Super Gene - Chapter 683: The Evolved Angel

Chapter 683: The Evolved Angel

Chapter 683: The Evolved Angel

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A few days pa.s.sed and the angel had already evolved. When it wasn't in battle mode, it didn't look different; it was still the black-haired loli. But when her battle mode was engaged, she was totally different.

She had blonde wavy hair, and she wore armor that looked like jade. Even her wings looked jade. The adiraid looked really holy, and it was difficult to look her in the eye.

The strange thing was that the adiraid wielded a transparent greatsword. It was similar to the one that Han Sen first saw her use when they met on the Mystery Island. The only difference was that this looked far stronger.

"A pet beast soul can end up looking like this?" Han Sen wondered, in awe. This was the first time he had ever seen something like this.

Han Sen soon realized, however, that the greatsword was not simple like a gear item. A piece of gear could not be put inside the Sea of Soul, and the greatsword disappeared when the adiraid exited her battle mode. It was not some ordinary gear.

Seeing the adiraid in her battle mode, like some glorious valkyrie, Han Sen was ecstatic. The mere presence of the adiraid was intimidating enough for others. Its strength could not be any less than a super creature's, either, that was for sure.

"You are finally here," Han Sen said, with tears in his eyes. He wanted to kiss the adiraid.

With the adiraid by his side, he no longer had to fear super creatures. He could enter battle with them, guns-a-blazing, without a care in the world.

But now, Han Sen's focus was not on killing super creatures. He wanted to quickly finish the first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra and see if he could absorb the bone elephant's Life Geno essence.

If things were how he had guessed, Han Sen would have to be selective of the super creatures he chose to do battle with in the future; otherwise, there'd be no point in fighting them.

On the next red morning, Han Sen was sitting on a hill while he practiced the Dongxuan Sutra. He had practiced half a cycle when his eyebrows jumped up with the sudden sensation of approaching danger.

But Han Sen did not panic, so he maintained his practice of the Dongxuan Sutra, even as twelve people encircled him.

Huang Yunlong and Cheng Yulang had exerted a lot of effort in the formulation and execution of their plan of They thought they'd need to commit to a big fight if they were going to surround Han Sen. But they were able to walk right up to him, all while he remained sitting and basking in the red morning light.

Huang Yunlong and Cheng Yulang were almost unable to believe how smoothly their operation seemed to be going. They thought an elite like Han Sen would detect them from a hundred meters away. And the fact that he did not run away surprised them even more.

"Han Sen, we meet at last." With everything going so smoothly, Huang Yunlong was pleased.

Han Sen ignored him. He was finis.h.i.+ng his big cycle of the Dongxuan Sutra. When it was done, he opened his eyes to see a dozen people surrounding him, one of which was Huang Yunlong.

"Who are you?" Han Sen observed everyone and ended up on Huang Yunlong. He asked the question as he stood up.

"I am from the Cloud-Dragon Shelter in the north; I am Huang Yunlong," Huang Yunlong proudly introduced himself.

"What do the northern folks want from me, then?" Han Sen asked calmly.

"Oh, nothing big. I am just requesting that I purchase your Life Geno essence," Huang Yunlong said, smiling.

"How much are you willing to pay?" Han Sen responded.

"How much?" Cheng Yulang almost burst out laughing. He thought Han Sen must have been r.e.t.a.r.ded, to ask such a question in the situation he was in.

"That much." Cheng Yulang pulled out his wallet and threw a small ten thousand note at Han Sen's face, laughing.

He would have liked to throw out an even smaller note, but as wealthy as he was, that was the smallest he had.

"Nah, it's worth more than that," Han Sen calmly replied, with no deviation in his emotion. He was not mad, at all.

He didn't dare announce he had gotten super geno points before, because he knew others would come after him. Now that the cat was out of the bag, it hadn't been long before someone sought to bring him harm, all for retrieving the Life Geno essence he owned.

The formation was fairly big. There were a dozen people, each with an imposing, intimidating presence. They weren't ordinary evolvers. If he was able to bring that many strong fighters to battle Han Sen, he had to be a man that possessed a lot of power. He also had to be a man that was cruel, the sort who struck with absolutes and a.s.surances of death.

"The worth of the item is not up to you to decide. If I want to buy it off you, you will have to sell it, and accept the price that I propose." Huang Yunlong looked callous. He didn't say much else. He then simply gestured with his hand, signaling for a dozen fighters to unlock their gene locks and run towards Han Sen.

Clearly, they wanted to kill Han Sen. And that was all they needed to do, if they desired to own the Life Geno essence. The Life Geno essence could not be placed in the Sea of Soul, and neither could Han Sen consume it. It was up for grabs.

Although Han Sen knew they were strong, he hadn't expected they had all unlocked their gene locks. With power like this, the man was doing pretty well for himself in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Without aid from the big families and prominent Alliance organizations, it was difficult to gather a dozen elites with unlocked gene locks.

In the past, Han Sen would have believed it difficult to fight these a.s.saulters. After all, he only had two fists. Being surrounded by a dozen elites with unlocked gene locks, getting out alive would be difficult.

But now things were different. Now, he had his battle adiraid. Super pets had the potential to be as strong as super creatures.

No matter how strong these elites were, if they could not kill a super creature, they could not kill an adiraid.

Seeing that these cruel people wanted to murder him, Han Sen did not respond any further. All he did was summon his adiraid.

The adiraid wielded a greatsword as she flapped her wings. It was like a holy G.o.ddess, appearing in front of Han Sen. She coldly looked at Huang Yunlong and his people.

Huang Yunlong saw the adiraid and was shocked. They thought Han Sen was only summoning a spirit, as humanoid pets were very rare. They never expected this.

But they did not understand why Han Sen was summoning a spirit. If it was a royal spirit, it was nothing to them. Even spirits could not fight that many talented fighters. It wouldn't last a second.

If Han Sen was using a spirit to buy himself time to escape, he was too naïve.