Super Gene - Chapter 658: The Child of a Super Creature

Chapter 658: The Child of a Super Creature

Chapter 658: The Child of a Super Creature

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The bone elephant continued to sit beneath the tree without moving. A while later, Han Sen heard a noise come from deeper within the peach forest, a sound that seemed to be coming their way.

It wasn't long before it appeared. It was a small pink snake, slithering towards the giant peach tree. Quietly, it rested against the base of it.

A blue tiger appeared from another direction and also sat down near the tree.

Wings could be heard flapping in the sky, and looking up, a red-crowned crane was descending to the ground near the tree, to join in with the other creatures.

And soon after that, a black bear arrived, carrying a cub. It also sat down near the bottom of the tree.

In a short amount of time, many creatures had gathered at the base of the tree. Han Sen was shocked at what he was seeing, particularly so due to how special and unique they all looked. He thought they might all have been super creatures.

Han Sen did not know why they were there. Was something from the peach tree attracting them?

During Han Sen's confusion, the silver fox jumped out of Zero's arms and trotted over to the big tree, too.

Han Sen was perplexed. He thought that the peach tree might have been emitting a pheromone to attract the creatures towards it. After a taking a few steps forward, the silver fox turned around and nodded its head to Han Sen. It looked as if it wanted him to follow.

He was hesitant to comply, due to how many powerful creatures gathered up in one place and how dangerous it would be for him to go.

Again, the silver fox flicked its head. Although the creatures were now undoubtedly aware of the silver fox's presence, they didn't bother doing anything about it. They hardly even looked its way.

For the third time, the silver fox gestured for Han Sen to join it. With gritted teeth, Han Sen slowly withdrew from his shelter and tip-toed his way towards the peach tree.

Han Sen went forward as cautiously as he could. The moment he noticed something was off or if the creatures even looked at him wrong, he'd take off running in the other direction.

Zero, to his surprise, was less fearful. With glee, she ran to catch up with the silver fox. They were out in plain sight, before the creatures near the tree, but nothing happened. The creatures simply continued to sit where they were.

With his heart playing hopscotch, Han Sen followed the silver fox to the tree. After choosing a spot, they sat down near it. Aside from the bone elephant and the two bears, they were closest in proximity to the actual bark of the tree.

Two meters away from Han Sen was the black bear. Although it was not as big as the bone elephant, it was at least ten meters tall. Although it was kowtowing, it was like a giant truck, and its breathing was loud.

This was the first time he had ever gotten so close with a creature, outside of combat. It made Han Sen feel quite wonderful, as not a single creature showed any sign of wanting to attack him.

All the creatures here had become animals, fond of peace. No matter the species or breed, they had all come together to kowtow before the tree.

The silver fox was lying on the ground that had been dressed in loose flower petals. It closed its eyes and breathed calmly, with a mellow rhythm. It was something Han Sen had seen before. After practicing Dongxue Sutra, he would always see the silver fox in such a fas.h.i.+on, for a brief while.

The other creatures weren't too different. While they all lay down, they each breathed with a calm, unique rhythm.

"Does this strange peach tree provide boons and advancements to one's training?" Han Sen wondered to himself. After a while, Han Sen decided to try to practice Dongxue Sutra.

Han Sen began training and felt as if there was a special energy being absorbed into his body by the Dongxue Sutra. The pace of his Dongxue Sutra sped up, as if it was reacting to the strange energy.

"This really is something special." Han Sen continued practicing, and eventually, his body began to produce a pleasant smell. The scent combined with the fragrance of the peaches and began to permeate the atmosphere.

When Han Sen finished a cycle, he noticed that his Dongxue Sutra had improved far more than it usually did. This surprised him.

But when Han Sen looked at the other creatures, he was surprised.

Perhaps it was because the fragrance combined with the scent of the flowers, but when he saw the silver fox again, he could actually see the energy inside him. He could see the pleasant smell inside the silver fox that had not been refined yet.

Han Sen looked at the other creatures and was even more surprised. Many creatures were in the area, and it seemed as if they had all absorbed the pleasant fragrance of the Dongxue Sutra. Strangely, they all seemed to have a different reaction to its absorption.

The pleasant scent inside the pink snake, the blue beast, the red-crowned crane, and the big black bear was all blurry, being absorbed by their bodies.

But in the cub and the bone elephant, Han Sen saw that the energy was flowing inside them in a rhythmic beat. It looked like a human Qi Gong.

"That's not right. The black bear and the cub are of the same kind, so why the difference between the two?" Han Sen was shocked while looking at what was going on.

Not long after, Han Sen's pleasant fragrance had been refined by the cub and bone elephant. The crane and snake were continuing to refine it slowly, but Han Sen could still sense it inside them.

Han Sen looked at the gourd in his hand. It was already used to absorbing Han Sen's pleasant smell, and by now, it had already refined the scent.

Han Sen continued to observe the other creatures and then had a horrible thought.

It did not matter whether it was the silver fox, the black bear cub, or the gourd in his hand; the elephant was the only creature he was not sure about. Creatures were usually birthed by their mothers, not their nests. The silver fox, the cub, and the gourd were sp.a.w.ned in their nests, whereas the others had been birthed by their mothers.

That made Han Sen think back on the Golden Roarer. He wasn't sure about the big Golden Roarer, but when the small one died, it left behind its Life Geno essence and body.

"If the big Golden Roarer and the elephant were birthed by a creature, does that mean the children of super creatures are different than the super creatures themselves?" Han Sen theorized.

But this train of thought only led to more and more questions. Why did some super creatures only leave their Life Essence behind and not their actual bodies? If the second or third generation of super creatures could leave their bodies, then there must have been something special inside them.

Just like the silver fox and the cub; they were the children of super creatures, and it looked like they had special abilities that were different than their mothers'.