Super Gene - Chapter 661: Grey-Wolf King

Chapter 661: Grey-Wolf King

Chapter 661: Grey-Wolf King

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Because the wolf king had several hundred thousand lesser wolves, finding the pack's location was not too difficult.

Yang Manli delivered the information to Han Sen within a couple of days. The wolf pack was easy to find, but hunting the alpha amidst several hundred thousand other wolves would be a task that required proper strength.

"This is indeed a gift that G.o.d has prepared for me!" Han Sen looked at Yang Manli's research and made immediate preparations to take off.

He didn't bring w.a.n.g Yuhang along because he was afraid something might go wrong if the man was present.

Alphas or kings of large packs of creatures were always far greater than their lesser counterparts, but in regards to super creatures, it entirely depended on their body. Their powers would be weaker, but they would be smarter.

For Han Sen, this was the perfect opportunity. The silver fox was coming along, so that'd be enough to keep the wolves at bay while he took on the king one-on-one.

Han Sen happily ran across the northern fields. Before he went into battle, he wanted to test the power of the Flaming Rex Spike first.

The wolf pack was enormous. After asking around, Han Sen knew where it was currently going. He went straight there, wanting to get to the king before Lu Hui and his people did.

Han Sen raced there, running throughout the day and subsequent night. Finally, he arrived.

They looked like ordinary grey wolves, but it was their numbers that made their presence so intimidating. To prevent the wolf king from escaping, Han Sen ran straight to the center of the pack with the silver fox in hand.

As expected, the wolves along the way parted and formed a path for Han Sen. None dared to get close.

Han Sen walked a hundred miles and finally found the wolf king atop a small hill. It didn't look particularly striking, and it had no remarkable features. It looked almost like an ordinary grey wolf, save for being a bit larger and having a blue mark branding its forehead. There didn't seem to be any elemental attributes to its pelt, either.

When Han Sen saw it, it was lying down in a outcrop atop the hill. It squinted its eyes at the challenger that had come for it.

"It's no wonder Lu Hui wants to kill this thing; it looks far too easy." Han Sen summoned his Flaming Rex Spike; a two meter long lance-like weapon, which he held with one hand. The flames that blazed across it made it look frightening.

But before Han Sen approached the wolf king any closer, it stood up and howled to the sky.

"My little grey thing, simmer down. No other wolf will come and save you, no matter how loud you howl." Han Sen looked at the wolf king howling and laughed.

The next second, Han Sen's smile froze in place.

A chorus of howls joined in, coming from all around him. He could see the shadows of other wolves inching closer from every direction. And the glare of their hungry eyes watched him intently.

"Impossible! How can these grey wolves not be afraid of the silver fox's presence?" Han San was shocked. There were now a few hundred thousand wolves snarling at him. There were countless mutant-cla.s.s wolves and a lot of sacred-blood cla.s.s wolves. Even if Han Sen stood there, ready to kill them, there were too many and he'd run out of stamina and become too exhausted to continue before being able to slay them all.

But Han Sen quickly understood, as he looked at the blue symbol on the wolf king's forehead. The eyes of the other wolves were all starting to turn a menacing shade of blue, and even their fur was beginning to adopt the tint.

Rage. Cruelty. Violence. These words were apt to describe each and every wolf that snarled in Han Sen's direction.

The wolf king was still quietly standing on the hill as it peered down at Han Sen. Around it, a dozen sacred-blood grey wolves formed a circle.

Han Sen, without hesitating, summoned his wings and tried to escape. He could kill sacred-blood creatures, but his fitness was only a little bit better, which meant they could damage him.

Plus, with the wretched number of wolves that were there in support of the wolf king, even the Queen and Little Uncle wouldn't have been enough a.s.sistance, and the chance of victory would still have been slim-to-none.

As Han Sen took off into the skies, the wolf king began howling upwards, too. The blue light on its forehead shone even brighter, like a beacon. Its grey body began to s.h.i.+ne blue now, too.


All the wolves began jumping up as high as they could, trying to capture the intruder. These ordinary wolves, though they did not possess wings, could still glide through the air.

The wolf pack was like a tsunami, howling as they surfed the air in pursuit of their prey.

Han Sen was again shocked, recognizing that he had underestimated the wolf king. It was, after all, the king of a pack and a super creature to boot. How could he have expected things to be so simple?

Han Sen now understood that a super creature that led a pack would not be any better than a super creature that roamed solo. In some ways, they were even scarier.

Last time, Han Sen had watched Lu Hui command an army of soldiers to swarm an attacker and now, the wolf was commanding an army to attack him.

Han Sen was swinging the Flaming Rex Spike with great ferocity, but none of the wolves feared it. Every single one of them was glowing blue, their eyes a sunken sapphire as they jumped towards Han Sen.

The Flaming Rex Spike swept and sent a grand mult.i.tude of wolves flying away like shooting stars, alight with fire. Their bodies were burnt black in seconds. Some managed to stand back up and resume their pursuit, uncaring for the flames that continued to ravage their bodies.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Han Sen kept swinging his Flaming Rex Spike in a bid to escape as they swarmed beneath him. As he went, he killed countless wolves.

More and more he killed, but there was no end to the horde of wolves. Fortunately, Han Sen had practiced Long Live and Jade-Sun Force, which constantly imbued him with the energy to sustain his hard-fought attempt of escape. For over a hundred miles he went, leaving a trail of b.l.o.o.d.y, beaten, and charred wolf corpses in his wake. But still, they did not relent.

Han Sen noticed that most of the wolves he had killed were just ordinary ones, but there was nothing else he could do.

The grey wolves were like well-trained soldiers. They were using a formation to surround Han Sen, and their precision and cooperative cohesion made him unable to escape the higher-cla.s.s variants of wolves.

The silver fox had been lying on Han Sen's shoulder the entire time, unmoving. It coldly looked back in the wolf king's direction, as if something had just alerted it.

The wolf king did not come after them, or at least, Han Sen could not see the shadow of the wolf king. He had no idea what was wrong with the other wolves, however. It was as if they had no fear of death and they could perfectly react to all of Han Sen's moves.

He continued for three hundred miles. Han Sen thought he was going to drown under the waves of grey wolves when the horde finally began to thin-out, and eventually retreated.

Just as Han Sen thought he could be spared some respite and recovery, he heard a sound from not too far away. Across the fields in another direction, a stampede of horses came running towards him like the waves of the sea. Above them all, a handsome horse king commanded the skies, flapping its angelic wings as it surveyed the lands around it.