Super Gene - Chapter 653: I'll Buy It

Chapter 653: I'll Buy It

Chapter 653: I'll Buy It

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It was a black T-rex beast soul. Its name was "Rex Spike." It was a heavy metal weapon that was about two meters long.

From the booklet provided, the weapon looked like a giant umbrella that was folded. The end was sharp and it had a hilt at the bottom.

It was a violent and visceral heavy metal weapon. It was two meters long and the handle was fifty centimeters long. The front was sharp and serrated, and from afar, one would guess it was a strange greatsword or medieval lance, but not quite. It was weird, yes, but it looked like a cruel and merciless weapon.

Without a moment's hesitation, Han Sen wanted to purchase that weapon. He liked it a lot, due to it being both heavy and long. Going up against a super creature with something like this, with a bit more range, was far better than using a puny dagger.

It was a black T-rex beast soul, but he could not tell if it was a.s.sociated with the element of fire. To Han Sen, though, what he saw was enough to prompt him to buy it at once.

The beast soul was cheaper than the other sacred-blood beast souls available, too. That was primarily due to the fact that this weapon type wasn't all that popular. He could use it as a lance, but the handle was too short. That was okay, though, because most lance skills could not be cast with Rex Spike, anyway.

He could use it like a sword, but the blade did not look like a traditional one, which would prevent him from casting sword skills with it. Additionally, the weapon was so heavy, ordinary evolvers would not even be able to lift it. Due to these issues, the price had been reduced and Han Sen was more than happy to buy it at the price listed, without needing to haggle.

After all, it was rare to see T-rex beast souls of a weapon type. It was a heavy weapon, too, which was something that would be useful for Han Sen.

If he'd had a super Rex Spike when he went to hunt the Fire-Scale T-rex, he wouldn't have had as much trouble as he did.

After buying the Rex Spike, Han Sen no longer had any need to peruse the markets. He left and went to find a place he could stay. When he was in his room, he observed the Rex Spike and gem beast soul intently.

"They are both rex-type. Aside from the fact that the Rex Spike has no wings, the similarities in design and appearance are striking. Although it may not have a fire-element, the success rate should still be high. Right?" Han Sen gritted his teeth while he mulled over the question. He did not want to overthink things, so he immediately attempted to combine the gem beast soul with the Rex Spike.

"G.o.d, Buddha, G.o.ddess, Mary, Jesus, and Mohammad, bless me with your divinity! I only have this one super gem beast soul. Throughout the entirety of my life, this is the only one I have ever managed to get. So, please, help me!" Han Sen's heart prayed intently to every G.o.d and religious deity he could think of.

Inside the gem, he watched the image of the mini Fire-Scale T-rex be attracted and absorbed into an image of a black T-rex. Then, the black T-rex roared to the sky as its body underwent a transformation of some kind.

The black scales of the beast became dark red. The body began to smoke and the talons increased in sharpness and thickness. Its head also grew in size. Overall, the T-rex looked to be considerably stronger.


The T-rex let out a horrible roar as a geyser of flame shot out of its mouth. Then, it took off in flight.

It was just a virtual image, coming from the Sea of Soul. It did not spit out real fire, because if it did, the entire house would have been little more than smoldering cinders by that point.

"Rex Spike has successfully combined with Fire-Scale T-rex Gemstone. The evolution has provided you a Flaming Rex Spike super beast soul."

Han Sen almost jumped up in happiness. He quickly summoned the Flaming Rex Spike and immediately saw that it had increased in length. It was now certainly longer than two meters. It was colored a dark red and encircled in an aura of flame. The weapon now looked even more wretched and cruel, like some violent beast.

Han Sen swung it twice. He randomly hit something, which sp.a.w.ned a beautiful array of sparks.

Han Sen really liked it. It was a super heavy weapon and its presence was intimidating. In the future, he would have no problem tearing the bodies of smaller monsters apart.

"If I shoved this big guy up the a.s.shole of a super creature, they'd feel awesome."

Without hesitation, Han Sen fed a black crystal to the Flaming Rex Spike. He wanted to make it as strong as possible and try to push it up to a berserk super beast soul. If he did that, it would be even easier for him to kill a super creature.

After the flaming rex swallowed the black crystal, a strange spirit exited its body and encompa.s.sed it.

Han Sen had never evolved a super beast soul before, so he was not sure how long this process would take.

Han Sen did not evolve the Deadeye Peac.o.c.k yet because he had been using it often and he was not sure how long the evolution process would take. Therefore, he did not feed it a black crystal.

Now he was willing to let the Flaming Rex Spike evolve first, since he still had the peac.o.c.k crossbow.

Han Sen also wanted to find a hyper geno art that was suitable for his future use of the Flaming Rex Spike, while it continued to evolve.

The weapon could not be used as a sword or a lance; therefore, it was difficult to find a hyper geno art that suited it.

Han Sen was overjoyed at the successful combination. He decided to walk around with Zero for a while longer, buying her some new clothes and snacks as they went.

The silver fox was lying on Han Sen's shoulder while Zero cuddled the pet Meowth. The contrast of black and white pets side-by-side was a charming sight.

"Those pets are so beautiful. Honey, look!" A woman with big pointed at Han Sen in delightful surprise.

"I will buy it." The man near her was really calm, and when he softly spoke the sentence, the woman became ecstatic.

"Oh, honey! You are so good." The woman clutched the man's arms and kissed him on the cheek.

"Friend, how much for these pets?" The man walked before Han Sen with a prideful stride.

"Which one are you buying?" Han Sen asked, blinking.

"I would like them both." The man looked at the woman near him. He puffed his chest and spoke with a raised voice, as if to signify the wealth he possessed.

Ordinarily, pet beast souls weren't very expensive. The expensive variants were the high-cla.s.s pet beast souls that were able to do combat. He saw that Han Sen's pets were so small and cute, and naturally a.s.sumed they couldn't do combat. It was because of this that he didn't think they would cost much.

"If you want them both, I'll give you thirty percent off. At the low price of seven billion!" Han Sen was in a good mood, so he was willing to take the time to joke with the pompous fellow.

A big place like the Devil Shelter sold sacred-blood beast souls for one hundred to two hundred million. If it was just a sacred-blood pet, it'd be much cheaper, around the dozen million range.

"Seven billion? You think that's a super pet or something?" The man scoffed, and it was obvious he was aware of the existence of super beast souls.

"You are right," Han Sen said in his heart. But what his mouth actually said was, "Although this is not a super pet, it has been with me for a very long time. I like it a lot. Unless you cough up the seven billion, I won't sell."

The man madly pointed at Han Sen with his finger. He then said something that shocked Han Sen, "Fine! I'll buy them for seven billion."