Super Gene - Chapter 682: Refining a Life Geno Essence

Chapter 682: Refining a Life Geno Essence

Chapter 682: Refining a Life Geno Essence

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Han Sen didn't feel too disappointed. His heart had been preparing for this dreary result. After all, the Golden Roarer spat it out to him way back when, and this one had been dug out of the corpse of a dead super creature like all the rest.

Han Sen was not sure what generation the Golden Roarer belonged to, so there was still some uncertainty there.

Han Sen hadn't really expected licking it to work. He was just trying his luck. If it worked, that would have been great. But if it didn't, it was half-expected anyway.

Han Sen held onto the bone Life Geno essence and then used the Dongxuan Sutra to simulate the bone elephant's flow. That thundering power rumbled across the insides of his body.

Suddenly, he felt the Life Geno essence in his hands begin to follow the flow of the energy inside him. A rhythmic beat developed, and it followed every note and jump of the energy.

This made Han Sen very happy, and he knew he had stumbled onto the correct path. He sped up the elephant's flow of energy, which made the Life Geno essence shake even more.

Han Sen could feel the bone elephant's Life Geno essence provide him with a strange, foreign power. It seemed as if it was going to follow Han Sen's own energy and burst out.

Han Sen simulated the bone elephant's energy flow again, but the energy inside the Life Geno essence did not burst out. He stuck his tongue out and licked the Life Geno essence again, but it did not melt.

"If I can activate the Life Geno essence, why can I not eat it?" Han Sen frowned.

But Han Sen knew he was on the right path, and progress was being made. Otherwise, why would it have become active the way it did? He simply could not observe it because his simulation of the elephant was not powerful enough.

After all, his Dongxuan Sutra had not yet broken the first tier. It could not simulate things 1:1, and there were a few minor differences from the original creature.

"It looks like I need to finish up my first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra. If I unlock the gene lock, I should be able to simulate the bone elephant's energy flow perfectly. If I do that, I must be able to absorb the Life Geno essence." Han Sen believed he had at long last cracked the puzzle. He had found the way to absorb a Life Geno essence. But for now, he still had to find a way to practice and finish up his Dongxuan Sutra.

He wanted to speed up his training of the Dongxuan Sutra, and his best chance at doing that was with the peaches from the mystic peach tree. Perhaps in two months, the peaches would ripen.

But the super creatures in the Peach Forest, like the pink snake, might prove an obstacle, and Han Sen was unsure whether or not he could steal from them – again.

"If this is the way it has to be, then that means I have to absorb the second or third generation Life Geno essences of super creatures. And before I kill them, I must have an understanding of their energy flow. If I don't get a grasp of that, there's no point in killing them. And to kill a first generation creature? Well... that would be even more pointless." Han Sen furrowed his brow.

Although the first generation Life Geno essences must possess another method of absorption, Han Sen had already had one breakthrough for the day. For now, he would focus on what he had just figured out before working on the next conundrum.

If Han Sen wanted to look for a second generation super creature to spit out a Life Geno essence for him, such luck wouldn't strike for another thousand years, most likely. As much as he would have liked it, Han Sen did not expect this to happen again during his tenure in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Therefore, Han Sen thought to focus on hunting the second or third generations of super creature for now and earn the points he wanted.

"Should I kill the silver fox and eat his flesh? That guy is definitely a second generation super creature." Han Sen wore an evil smile.

But it was just a thought, nothing more. There were many second generation super creatures out there in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, just waiting to be found. It would not be necessary for him to kill the silver fox, and as the fox had been a diligent pet for so long, he'd feel terrible doing that.

There was the little black cub, though. But if he wanted to go after that super creature, it'd be two on one. That would be too much for him to handle.

Red pony?

Han Sen thought back to the legion of pegasi and the wolf pack that aided each other, then quickly dropped that thought, as well.

Eight small snow-turtles?

He didn't even need to think about that one. He would be better off taking a suicide pill than going up against a family of super creatures. Han Sen felt chilled just thinking about the nine super creatures there.

"It looks like I need to get out there and look for more solo second generation super creatures," Han Sen thought to himself, as he stroked his jaw.

While Han Sen was perusing the various chambers and hallways of his mind, the angel had finally finished her meal. She returned to the Sea of Soul, and that was when Han Sen saw the angel s.h.i.+ne with neon lights. She had evolved into her battle variant.

"She's evolving! My super battle pet is born, yay! Fighting super creatures should be much easier from this day onwards." Han Sen was beaming with delight.

He quickly left the Peach Forest, not wanting to stay there any longer than he had to. The next time he returned, he decided, would be when the peaches were ripe.

Now that Han Sen knew how to absorb Life Geno essences, and his angel was going to be born anew, it'd be easier for him to nab a peach from the giant, mystic peach tree.

The angel would most likely finish her evolution before they were ripe, as well. With a super fighter like that at his side, Han Sen was sure that he could grab at least one peach for himself.

Back in the shelter, Han Sen was no longer in a rush to return to the Icefield. He brought Su Xiaoqiao and Qi Wenzhao out to kill some more creatures. He wanted to train and push their survival abilities here in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, allow the angel to finish her evolution, and wait for the peaches to ripen in the Peach Forest.

"Brother Long, we are ready. Should we head out now?" In a royal shelter to the north, Cheng Yulang excitedly reported to Huang Yunlong.

"Have your preparations been double-checked? Have you confirmed that the Life Geno essence is on Han Sen's person?" Huang Yunlong squinted, emitting a sinister, evil aura.

Huang Yunlong had been a king of the north for sixty years. His wealth was practically unlimited, and his strength far exceeded the capabilities of Lu Hui, who had only become famous a few years before. He had many strong subordinates, as well.

"Out intel is not incorrect. It cannot be. Those we have planted in the G.o.ddess Shelter have seen it, and they have seen Han Sen carry it around with him. He has not absorbed it yet," Cheng Yulang said.

"Good. Rally all our troops. I am going to relieve Han Sen of the Life Geno essence." Huang Yunlong's eyes were full of cruelty.

"Do not worry, Brother Long. This time, we will all strike together. With a dozen elites who have unlocked their gene lock, and with your help, Han Sen will be very, very dead." Cheng Yulang gave many confident nods as he spoke.

"Remember; try to cover our tracks as best as you can. We cannot allow anyone to know we have vacated our northern premises for a time. We cannot afford to spook him," Huang Yunlong said, as he continued to squint.

"I have made arrangements; even Lu Hui won't expect us to be there. By the time he suspects something is afoot, we will already have killed Han Sen and taken his Life Geno essence." Cheng Yulang laughed.

"Let's head out." Huang Yunlong trusted Cheng Yulang's abilities fully, for he had never disappointed him once across the years.