Super Gene - Chapter 667: The Oppressor

Chapter 667: The Oppressor

Chapter 667: The Oppressor

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Han Sen was having a hard time under the oppression of Hui Haifeng's barrage of spear strikes. The fast-paced attacks restricted any use of his rex spike.

If he used his Dual skill, he'd have no trouble thwarting his opponent. But Han Sen was here for the sole purpose of improving his rex spike skills. As much as he wanted to, he had to forget using the Dual skill and hold strong the way he was going.

His opponent was a master spear-wielder. Delicately, the man alternated between raging skills and gentle skills, which kept forcing Han Sen to retreat.

The softer skills kept hitting Han Sen because of their speed. They came thick and fast, and with the rex spike's enc.u.mbrance, Han Sen could never guard against one of those strikes in time.

Fortunately, the movement of Han Sen's body was as excellent as always. As a result, he had managed to avoid many lethal attacks. Still, he was getting hit, and his health was dropping bit-by-bit. It had now dropped below twenty.

Han Sen's mood had become glum, but he never conceded his usage of the rex spike. If he wanted to use this weapon in the future, he'd have to tolerate situations like this. And it was better to be cruelly beaten here than out there, as that could lead to death. That was why he had to remain steadfast and train himself with the rex spike here.

Han Sen racked his mind, trying to think of a way he could break the unceasing barrage of attacks, but he couldn't. The spear skills cast against him were too fast for his current lumbering usage of the rex spike.

Further and further, Han Sen was pushed back. He was nearing the wall of the arena, still unable to turn the tides.

His health had now dropped below ten points and he could no longer dodge. For all intents and purposes, the battle was already lost.

Hui Haifeng's Champion Spear then became a blinding flash of light, driven towards Han Sen with a speed that was greater than that of a meteor.

Although Hui Haifeng admired Han Sen, if he insisted on sticking to that weapon and not using something else that would draw out his true strength, then Hui Haifeng had no choice but to end things here and now.

Han Sen watched the flash of light coming and felt that it was unfair, losing a battle like this. It upset him.

But he was here for the rex spike and for that, he was not willing to throw in the towel - not now, not ever.

Han Sen did not want to lose the battle like this. If he had already lost, then it didn't matter. Dropping his defense, he lifted up the rex spike and swung it towards his opponent's head.

Han Sen fueled this strike with all the anger and sadness that had welled up inside him, even though it was highly likely his opponent would evade it and he'd still end up suffering the final blow. He was going to lose either way, but it was better to go out in a blaze of glory than to wither away, after all.

While he was attacking, Han Sen summoned the image of the bone elephant shattering rocks in two. That feeling of being able to break through the opposition with no fear was what Han Sen wanted, most of all.

Han Sen, at that moment, wished he was the bone elephant. He wanted to smash Sea Wind into pieces and unleash all his anger.

At that decisive moment, Han Sen felt his Dongxuan Sutra kick into action. But the energy wasn't flowing along with Han Sen's body; it was adopting a simulation of the bone elephant's energy flow.


That was the only word that came to mind when Han Sen mustered the strength of the bone elephant he was going to mimic. It felt as if an elephant was indeed running through his body, and he was being given its strength. The power of the elephant coursed through his veins and was injected into the rex spike.

Hui Haifeng noticed as Han Sen suddenly abandoned his strained hope for victory and dropped his guard, putting everything he had into one last strike. He knew that it wouldn't hit him.

Attempting an attack with such blunt, heavy weaponry was silly. It would be too slow. His Champion Spear could pierce Han Sen's heart and knock away that last remaining bit of health before the rex spike was halfway through its swing.

Hui Haifeng was holding his ma.s.sive Champion Spear, yet he used it with the delicate precision of a needle. And his opponent's heart was where it was set to poke and weave the bitter tangs of defeat.

But just as the tip neared his heart, his face changed. The weapon in Han Sen's hand accelerated.


The mighty, heavy weapon split the air, producing a deafening sound as it soared. It made Hui Haifeng feel as if the world was shrinking, as the hideous weapon obscured his vision. In his eyes, its image became bigger and bigger.

Hui Haifeng was shocked. He didn't understand how or why his opponent's skills had suddenly become so scary. But now was not the time for him to think; all he could do was attempt to block the monstrous strike. He clutched the spear with both hands and brought it before the incoming attack.

It was not as if he did not want to pierce his opponent's body, but Han Sen's attack looked like an extension of the weapon and vice versa. They were one. It made him feel as if, were he to continue his attack without pulling back to block, he'd be smashed into dust.


The powerful rex spike smacked the Champion Spear. The thick, steel body of the spear was broken into pieces. The rex spike did not slow down, either. On it went.

Hui Haifeng had not expected his opponent to pull off such a powerful attack. He couldn't dodge it now, either. The weapon was simulated by the system, so the toughness of weapons was equalized for both opponents to preserve fairness.

But if he could wreck the resilient Champion Spear, there was only one possible reason why – his opponent was too powerful.


Hui Haifeng was like paper, cruelly smashed in half. A hundred HP points were depleted in a single moment, and he was taken out of the arena.

"Holy sugar! Is this guy cheating? How can an evolver possibly possess such power?" After Hui Haifeng exited the arena, he was gobsmacked.

Han Sen himself was taken aback by the power he had summoned for that attack. He didn't expect to be able to simulate the bone elephant's energy so well, but by doing so, he had been given the power to defeat his opponent in a single, devastating blow.

"With such power, combined with the Flaming Rex Spike, there is no way I can lose to super creatures now." Han Sen was incredibly happy, but all of a sudden, his body felt incredibly weak.

The bone elephant's attack was so powerful, it had drained his entire body of its energy. If Han Sen had not learned Jade-Sun Force and Long Live, which worked to keep generating more and more, he might have collapsed on the spot.

Han Sen tried to add Sea Wind as a friend. The power of the bone elephant was impressive, but it seemed like an attack of last resort, one that could only be used under the direst of circ.u.mstances. It made his body weak, after all.

Han Sen did not dare to use it freely, as he would still be better off practicing the rex spike with skills for general usage. He'd only use the elephant's energy if he absolutely had to.

Sea Wind's spear skills were masterful. If he was able to spar and practice with him a few more times, Han Sen imagined he'd be able to modify Toxic-Dragon Drill a great deal.