Super Gene - Chapter 654: The Creature That Came from Devil's Mountain

Chapter 654: The Creature That Came from Devil's Mountain

Chapter 654: The Creature That Came from Devil's Mountain

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Han Sen looked at the man with uncertain eyes, not sure whether he was being serious or if he was merely joining in with the jest. Seven billion was not a small amount, and generally, even the richest of people never carried such money around with them.

"For that price, are you certain?" Han Sen, still looking, asked the man.

"Of course I am," the man responded, with absolute confidence.

"Give me the money and I'll sell them to you," Han Sen said, smiling.

"Do you really think I have seven billion in my pockets, at this very moment? Give me your communication number and when I return to the Alliance I will contact you and wire you the money," the man said.

"Okay." Han Sen did not give the man his communication number, just his virtual community account number on Skynet, as a way for the man to find him.

Then, both of them exited the shelter together. Back in the Alliance, they both logged into the virtual community and went to meet each other.

Han Sen did not believe there was such a loser out there with that much money. He found it staggering when the man immediately came and saw him in-game.

"Friend, might I have a word with you?" The guy had a peculiar face as he approached.

"What? You don't want to buy them anymore?" Han Sen was cracking up with laughter.

"No. Is that what you really think? I have a different proposition, that's all. How about if I give you fifty million, you lend me the pets for no more than three days? I will return them to you in three days, without a single hair on their furry coats having been brought harm." The man smiled.

"Fifty million is petty pocket change. This sort of exchange would require at least one hundred million. But I can only loan you the black cat. The white pet is not up for grabs, by any means." Han Sen immediately knew what the man was implying, so he tried his best not to laugh.

"I accept that. But, when we return to the shelter, you'll have to play along," the man told Han Sen.

Han Sen then agreed. Without wasting any time, the man sent Han Sen one hundred million and said, "I'll buy you dinner."

"Sure. We can have dinner, but you have to promise me you'll take care of the pet. I've had it for a very long time and I'm awfully fond of it," Han Sen told him.

"Friend, if you don't believe that I, Lin Mei, will take good care of it, then believe in Lin Feng. He is my little brother. We have a contract together, so fear not." Lin Mei patted his puffed-up chest.

"Lin Feng? Who?" Han Sen acted as if he didn't know the person, with a puzzled look.

"You really don't know who I am?" Lin Mei was genuinely surprised. But after a while, he smiled and said, "Well, it's fine if you don't know me. Just know that I am a trustable fellow, okay?"

"Do you know Tang Zhenliu?" Han Sen had to ask, as the person before him really did look like Lin Feng.

"Of course I know him. He's my little brother's best buddy; they even wear identical, matching pants together! They're inseparable. Do you know him, too?" Lin Mei asked in return.

"Then we aren't strangers. I am a good friend of Tang Zhenliu." In Han Sen's heart, however, he thought, "I can't believe Lin Feng has a brother like this? I'm not sure if they're real brothers, though. Or just cousins."

"Ah, isn't that remarkable? Well, if that's the case, how about you offer me a discount, on the account we have such ties?"

"No. Relations are relations, business is business," Han Sen immediately rejected.

They then discussed the details of their arrangements for the remainder of their time in the virtual community. After that, they returned to the shelter.

They both went to meet each other back where they first left off. When Lin Mei arrived, he was holding his big-b.o.o.bied ladyfriend and had a displeased look. They approached Han Sen and Lin Mei said, "Hey, that's not very fair. You said two for seven billion! Now you're increasing the price even more?"

"I am too fond of them to part with them so easily. If you're still determined to buy them, the black one can be bought for seven billion. The little white fellow is not for sale."

"Well, that matters very little to me. Money runs like tap water for me. Very well, I will accept the black one for seven billion. I will buy the white one for seven billion, as well. The only thing that concerns me is the happiness and contentment of my wife. I will spend as much as I must, to keep her smiling."

"Oh, darling! You are so wonderful!" The woman fawned and kissed Lin Mei.

"I already told you; only the black one is for sale. This little white ruffian is mine alone." Han Sen, in his little show, was adamant about only going for the sale of Meowth. Eventually, Lin Mei conceded and purchased it. The woman, while holding Meowth in her hands, was beaming with joy and didn't complain at all.

Ever since, a yarn was spun from the Devil's Mountain. It was a tale that recited the desperate lengths a little man would go to please a woman. This sorry man was said to have bought a useless pet cat for the whopping sum of seven billion.

"Brother Han, did you really sell that pet for the sum of seven billion?" w.a.n.g Yuhang's mouth was wide open with disbelief as he looked at Han Sen.

"He said he was from the Lin family. His name was Lin Mei; he said he was the big brother of Lin Feng. If you don't know him, then he must be a liar," Han Sen said.

"Lin Mei? That womanizer? It had crossed my mind as to which wretch could be a sorry enough loser to pay such a sum. It was him, eh?" w.a.n.g Yuhang now understood.

"The Lin family really has someone like that in their midst?" Han Sen was surprised to learn that Lin Mei was a genuine member of the Lin family, as he half-suspected he hadn't been truthful about his ident.i.ty.

w.a.n.g Yuhang nodded and said, "He is real, all right. He is Lin Feng's cousin. He should be much older than him and of a comparable age to Lin Weiwei. Before Lin Weiwei became famous, this Lin Mei was renowned as a genius of sorts. It was short-lived, and a credit that only applied during his teenage years. Before long, he became addicted to the carnal pleasures of women and soon after, he was widely referred to as the greatest loser of the Lin family. His father, however, funds his every desire and as a result, Lin Mei is very rich. The figure of seven billion is little to him. I don't stay current with what he gets up to anymore and he rarely shows up at familial events, anyway. It was nice to get a quick sneak-peek today."

"A loser, huh?" Han Sen lifted his lips but didn't say any more.

As they continued walking down the street, a commotion of some sort seemed to be occurring further down. Many evolvers were running down towards the gate of the shelter.

w.a.n.g Yuhang quickly started asking about what was going on, to which someone responded a powerful creature had emerged from the Devil's Mountain and brought ruin to three different shelters. Now, it had come here. Lu Hui had issued a command, instigating his men to man rally for combat and halt the advance of the creature.

Quickly, many evolvers ama.s.sed and marched in unison beyond the walls of the shelter, out to the trail the monster rampaged along.

Lu Hui had already gotten there with his own little regiment, but they hadn't started their attack yet.

"If Lu Hui takes this threat so seriously, surely it must be a super creature," Han Sen thought. Then, he turned to w.a.n.g Yuhang and told him, "We should go check it out, too."

They exited town and when they reached the plains of battle, countless evolvers were gathering. There were also other people in their midst, who seemed to have arrived just so they could enjoy the coming spectacle and watch the battle with glee.

After walking a dozen miles, they heard the trumpeting of a loud elephant. Han Sen said to himself, "Is that the White-Bone Elephant from the Devil's Mountain?"

The same thought coursed through w.a.n.g Yuhang's mind. They both turned to look at each other, with a look fright on their faces. The White-Bone Elephant was far too terrifying a foe, and in one mouthful, it had gobbled up a berserk sacred-blood creature. It was undoubtedly a monster from the upper echelon of super creatures. With its hulking size, stopping its approach would be no small feat.

They walked forward for another few miles before they saw it. A White-Bone Elephant was hastily marching down the trail, producing tremors with each step. The humans around it were like ants.