Super Gene - Chapter 659: Toxic-Dragon Drill

Chapter 659: Toxic-Dragon Drill

Chapter 659: Toxic-Dragon Drill

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Usually, after Han Sen finished a training cycle of the Dongxuan Sutra, his body would be filled up and require a cooldown period in which the energy was digested. Training more while he was still full yielded no additional benefits, and was therefore pointless.

But underneath that great tree, something strangely wonderful happened. After a very short while, he felt as if the energy was gone. He decided to try to practice the Dongxuan Sutra again and, lo and behold, he was renewed with fresh power once more.

Han Sen began training his Dongxuan Sutra again and before long, his body was charged up again.

Han Sen used this time to observe the bone elephant, which continued to look holy. The elephant was like a jade statue. Seeing it for the first time, no one would have guessed how cruel and murderous it actually was.

The bodies of the other creatures were glowing as well. Han Sen couldn't tell what the light was exactly, he just thought it was different than usual.

Han Sen watched the energy flow through the bone elephant's body and tried to record a visualization of it in his mind.

Han Sen did not know how long this concordant situation would last. So, he took the chance to remember how the elephant harnessed its energy, in the event the technique might one day become useful.

The peach flowers were open for two weeks. During that time, Han Sen managed to record the energy flow of both the elephant and the cub.

When the peach flowers on the trees began to wilt, the silver fox tugged at Han Sen's pants and tried to pull him away from the area.

Han Sen felt something was wrong, as well. As the peach flowers began to wilt more and more, the creatures seemed to be getting more and more restless.

Han Sen noticed a slight reddish hue beginning to tint the eyes of the bone elephant. It looked as if it would soon resume its murderous rampage.

He didn't dare stay any longer, and so he decided to depart with Zero before anything went awry. If the creatures started to go berserk, with his small body, there was no chance he'd be able to withstand an attack dealt by any of them.

For the two weeks he had been there, Han Sen constantly repeated his practice of the Dongxuan Sutra. His body had been hungry for it the entire time. Having received so much additional experience training with it, his Dongxuan Sutra had greatly improved. Han Sen felt as if he had just about touched the first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra, and all he'd need was some sort of extra push to get the gene lock open.

Han Sen had thought it would take a few years to reach this point, but his two weeks under the tree had saved a lot of time. That giant peach tree was the most remarkable of boons.

"If the open flowers of the tree have such a remarkable power, if it grew peaches and I ate one, I wonder what would happen?" Han Sen decided that when the mystic peach tree grew its harvest of peaches, he would return to this place and collect some, no matter what it took.

But Han Sen imagined that when the mystic peach tree did grow its peaches, there would undoubtedly be chaos. Nabbing a few peaches for himself would most likely prove difficult.

The silver fox now seemed to be in a rush, wanting to lead Han Sen out of the forest as quickly as it could. They only slowed down when they had moved beyond the eaves of the forest. At that point, the silver fox gleefully returned to Han Sen's shoulder.

Han Sen could faintly hear the screams of nefarious beasts in the forest. Not wanting to hang around any longer, he ran off with Zero.

When Han Sen returned to Devil's Shelter, the bone elephant did not return the way it came, to the best of his knowledge. It was as if it had simply disappeared, and it was never seen or heard from again.

w.a.n.g Yuhang, however, was a household name around Devil's Shelter, and many people became aware of the existence of the G.o.ddess Army. They also "knew" that w.a.n.g Yuhang was its thirteenth general. The people who were not privy to the truth believed the G.o.ddess Army to be an incredibly strong angelic host. They thought it was responsible for slaying the bone elephant by leading it away, saving the shelter in the process.

Another two weeks pa.s.sed, and the Flaming Rex Spike was still in the process of evolving. It looked like super beast souls took a long time to evolve. Han Sen estimated it would take another two weeks for the evolution to complete.

Back in the Alliance, Han Sen considered choosing a new hyper geno art that would go well with his Flaming Rex Spike. Han Sen conducted a lot of research, but found it difficult to select a skill that would suit his needs.

The Flaming Rex Spike was neither greatsword nor lance, and he couldn't even use it like a club.

"No wonder the shopkeeper sold it to me so cheaply, with a quick cash-trade agreement. Pah, this thing is too unpopular!" Han Sen continued looking at skills in the hope he'd eventually find one that would go well with his Flaming Rex Spike.

Han Sen did not expect a perfect match, but one that was 70% would do. If he found one like that, then he'd be happy to modify it to his needs.

Han Sen had almost browsed through all the S-cla.s.s hyper geno arts, from most popular to least popular without finding one that he wanted.

The creepy-looking weapon was far too rare. It was a heavy weapon, and it could only be held like a greatsword with both hands. If you held it with one hand, then it would require a tremendous amount of strength.

It wasn't like a sword, which could be swung around quickly. This weapon was tailored for powerful, gruesome blows through lance-like thrusting or club-like crus.h.i.+ng. But these two forms of attack were best suited to the weapons that were designed for those purposes, lances and clubs respectively. The Flaming Rex Spike seemed as if it would be awkward to use.

For a two meter long, single-handed weapon, it looked extremely powerful, but it was a shame that it was so difficult to wield.

In the end, Han Sen went to look for Professor Bai Yishan in the Saint Hall. Han Sen drew the shape of the Flaming Rex Spike and presented it to the professor, to see if he knew of any suitable skills for the weapon.

"Hold on a second." Bai Yishan went peruse further information. Half an hour later, he returned to his communicator and told Han Sen, "This weapon is very rare. But I do remember one fellow who created a weapon that operates similarly. It may look a little different, yes, but functionally it's the same. It is a single-handed weapon that is most suitable for jabbing or thrusting, and heavy swings. The man created a skill for it, but it wasn't anything exceptional. It was only ranked as an A-cla.s.s skill here in the Saint Hall. It was called Toxic-Dragon Drill; you should take a look at it if you're interested."

"Thank you, Professor Bai." Han Sen had no other choice. Being only A-cla.s.s, it was far worse than Han Sen expected. Professor Bai himself had told him that there were no S-cla.s.s hyper geno arts that suited it.

Han Sen returned to the Saint Hall and purchased the A-cla.s.s hyper geno art Toxic-Dragon Drill. Han Sen observed it intently. Although it was only A-cla.s.s, it was indeed quite suitable for the Flaming Rex Spike. It mainly employed thrusts and heavy smashes. The thrusting component featured a spinning technique, as well. Han Sen was pretty good with it, right off the bat. After a brief look, he was already performing exceptionally well with it.