Super Gene - Chapter 668: Second-Generation Qi Gong

Chapter 668: Second-Generation Qi Gong

Chapter 668: Second-Generation Qi Gong

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Hui Haifeng accepted Han Sen's friend request. He sent a message, asking, "What was that skill called?"

Han Sen contemplated his answer for a minute, and then replied, "Elephant-Rex Strike."

Han Sen wasn't very talented when it came to naming things. For this name, he used the most basic of naming-rules. He took one word from each component of the skill; one word from the Flaming Rex Spike and one word from the bone elephant, whose power he had simulated.

"That was a very good Elephant-Rex Strike. It really does have the power of an elephant and T-rex." Hui Haifeng then went on to ask, "Are you an old soldier?"

"Yes, I am." Han Sen had been in the army for a year, so he thought that qualified for an "old soldier."

Poor Han Sen, he didn't know the true meaning of "old soldier." With Hui Haifeng already suspecting he may have been one, this "confirmation" led to no further suspicions on his behalf.

"Do you want to practice with that strange weapon of yours?" Hui Haifeng asked.

"Yes, I do. I managed to get my hands on this berserk sacred-blood beast soul, and I want to become proficient with it. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find or formulate the correct skills to go with it," Han Sen answered.

"Berserk sacred-blood weapon, you say? That is lucky. It's a unique weapon, so perhaps you can create your own special skills for it. Come, let us practice once more!" Hui Haifeng invited Han Sen into another match.

"Brother, I appreciate it. But I cannot do this again. That Elephant-Rex Strike cost me my entire reserve of energy, and I can't convoke it all back so easily. My bones are pretty brittle right now," Han Sen said. Although things weren't as bad as he made them out to be, he was pretty drained. He would be at a disadvantage right from the start, so there was no way it would yield decent training results.

"That's okay. We've added each other as friends now. If you ever want to train, just hit me up," Hui Haifeng happily responded.

"I'll be sure to. Thanks a lot," Han Sen said.

"We are battle-buddies; you are welcome. I am interested in your weapon," Hui Haifeng said.

After Han Sen exited the virtual training camp, his mind kept drifting off to the bone elephant's Qi Gong.

If the Dongxuan Sutra could simulate elements of a Qi Gong, did that mean he could simulate the Qi Gong of the black bear, silver fox, or even the weird gourd he owned?

Thinking of this, Han Sen was pretty excited at the prospect. The bone elephant's energy possessed a raw, wretchedly kinetic power. He wondered what might occur if he were to simulate the Qi Gong of other creatures.

"If I simulate the silver fox's energy, does that mean I would be able to cast lightning?" Han Sen was leaping at the thought.

If it worked as he had theorized, Han Sen believed that he had just hit the jackpot. If he could simulate the Qi Gong of the children of super creatures, he could do whatever he wanted. He would become indestructible.

Amidst this excitement, he tried to simulate the silver fox's Qi Gong. Although he could feel his power increase under the simulation, no lightning manifested.

"Strange. Where's the lightning? If I can simulate it, where's the snap and crackle of electricity?"

As Han Sen thought about it, he came up with an idea. "It must be because I haven't finished the first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra. Perhaps I cannot summon elemental powers because I have not unlocked the first gene lock."

Although it was just a guess, it was most likely the truth. Therefore, Han Sen's desire to finish the first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra increased. And he hoped to do it so he could see whether or not he could summon elemental powers once it was done.

But Han Sen's Dongxuan Sutra had reached some sort of soft cap. After the rapid acceleration he had gained during his time underneath the peach tree, not much progress had been made since. If he could get over his current slump, he might be able to break the first tier.

"The peach flower's smell increased my progress with the Dongxuan Sutra by a lot. If I can nab one of the peaches from that tree, perhaps I can unlock the first tier." Han Sen was now deep in thought, pondering that wondrous tree.

But thinking about it further, it would take another few months before peaches started to bloom there. It'd be a while before he could eat one.

Han Sen rested the following day and later met up with Hui Haifeng again in the training camp. Han Sen asked him if he was available to help him train, and Hui Haifeng quickly agreed.

Han Sen gathered a great many ideas from his observations of Hui Haifeng's skills, but his spear skills required the support of a hyper geno art and therefore, Han Sen could not copy the skills fully. Still, he was able to make great changes to the Toxic-Dragon Drill. Its power was far more p.r.o.nounced than what it was previously, and it suited the Flaming Rex Spike far better than it previously did.

Over the next few days, Han Sen spent his time practicing with his rex spike and honing his skills with it. But now, he thought it was time to ask around and follow up on leads for locating a solo super creature. For this, there were a few preparations he wanted to take care of first.

If Han Sen fed a black crystal to the Deadeye Peac.o.c.k, it'd take a month for the evolution process to complete. He believed its strength would be delivered a great boon, however. The bolts he fired would be faster and stronger, and prove to be of great aid in his future hunting of super creatures.

As Han Sen exited the virtual camp, his communicator rang. It was a strange number that was dialing him; one which made him furrow his eyebrows. It was a communicator given to him by the military. Ordinary people could not call it, so whoever was calling him had to be from the inside.

He accepted the call and the image displayed gave Han Sen a shock; it was Li Xinglun.

"Why are you looking at me with such surprise? I am a high-level hacker, and breaking your defensive systems is easy-peasy lemon-squeezy. Finding your information was effortless," Li Xinglun said, with a smug expression.

"Then you should know that these calls are monitored, yes?" Han Sen responded, with a wry smile.

"If that concerned me, what kind of hacker would I be? Don't worry; no one can see us talking. No one will even know you were on your communicator," Li Xinglun said, with much confidence.

"You can look for me in the shelter, so why are you going to such lengths just to talk with me?" Han Shen shrugged his shoulders, not comfortable doing something that was against the law.

Han Sen believed that if you kept your nose out of trouble, then no trouble would come to you. Illegal deeds were never wholly invisible, and there was always a trace that could be followed up on. Li Xinglun had never seen a better hacker.

Therefore, he believed himself to be the best.

"I'm contacting you because it's an emergency. You haven't been in the shelter for the past few days, so this was the only way I was able to get in touch with you," Li Xinglun explained.

But seeing his expression, it didn't seem to be one of any particular concern. Han Sen didn't quite believe it was an emergency that prompted this unexpected call. Hacking military systems just seemed like a normal thing for Li Xinglun to do, and he was in the mood to chat with Han Sen without the fear of others being aware.

"Well, what happened?" Han Sen asked.

"I have unlocked a gene lock!" Li Xinglun proclaimed, as he poked his own nose.

"Congratulations. So?" Han Sen gave Li Xinglun a strange look, unable to believe the quirky fellow had hacked military systems just to tell him this.

"I heard you have created a team to hunt down super creatures, and I would like to join. I know where one can be found," Li Xinglun said.