the mystic fruit from the giant peach tree in the Peach Forest, Han Sen brought the silver fox and the little angel. He wanted to grab a peach to see if he could unlock the first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra.

Entering the Peach Forest once more, Han Sen had far more courage. Even if the pink snake brought an army with him, he was confident he could slay them all, with the silver fox and little angel by his side.

But nothing of the sort happened. The silver fox's presence shooed off any creatures along the way, which disappointed Han Sen. He was looking forward to the possibility of slaying a host of sacred-blood snakes, so he could gobble them up and get closer to maxing out his sacred geno points.

But for some reason, the pink snake and its legion of slithering serpents did not appear until he had arrived at the giant tree.