Super Gene - Chapter 665: Champion Spear

Chapter 665: Champion Spear

Chapter 665: Champion Spear

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When Han Sen saw the pegasi king arrive, the first thing he thought to do was run. He stretched his legs and took off, but it was to no avail. He wasn't half as quick as the pegasi king, and it caught up in no time at all. It landed in front of him.

The red pony leapt off the pegasi king's back and happily ran up to Han Sen. With its head, it rubbed him as best it could. Then, it spit something out of its mouth onto the ground.

Han Sen took a closer look and realized that it was a fist-sized dark purple crystal. The red pony used its head to nudge it closer to Han Sen.

"Is that... for me?" Han Sen, looking at the crystal, wasn't quite sure what to believe. He never thought something like this would happen to him in this world.

Upon looking at it, Han Sen realized that it was a Life Geno essence. It was most likely from the subterranean monster that the pegasi and wolves had just killed. The fact that the red pony had brought it to Han Sen was incredible. Han Sen was feeling as if he had accidentally stumbled across a lottery ticket that paid out five million dollars.

The red pony did not understand what Han Sen had asked it. When he didn't pick it up, the red pony grabbed it with its mouth and spit it into Han Sen's hand.

"You are too kind to me. There was no need for you to give this to me," Han Sen told it, but it was a different story in his heart. Inside, he was alight with excitement as he held the crystal tightly in his hands.

The red pony rubbed Han Sen's leg until the pegasi king neighed for it to return. Then, it did. The red pony leapt back up onto the pegasi king's back, looked at Han Sen, and made a noise. It must have meant goodbye.

The pegasi king flapped its glorious wings and shot off into the sky, disappearing in but a few seconds.

"Good things can just spring upon you. I thought my time out here would have been a waste. I couldn't have been more wrong; what a delightful surprise!" Han Sen held the dark purple crystal in his hand. There was nothing special about it, and it most certainly wasn't like the Life Geno essence of the Fire-Scale T-rex that burnt so hot that no one could even touch it.

"I should be able to eat this Life Geno essence, no problem." Han Sen licked it. It did not melt as it had in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, however. The dark purple crystal was like a real crystal. It was hard.

"That's strange; why can't I eat it? Is this not a Life Geno essence?" Han Sen licked it a few more times, but nothing happened.

No matter which way he considered it, it had to be a Life Geno essence.

"It looks like if you want to eat a Life Geno essence in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, you've got to do something special." Han Sen did not dare swallow the crystal whole.

Clearly, randomly swallowing a crystal wouldn't be the solution. If neither the pegasi king nor wolf king wanted it, there had to be something up with the Life Geno essence. As such, Han Sen didn't dare eat it just yet, on account of his suspicion.

Han Sen already had a few guesses, but he wasn't too sure. He'd have to wait a while longer before proving whether or not his ideas were correct.

He put away the Life Geno essence and continued his journey. He resolved to return to Devil's Shelter to see if there was any news.

He heard Lu Hui had made a deal with the master that resided in the north. They were cooperating to slay the wolf king. Han Sen could only send prayers their way, for if the pegasi king aided the wolves in their time of need, neither human party would return.

Han Sen had witnessed the powers of the wolf and pegasi kings. Han Sen noticed that although he had the Flaming Rex Spike, if he wanted to kill a super creature like the wolf king, doing it solo would be no small feat.

Their fitness far exceeded ordinary humans. Due to its speed, Han Sen did not think he'd ever have a chance of striking the wolf king with the Flaming Rex Spike. And the wolf king's power was medium-low, on the scale of super creatures.

"It looks like I'll still be needing help to make tackling super creatures efficient," Han Sen thought to himself.

Although he could not find help at the drop of the hat, the least he could do was improve his own power. The Toxic-Dragon Drill was clearly not strong enough to suit his needs, so he decided to modify it and bring it up to par with an S-cla.s.s skill. If he did that, it'd be far more useful in his fights against super creatures.

The best way to modify a hyper geno art was through combat, so Han Sen used the scanner to scan the Flaming Rex Spike. He simulated it in the virtual community, planning to practice it in the virtual training camp and modify it there.

Han Sen logged into the virtual military training camp and looked at his friends list. Xian Fei was not online, so he decided to matchmake.

Hui Haifeng had been on a roll lately, and he had just taken first place in the Military Fellows.h.i.+p Tournament. Although it was only for the league that used spears, he was still satisfied with the result.

Even if it was just a single award, it wasn't something easily obtainable. Hui Haifeng had practiced his spear skills for a great number of years. It was nice to see it pay off, somewhat.

He logged into the virtual training camp, preparing to practice his melee skills. He hoped that in the next tournament, his ranking could be even higher.

Quickly, Hui Haifeng found an opponent through matchmaking. It was a person called "Little Soldier on the Battles.h.i.+p" and their ranking seemed to be normal.

After entering the arena, Hui Haifeng was taken aback. The weapon his opponent was using was very strange. It was two meter long, giant sharp weapon.

It looked like a big folder umbrella. The metal folds looked lethal, and the weapon itself was quite scary.

"What kind of strange weapon is this? It looks like a greatsword and a medieval lance combined. But it looks so much cooler than they could ever look. How do you even use that thing?" Hui Haifeng eyed it with curious wonder.

Although lances could be used with one hand, that was best saved for riders. Riders would use the speed and power of their mounts to create powerful impacts. Battling on foot like this, with a weapon held in one hand, did not seem particularly useful.

As a spear-elite, he thought the weapon was a little too big, as well. It was definitely not a weapon that could be used effectively as a spear. But neither could it be used as a sword. With its cylindrical body, few skills could be cast efficiently with it.

The weapon interested Hui Haifeng greatly. He was looking forward to seeing what skills could be performed with such a weapon.

Hui Haifeng, who had come here with empty hands, now summoned a big spear. It was two meters long and as thick as an arm. The point itself was one foot long and made of steel. The spear was called the "Champion Spear."

Many people were able to use a Champion Spear, but few could master it. Because the Champion Spear lacked the mobility of a lance, its effectiveness was placed in the power behind it. People who lacked the necessary strength or momentum could not use it as well.

Han Sen noticed his opponent was using a Champion Spear, and at this, he looked happy. This was because the thrusting skill of his Flaming Rex Spike was derived from that same weapon.