Super Gene - Chapter 655: Berserk Super Creature

Chapter 655: Berserk Super Creature

Chapter 655: Berserk Super Creature

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Lu Hui was quickly realizing that the bone elephant was indestructible. He called for his archers to fire arrows at it from another direction, in an attempt to at least draw its attention away from its current course, so it could be led away from the Devil's Shelter it currently was galloping towards. If it reached the shelter, the shelter would be destroyed.

The mounted bowmen were directly under Lu Hui's command. They started provoking the bone elephant with a tight, tidy formation that s.h.i.+fted and weaved its way to the accompaniment of a drumbeat.

Near Lu Hui, bannermen often shouted and gave commands to precisely position the soldiers.

Han Sen watched the battle unfold from a mountain peak. He sighed and said, "That is a real battle commander. I can effectively command around ten people. But for a fight like this, with twenty thousand soldiers hinged upon my fingertips and vocal chords, there is no way I could keep up. This Lu Hui is a remarkable character!"

Han Sen observed Lu Hui's command intently. The more he watched, the more interested he became.

Everything in this world was connected, so one method could be used in a number of different situations.

The art of Lu Hui's battle command was educational for Han Sen. He compared the spectacle to the Dongxue Sutra and felt as if he was learning a lot.

In past commands, Han Sen had looked for the details of a formation, which meant he paid attention to the most minute details. He could control ten people to adapt a situation to suit his exact needs.

But this sort of battle was taking place on a far greater venue with far more actors playing a role. Lu Hui was a conductor for the play at large, and his commands were dedicated to the stage itself and not the precise hemming of its curtains that Han Sen would pay attention to. It showed another side of command to Han Sen and it made him enthusiastic to watch.

"No wonder he is the Blueblood Special Forces leader. With his command power, he is by far the most talented. It is no wonder he is able to control the entire faction," Han Sen complimented Lu Hui.

But w.a.n.g Yuhang, who was near Han Sen, then said, "If you want to expand the G.o.ddess Army, Lu Hui and the person in the north will be your greatest enemies."

"You are right. And as powerful as Lu Hui is, I can only suspect that the person in the north is of comparable might. Expansion of my army might prove to be a controversial problem." Han Seen paused for a brief while, but then smiled and continued to say, "But we are separated by the Devil's Mountain. It's only a matter of time before this hurdle between shelters is conquered, but still, I suppose it is too soon to think about such matters."

Many riders had splintered off into smaller groups and fired arrows at their foe from varying directions all together. The arrows themselves did not deal any damage to the bone elephant but they did enrage it. It continued its rampant stomping in an attempt to squish any hapless, unlucky humans that it could catch underfoot.

It was a fierce super creature, yes, but it wasn't all that fast and it wasn't all that smart, either. It was easily being kited by the archers that circled it on their mounts, resulting in the bone elephant spinning around like a headless chicken trying to catch them. Not a single fatality had been suffered.

The more Han Sen watched, the more interested he became. He learnt more and more about what it took to devise a formation and maintain control over people under his command.

All of a sudden, the bone elephant trumpeted loudly. It took off, uncaring for the hard rain of arrows that tickled it.

"Now Lu Hui is in trouble. The bone elephant has taken off in the direction of Devil's Shelter." w.a.n.g Yuhang furrowed his brow.

But Lu Hui did not panic; he was as composed as ever. He rallied his bannermen to his side and had them issue a few commands. Suddenly, a few evolvers lined up beside him. They ran towards the bone elephant, and with their speed, you could tell they were not ordinary evolvers. They had unlocked their gene locks, at the very least.

One of them was Lei Heng Wu. In his hands, he wielded a ma.s.sive lance that crackled and sparked with an aura of electricity.

These few evolvers surrounded the bone elephant. They still wouldn't have the power to slay the fiend, but under Lu Hui's command, they were able to start kiting the beast once more.

Lu Hui's mind was clear and certain. He himself knew that the monster could not be bested in combat, so he was attempting to lure it someplace far from Devil's Shelter where it could no longer deal harm to humans.

"Lei Heng Wu is powerful." Although Han Sen had heard all about Lei Heng Wu's power from w.a.n.g Yuhang, seeing his tremendous lance skills firsthand was a different thing altogether, and he simply had to compliment the man.

"What is the point in him being powerful? He belongs to the others now!" w.a.n.g Yuhang sighed.

Han Sen smiled but did not reply. He merely complimented the fellow, and despite being aligned with the lightning element, he wasn't as strong as the silver fox, anyway. Although he was a strong man, Han Sen did not see the point in earnestly competing for his enlistment.

What Han Sen had in mind was finding a powerful archer to join his ranks. Although Han Sen himself could be an archer, it'd be a waste of the berserk Flaming Rex Spike he had just created. From now on, Han Sen would have to specialize in close-quarter combat, so he'd need someone to fill in the ranged-battler position.

"Oh golly! The elephant looks as if it's about to throw a tantrum!" w.a.n.g Yuhang screamed in fear.

Han Sen took a closer look and saw the bone elephant's eyes turning red. That color of red became a physical haze that swirled itself around the bones which, in turn, changed their color, too.

"Oh, snap! This fight is about to get dirty." Han Sen was shocked, too.

If the bone elephant was turning berserk, it would become a berserk super creature. With the increased speed and power it would earn, there would be no way for the riders down below to kite it as they previously had. They would be squished into jelly, forming a river of blood.

Lu Hui took notice of this sudden, frightening change, as well. His face finally showed a flicker of emotion and a blue aura of light emerged from his body. He summoned a lance and threw it towards the bone elephant.


With a flash of blue light, the lance struck one of the bone elephant's ears. It did not break anything, but the creature did feel pain. It trumpeted aloud in madness and charged at Lu Hui.

Lu Hui was shouting at his army, commanding them to a.s.sist as he took supremacy in leading the bone elephant off into the wilds.

"Roar!" The bone elephant only took a few steps before it gave up chasing Lu Hui. It turned around and fixed its gaze back on the Devil's Shelter. It was starting to look like something was attracting it there.

At this point, the skull and trunk of the elephant had become bright red. It wasn't blood, it was the red color that seeped from behind its eyes.

"Curse it! It really is going berserk. It's losing its mind, as well. It doesn't even care about the attacks from Lu Hui and his people; it seems to be heading for the shelter, at all costs." Han Sen frowned.

Although Devil's Shelter had nothing to do with him, the shelter was home to millions of people. Han Sen was a human and he didn't want to see his own kind slain mercilessly.

Lu Hui's body was s.h.i.+ning blue. He kept on attacking the bone elephant with the lance in his hand, but despite his attempts, the creature continued to ignore him and simply became more and more red. Despite the barrage of attacks dealt from the lance, it stomped onwards.

Lei Heng Wu and his people did their best to attack it, just as Lu Hui did. It was all to no avail, however, as it now seemed that nothing could divert its attention away from the shelter. But that being said, such attacks really were like tickles, when accounting for the size and might of the beast.

The bone elephant's speed had definitely increased now. The body was like a small mountain, running past on its own legs. The riders and their mounts that couldn't get out of the way in time were squashed beneath its feet.

Puddles and streams of blood formed, and human allies were reduced to mush. Everyone was frightened.