Super Gene - Chapter 664: The Shocking Fight

Chapter 664: The Shocking Fight

Chapter 664: The Shocking Fight

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The pegasi king's clouds began to spread, falling down on the ma.s.sive creature below like bombs. They clung to the tentacles, restraining them like glue.

Caught within the thick, muculent clouds, the monster could not get its tentacles free. It struggled and thrashed madly, but to no avail.

But the monster was too big and its body was extremely strong. After a grand push, it managed to tear the white clouds and continue its pursuit of Han Sen and the red pony.

The pegasi and pegasi king no longer cared for Han Sen, and they diverted all their attention to the monster. They a.s.saulted its body, tentacles, and legs, biting everything they could with great ferocity.


A chilling howl shrieked across the field. At great speed, a grey wolf was das.h.i.+ng towards the scene of the battle.

Behind it, the tsunami-like wolf pack followed.

The mark on the wolf king's forehead shone like a beacon once more, which made the other wolves turn blue. Their fur shone with a blue light and their eyes were each like sapphires. It was like a ghostly wolf pack.

Han Sen was shocked. He thought the wolf pack had come to attack the pegasi.

But the wolf pack, shrouded in a blue light, leapt into the fray with the monster of the pegasi's strife and began tearing into its legs. Instead of fighting the pegasi or causing trouble, they had come to the aid of the pegasi, helping them in their battle.

The wolf king looked up at the sky and howled again. The blue mark on its forehead was s.h.i.+ning brighter than Han Sen had ever seen it. The light veiled many of the pegasi above, and seemed to buff their abilities, too. The pegasi appeared stronger and faster, and they fought with greater ferocity.

The pegasi king flapped its wings as white air swirled around it. Like arrows, short streams of white wind rained down on the monster, pegging down its tentacles and legs.

The wolf pack and pegasi attacked the monster without fear, which enraged it. It opened its mouth and swallowed a few horses and wolves. But it was no use, as it only resulted in more and more allies taking their places.

The monster's body was covered with wolves and pegasi, which hindered its mobility. With its agility suffering, the bites of its attackers came more frequently.

Although most of the wolves and pegasi were unable to hurt it, beneath the brutal suppression of their subordinates, the pegasi king and wolf king were now free to enter the fight themselves.

Han Sen froze as he looked down from the sky. This was the first time he had ever witnessed such a large-scale fight between creatures take place.

The fact that two different species were cooperating with each other in such a way was incredible.

The fact that the wolf king's abilities allowed it to buff the pegasi surprised Han Sen to no end. He thought that the wolf king was an incredibly special creature.

Although the wolf king's personal power was below average when compared to other adult super creatures, the support skills it had were extremely effective.

The wolf pack could not fly, but with the buff, they were able to glide in the air with a power and speed that was almost unrivalled. It was an amazing skill.

"If I kill the wolf king, I'll get the aura beast soul, won't I?" Han Sen wondered.

The pegasi king's power wasn't too far off the wolf king's, either. Its power was mid-low on a chart of super creatures' strength. The white clouds that it fired were like glue, working to restrain the monster. It also dulled the fangs of the monster, as if they had been encased in plastic.

This was a very special, very unique power. Han Sen could not be sure which element it was a.s.sociated with, though.

The wolf king's claws now shredded the sh.e.l.l of the monster, which had it shrieking and trembling in pain.

The pegasi king flew down from the sky, hitting the monster's belly. The horn on its head drilled into the monster's hide and left a deep wound.

The monster was now incredibly angry, but under the constant a.s.sault of wolves and pegasi, it couldn't do much. It was losing the fight. It kept working its legs in a bid to return underground.

The pegasi king summoned a large white cloud to cover the ground, which trapped the monster's claws inside it. The claws lost their sharpness, which prevented the monster from digging its way back beneath the earth.

The monster, however, had already dug itself into the ground a little. With the creature now stuck, unable to go any deeper, it made the fight even easier for the pegasi king and wolf king.

The wolf king ran along the monster's body, and wherever its paws touched, chunks of sh.e.l.l were torn off.

The pegasi king's horn was not weak, either. Every hit made the monster cry out in pain.

"It looks like greater numbers always prevail. If they fought alone, none of them would be able to beat the monster. Going up against the wolf pack and crowd of pegasi, this wretched monster doesn't stand a chance!" Han Sen thought as he observed the battle.

The red pony continued to rest in Han Sen's arms. It had excitement in its eyes as it watched the fight unfolding below.

Han Sen's eyes turned, and he said, "The pegasi king is battling the monster. This is the best time for me to escape, with a pony in tow. Being able to escape and do so with a new super pony friend is a rare opportunity, and in many ways, I'll be hitting two birds with one stone."

Han Sen got excited at the prospect, so he turned around and prepared to leave. But as he did so, he discovered that not too far behind him, a group of sacred-blood cla.s.s pegasi had been standing there staring at him the entire time.

Cough! Han Sen immediately gave up his plan of kidnapping the red pony. The pegasi horde was far too big for him to compete with. If he really wanted to steal the red pony, it was unlikely he could escape whilst carrying it. It would be inevitable that the king would catch up and swiftly kill him.

Han Sen landed a good distance away from the battlefield and put the red pony down. He raised his hands and began to walk away, slowly.

The pegasi immediately swooped down to surround the red pony. Han Sen tried to leave, but there were many more pegasi blocking his departure.

The red pony neighed in Han Sen's direction, which prompted the pegasi that prevented his departure to move aside and allow him to pa.s.s.

Han Sen was surprised by this. After today's events, he was well-aware that there was far more to a creature's mind than he had previously believed there to be. He understood them a lot more, he felt. He turned around to look at the pony, waved, and then left.

The monster was mostly dead by this point. Han Sen was afraid that once the pegasi king and wolf king were done, they'd return to finish him off. Therefore, he did not plan on hanging around any more than he had to.

The pegasi crowd was dizzyingly large. There could very well have been a million of them. It was no wonder why the monster could only hide underground. The only reason it came out was because of the red pony, which had been left alone. But even that attempt failed, which had the monster swiftly bombarded by the pegasi and wolf horde, leading to a quick death.

Han Sen thought Lu Hui's plan to kill the wolf king was ridiculous. The wolf pack itself was incredibly powerful, but what if the pegasi horde had also come to its aid? They'd stand no chance.

The wolf king's buffs were incredibly powerful, strengthening its pack more than anyone could guess. Han Sen did not believe humans could kill the wolf king for as long as the wolf pack lived.

Han Sen heard one final scream erupt from the maw of the wicked subterranean monster. And then, silence. Han Sen increased his walking speed, as a result, wanting to leave this area as soon as he could.

After walking for a whole day, Han Sen was finally away from the plainlands. Suddenly, clouds formed in the air around him and a pegasus flew by, carrying a red pony. The pony's head was lifted high in a look of pride.