Super Gene - Chapter 652: Rejected

Chapter 652: Rejected

Chapter 652: Rejected

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The quartet were busily discussing matters inside the house. Lei Heng Wu was still a little hesitant about joining, and despite w.a.n.g Yuhang's proclamations, the Queen wasn't 100% guaranteed to join.

"How about you give me some time to think things over?" Lei Heng Wu ultimately said.

"Old Lei, come on. What more convincing do you require? The bossman here is sitting on two royal shelters. One of them is the Mystery Island, even. He has several powerful men under his command, so joining us is a win-win for you!" w.a.n.g Yuhang pleaded.

Although w.a.n.g Yuhang was being economical with his truths, he never outright lied. It was a sound strategy, nothing more.

Like Han Sen having not married Ji Yanran yet – he wasn't an actual family member of the Ji family. The Queen hadn't said she would join the team yet, either. And although Han Sen owned two royal shelters, they were both being developed in a.s.sociation with the other factions.

While Lei Heng Wu hesitated, a knock came from outside the door. A soft and attractive voice sounded from behind it, saying, "Is Mister Lei here? It is Lu Hui who has come to visit."

Lei Heng Wu was quite surprised. He offered them seats and went to answer the door. The person standing in the doorframe was of a gentle build and gave a relaxed smile. He gave the impression of the next-door brother you could always rely on.

"Why is Leader Lu here?" The reason Lei Heng Wu had actually come to the shelter was so he could join Lu Hui's team.

Lu Hui was really powerful and famous amongst the evolvers. He commanded many strong subordinates and had a background related to the Blueblood Special Forces. His prestigious background and standing was why Lei Heng Wu considered joining him first.

But Lei Heng Wu had not gone seeking Lu Hui yet, which was why it was a surprise Lu Hui had come to see him instead. This flattered Lei Heng Wu greatly.

Lu Hui saw Han Sen, smiled, and said, "Mister Lei has guests? In that event, I shan't remain past my welcome, and I'll be direct. I hereby invite you to join my team. Do you accept?"

Lei Heng Wu was petrified. Although he had already guessed this was the reason he had shown up at his door, it was another thing altogether to hear such a request come from the man himself.

"Old Lei, but what of our own discussions? You cannot bail on us now!" w.a.n.g Yuhang said, standing up.

Lei Heng Wu turned around and looked at him, saying, "When did I agree? Nothing has been settled yet."

w.a.n.g Yuhang's mind frantically raced for something to say, but Han Sen stopped him. He stood up and said, "Mister Lei, we would really appreciate your presence on our team. And I promise you, the chances of us slaying super creatures are extremely high. Therefore, I hope you will be willing to join us."

Lei Heng Wu stuttered. Both sides had their merits and both offered strong reasons for him to join, therefore, he was unable to make a decision so rapidly.

"Han Sen? I have heard of your name. I am Lu Hui." Lu Hui walked in front of Han Sen and presented his hand to him, smiling.

"You are the Blueblood Devil Leader? I have heard of you, also." Han Sen reached out his hand to shake Lu Hui's and felt the strength of the man's fingers.

"If it is possible, I would appreciate your presence in my team, as well. No matter the cost. Provided you are willing to join, I am willing to accept any of your own terms and conditions." Lu Hui asked with genuine sincerity, looking at Han Sen.

"I thank you for your invitation, but you took the words right out of my mouth. I was about to tell you the same thing," Han Sen said.

They both eyed each suspiciously for a second and then looked away. Lu Hui smiled and responded, "Mister Lei, whichever team you end up selecting will be a fine choice. Of course, if you do decide to join mine, I am willing to provide you a few additional benefits as a prize for picking the correct answer."

After that, Lu Hui presented Lei Heng Wu a contract to gaze over. As he looked at it, his face dropped with shock. "Leader Lu, is this for real?"

"After you sign it, yes," Lu Hui softly replied.

"Old Lei, whatever conditions he offers, we will do the same but better!" w.a.n.g Yuhang nervously proclaimed.

Han Sen then pulled out his contract to show Lei Heng Wu and said, "This is our team's contract. The terms and conditions are there in full. Please, take a look."

w.a.n.g Yuhang looked quite anxious now because he had already signed the contract and knew it was hardly fair and quite frankly, unappealing. There weren't any benefits to attract people, either.

Lu Hui had presented a contract laden with gifts. With Lu Hui's reputation backing it, it was something quite difficult to turn down.

As expected, Lei Heng Wu returned the contract to Han Sen after a good look, apologized, and said, "Leader Han, I must apologize. The reason I came to this shelter was in the hope of joining Leader Lu's team. He has also been gracious enough to offer me an abundance of benefits and gifts if I joined him."

"That's okay." Han Sen smiled. He stood up and prepared to leave with those who accompanied him. w.a.n.g Yuhang wanted to say something else to Lei Heng Wu, but Han Sen stopped him.

"Leader Han, I hope one day we will be able to work together," Lu Hui said with a serious tone when Han Sen walked past him.

"We will." Han Sen did not hate this man. It was a compet.i.tion and he lost out, fair and square.

They left Lei Heng Wu's house, and with a depressed look and tone of voice, w.a.n.g Yuhang said, "That Old Lei is no good. He didn't show me any respect!"

Han Sen smiled and said, "I think Lei Heng Wu is afraid of you and that's why he didn't want to join our team."

"How can you blame me for this? It's all because our contractual benefits are worse!" w.a.n.g Yuhang said this, but in his heart, he did truly fear that it was his own presence that made Lei Heng Wu unwilling to join.

"It will be too difficult to pull people away from big factions, no matter what we do. How about we instead walk around the market?" It didn't really matter to Han Sen that they were unable to enlist Lei Heng Wu. The most important reason for him to be at this shelter was the potential purchase of a sacred-blood T-rex beast soul.

From what Han Sen could see, although Lei Heng Wu was strong, he was simply strong. That was it. There was nothing inherently special or unique about him, and so Han Sen did not consider him a primary choice, anyway.

Even if he was a really useful person, Han Sen wasn't willing to treat any team member better than the others. He wanted everyone to be of equal importance.

After Han Sen had gone, Lu Hui looked at Lei Heng Wu and asked, "Why did you not choose Han Sen?"

Lei Heng Wu, with a wry smile, answered, "I am aware of who Han Sen is. He is strong, yes, but he lacks support. I felt bad to reject him, with w.a.n.g Yuhang here. And besides, with that man's miserable luck, I cannot imagine how they might ever fell a super creature."

Lu Hui was the boss of this area and the shelter was at the center. The population here was far healthier than the ice fields.

The big markets were always super crowded. It would take the trade rates of ten G.o.ddess Shelters to match the trade rate of this place.

"If we can establish a proper trade route across Devil's Mountain, perhaps it would aid in the development of the G.o.ddess Shelter." Han Sen thought to himself, despite the difficulties a project such as that would pose.

Han Sen alone had met two super creatures on Devil's Mountain. If he did want to develop a tunnel that led beneath the mountain and out the other side, no one had the resources necessary for such an undertaking.

He walked around many beast soul stores and eventually found a suitable beast soul. The T-rex beast soul was a rare type, too.