Super Gene - Chapter 666: Daybreak Spear

Chapter 666: Daybreak Spear

Chapter 666: Daybreak Spear

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Han Sen was wielding the rex spike, sprinting towards Sea Wind. The rex spike in his hand began spinning; the opener for Toxic-Dragon Drill. Before, Han Sen had already learnt Screw, the lance skill, and this ability was cast with great finesse and power.

The rex spike was heavy and hard. If cast against a greats.h.i.+eld, the greats.h.i.+eld would be broken into splinters.

Sea Wind lifted his Champion Spear, knocking up the incoming, spinning rex spike. Unfortunately for Han Sen, his move wasn't as effective as he had hoped.

Sea Wind then lashed out like a mad dragon, twirling around in the air with his waist. There was so much power in the strike, Han Sen had no choice but to pull down his weapon and block the attack.


The spear and rex spike collided. Han Sen was forced to take two steps back, and he frowned as he did so.

Because the rex spike was just a virtual object that the system had scanned, it lacked the real flame and toughness of the original object. The only characteristics that translated over were its weight and shape. The rex spike should have been heavier than the Champion Spear. If this. .h.i.t made the system determine that Han Sen had to take two steps back, it meant that his opponent was stronger than he was.

This wasn't a ludicrous thing. If he was an evolver, then Sea Wind had a fitness of around 150. But Han Sen was far past that number.

His weapon was heavier than his opponent's, and his power and strength exceeded his opponent's as well. Yet, for some reason, he lost the clash and had to fall back. Sea Wind did not move, and Han Sen sought to attack again.

"His spear skills are strange." Han Sen stared at Sea Wind's spear. He was at a disadvantage, and his inability to determine the unique skills his opponent employed must have been why he was beaten back.


Another collision of blades, and Han Sen was beaten back by the Champion Spear again. The system couldn't be incorrect, and there was now no doubt that his opponent was stronger than he was.

Sea Wind swung his spear towards Han Sen. Aligning his rex spike horizontally, he blocked the incoming spear.


Han Sen could not withstand the force of the strike, which forced him a few more steps back. It was so powerful, he almost felt as if the rex spike was going to be knocked out of his hands.

Although Han Sen had already tried to use the Toxic-Dragon Drill against Sea Wind, he could feel the difference in the quality of their skills. His opponent was indeed a master of the Champion Spear.

The spear skills were so strong that his strikes were like a dragon unleas.h.i.+ng its wrath on an unsuspecting world. When he thrust, it was like the bite of a hidden snake. The attacks were incredibly fast and unpredictable.

Han Sen was attacked by the spear continuously and wasn't given the opportunity to fight back. When Hui Haifeng started swinging his spear, the attacks came down like tsunami-waves, unrelenting.

Hui Haifeng was a little disappointed in his opponent; he thought Han Sen's weapon was something special. But now, he was only using it like a big mutant spear. Aside from the screw-attack he had performed, the rest of his performance was sub-par.

Although Han Sen was being brutally suppressed, he did not panic. His opponent's spear skills were powerful, but Han Sen's fitness was higher. It'd still be extremely difficult for Sea Wind to win.

As Han Sen continued to block his attacks, he also a.n.a.lyzed the skills used against him. He wanted to do a deep-dive on them all and learn their ins-and-outs. The powerful spear skills he was witnessing were ideal for a powerful weapon like his own, and if he could learn those skills, perhaps he could modify them to improve Toxic-Dragon Drill.

He remained like that for a while. Han Sen was eventually able to notice that the reason his opponent's attacks were so strong was because he was using a hyper geno art for support. It wasn't purely down to the skills he used. If Han Sen could not watch the flow of his energy, then he'd be unable to learn anything from him. That would be a waste.

Hui Haifeng's attacks escalated in their ferocity and strength. He wanted to end the fight, out of boredom. The strange weapon Han Sen wielded did not surprise him as he expected it to, so he grew tired of the battle.

After fighting for some time, Hui Haifeng's perception began to change. Although Han Sen's fighting skills were ordinary, he had a lot of stamina. Furthermore, his formation was strange and unique. Although Hui Haifeng had an advantage, and was constantly on the offensive, he wasn't any closer to victory than when the fight first began.

"Interesting." Hui Haifeng raised his lips. A person's strength was not derived solely from their physical attack power; it came from their endurance, as well.

Under his wild attacks, Han Sen was no longer falling back. Han Sen was blocking to the best of his abilities. Blocking did not cost much, and it was a way to keep the fight going. His calm demeanor and relaxed judgment surprised Hui Haifeng, too.

Although Hui Haifeng was a colonel, he was also in charge of teaching spear-wielding in certain departments. He was not only really good at using spears, but his personality as a human being was far better than other soldiers.

From what Hui Haifeng could tell, his opponent had to be an aged soldier like he was. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been so calm. This calm and calculated behavior was something that could only be honed by suffering many near-death experiences. It was not something that could be learnt in a cla.s.sroom, or by simply having a power that was rarely challenged.

If you cleanse your mind, you can be calm. This was something Hui Haifeng had only just learnt a few years ago. If his opponent could do the same, then it was evident he was no mere rookie.

Then, he noticed that Han Sen's skills and abilities were slowly beginning to morph as they battled.

"He's actually creating new skills for this creepy weapon right here, in the midst of a fight. It's no wonder his movements were strange during the beginning, as he must have been applying the skills of another weapon, like a lance, at first. But following these modifications, I can immediately tell that the skills are better suited for the strange weapon."

Hui Haifeng now understood Han Sen's purpose. When he saw Han Sen attack now, it was like observing his own shadow.

"If my Daybreak Spear was that easy to learn, then it wouldn't be the best spear skill out there." Hui Haifeng's eyes flickered with a glint of evil, as he changed up his moveset.

The powerful spear skills from earlier suddenly became soft. The skills were so gentle and elegant, the heavy Champion Spear suddenly became like a needle in a little girl's hand. Every strike was so small and fast, it was like he was sowing beautiful embroidery on Jiangnan cloth.

Han Sen was taken aback, thinking that such a change was quite strange. Not often did people stop being rough and recede into gentleness. The toughness and softness had totally changed, without error. He couldn't imagine how a person could use such a big spear with that much grace and finesse.

The rex spike was a blunt heavy weapon, and against those delicate spear skills, he wasn't quite sure what to do. The style was restricting his momentum and the situation had just taken a turn for the worse.