Super Gene - Chapter 660: Completion of the Flaming Rex Spike's Evolution

Chapter 660: Completion of the Flaming Rex Spike's Evolution

Chapter 660: Completion of the Flaming Rex Spike's Evolution

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In the deep sea, Han Sen punched a three meter long jellyfish to death and dragged it back into the Crystal Palace.

An angel looked at the jellyfish's lifeless corpse curiously. Recently, she had eaten a lot of sacred-blood cla.s.s food and had lost track of how many creatures she had been fed from the sea.

Han Sen believed the angel was close to unlocking her combat mode. She had been eating less in recent times, so it had to be a sign that she was changing somewhat.

Han Sen thought if she unlocked her combat mode, he'd have himself a nice extra fighter. It'd be easier to kill super creatures in the future, with her by his side.

Although Han Sen had eaten a lot more sacred-blood creatures lately, his sacred geno points weren't increasing as much as he would have liked because he couldn't find any smaller varieties to kill.

His sacred geno points were above the halfway point now, sitting at a total of 51. It wasn't too far from being maxed out.

In regards to the Fire-Scale T-rex's Life Geno essence, Han Sen had yet to find a way in which he might eat it. As of yet, he didn't have a single super geno point.

But even so, Han Sen's fitness level was now over 150. Han Sen guessed that when his sacred geno point amount was filled, he'd be within the fitness range of 180 to 200. If he had super geno points, perhaps he wouldn't even have to become a surpa.s.ser to reach 300 and become a celestial being.

But killing super creatures was no small feat, and how to eat their Life Geno essences was something he had yet to figure out.

Han Sen watched the angel as she ate. He suddenly felt the Sea of Soul shaking. The Flaming T-rex burst out, signifying the finis.h.i.+ng of the Flaming Rex Spike's evolution.

He noticed the Flaming T-rex was living up to its name, as its whole body was wreathed in flame. It looked like a super T-rex, but the body was blazing with red flames instead of gold flames.

Han Sen looked at the Flaming T-rex's introduction and saw the berserk t.i.tle.

He summoned the Flaming Rex Spike. The creepy, blood-red weapon was now blazing with a red flame. It looked very mighty. The fire of the weapon produced an incredibly intense heat. If it touched someone's body, Han Sen imagined it wouldn't take much effort to instantly roast the skin and flesh.

"This is a scary weapon." Han Sen gave it a swing and liked how it felt. It seemed as powerful as he had hoped it would be.

"Now that I have the weapon, I should find a super creature to test it on. Which one should I go for?" Han Sen wondered.

It was not difficult to find a super creature. Though most of them resided in the deepest, most secluded mountain ranges, gullies, or swamps, he'd encounter one in no time if he brought w.a.n.g Yuhang along.

The primary concern, however, was whether or not he could truly kill such a creature. Han Sen's ideal target would be the red-cloud donkey. It seemed as if it would be easier to kill, since it didn't pose much of a significant risk.

The biggest problem was the raven that lived near it. No matter how strong the Flaming Rex Spike was, it would not matter if Han Sen could not match the speed of such a foe and land a single hit.

He was only afraid that before he even had a chance to raise his weapon, the raven would have already sliced his head clean off his shoulders. The target Han Sen wanted to hunt the most was something that was slow and did not have a weak body.

Something like the big black bear would have been fine to fight, as well. A big-bodied creature would be fine, as the Flaming Rex Spike was most certainly long enough to reach it. If Han Sen did go up against the bear and struck its head with all his might, he only imagined that the creature would be unable to withstand such a blow.

But the peach forest was too creepy to return to, and he knew more than one super creature resided below its shadowed boughs. Han Sen did not dare risk returning there, and since he wanted to bring w.a.n.g Yuhang with him, he knew they'd be swarmed by super creatures the moment they stepped inside.

If he didn't bring w.a.n.g Yuhang, the creatures would be too powerful and their speed would be higher than Han Sen's. It would be impossible to thwomp a quick target with such a big weapon.

With w.a.n.g Yuhang's knack for stealing an enemy's attention, Han Sen would have plenty of time to whack it the exact way he would want. And if he did that, he was figuring he might be able to take half the life of such a creature away at once.

"Leader, Lu Hui is here to see you." Back in the G.o.ddess Shelter, Yang Manli delivered Han Sen a surprise visitor.

"What is he doing here? There is no way he would come all the way out here to thank us for saving his shelter, would he?" Han Sen frowned and invited his guests in to see him.

"Leader Hui is so gracious, taking the time to come visit me." Han Sen said, smiling at Lu Hui.

"I have come here to thank you for pulling the bone elephant away. There is also a deal I would like to strike with you, if you'd be so kind as to hear what I have to propose." Lu Hui smiled in return.

"There is no need to thank me, but I can always make room for more business ventures." Han Sen noticed Lu Hui had not brought any gifts with him and was quickly disappointed.

"We believe we have found a super creature, but our power alone is not enough to kill it. Therefore, I would like to cooperate with the G.o.ddess Shelter and take on this monster together." Lu Hui did not beat around the bush.

"What kind of super creature is it?" Han Sen's attention had been quickly snared.

"It is a wolf," Lu Hui answered.

"What kind of wolf?" Han Sen frowned, thinking Lu Hui was being too vague.

Lu Hui laughed and said, "It is the king of a few hundred thousand wolves. We have been unable to detect whether or not it has any elemental powers, but it is powerful; that much we do know. Its strength and speed are exceptional."

"A few hundred thousand wolves? A little dangerous, no?" Han Sen frowned again, thinking that was quite the pack for a wolf to lead. If he agreed to lend his aid, it would be no trivial fight.

Plus, if he wanted to kill it in the midst of the wolf pack, it'd be much harder. Fighting a super creature that was solo would be a far easier task.

"It will be a difficult foe to overcome, I must confess. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be requesting your aid. But the wolf king's body is very... balanced. It doesn't seem to have any outstanding attributes. The pelt is not too st.u.r.dy, its speed is not too fast, and its strength is nothing obscene. This super creature seems like a viable candidate for killing," Lu Hui explained.

Han Sen nodded in agreement. This super creature was tough, no doubt, but with the aid of other human allies, they'd definitely stand a chance.

"How will we cooperate?" Han Sen asked.

"I want you to help draw away the wolf pack. We can deal with the wolf king. Afterwards, aside from the beast soul, the loot will be shared." It was obvious what Lu Hui wanted; w.a.n.g Yuhang's ability.

Lu Hui had been both shocked and impressed by w.a.n.g Yuhang's ability to attract creatures when he saved Devil's Shelter.

"Sorry, if things are like that then we cannot cooperate," Han Sen firmly rejected.

"Why?" Lu Hui asked.

"If you want to cooperate with us, then we must be granted the final blow on the super creature. That's how it must be," Han Sen stated coldly.

"That is a shame. Maybe next time, eh?" Lu Hui knew there was no point in pus.h.i.+ng the subject further.

Lu Hui did not think Han Sen had the ability to kill a super creature. He only wanted w.a.n.g Yuhang's ability to attract creatures, but Han Sen's ambitions were too big for him.

"Escort Lu Hui off the premises," Han Sen commanded Yang Manli. "Also, find out where he'll be fighting the wolf king he speaks of."