Super Gene - Chapter 610: Blood Crystal Lotus Seeds

Chapter 610: Blood Crystal Lotus Seeds

Chapter 610: Blood Crystal Lotus Seeds

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The creatures on the island were no longer intent on fighting each other. They each exerted all the strength they had in running up the hill to grab the seeds before the others could. The peac.o.c.k was the closest, and with its boon of flight, spared no time in soaring there.

Although Han Sen really wanted to grab the lotus, he was slowed down by his need to prevent the silver fox from going out on its own. He missed his chance and was too late.

As the peac.o.c.k was about to peck and gobble the lotus plant, one blood crystal lotus seed appeared to crack open.

More accurately, it looked as if the blood crystals were beginning to sprout two translucent wings, as thin as a cicada's. The wings started to flap, and they began flying away from the lotus cup.

The flying lotus seeds suddenly smacked into the peac.o.c.k's face, making the giant beast fall back, screaming in pain. After the slight hit, giant red blisters scorched its face. It continued to retreat, crying in agony as it did. Then it took off into the skies, flew away, and did not return.

The lobster seemed to ignore what had happened to the peac.o.c.k, and instead vied to take its place and eat the lotus.

But in the next second, blood crystals went airborne once again. They rushed into the lobster's sh.e.l.l.

The lobster roared deafeningly. After sustaining the hit, even the lobster decided to retreat. In an instant, it raced off, skittering back to the sea.

Han Sen was frozen in place, seeing that the red crystal-looking things were not actually lotus seeds. They were red wasps, shaped like little ruby gemstones. The end of each wasp had a lethal stinger.

Han Sen saw the wasps pierce the lobster's sh.e.l.l and peac.o.c.k's feathers as if it were nothing. The ma.s.sive blister that had emerged upon the peac.o.c.k's face indicated how poisonous it was.

To see super creatures like the peac.o.c.k and lobster run off in fright sent a chill coursing down Han Sen's spine. Now, he was glad he hadn't been able to get there before the other creatures. If he had been struck by one of those wasps, he'd have been in far worse shape.

Many blood crystal wasps were now flying out from the lotus. Han Sen wasn't sure if the plant itself that birthed the blood-crystals, or if a mother wasp had recently planted the eggs. But no matter their origin, it was clearly a vicious trap, and it would yield him no benefit.

Eighteen wasps now shot out of the lotus, carried by their delicate wings. The toxicity of their venom was as dangerous to an ordinary creature as it was to a super creature. The consequences of being stung were horrid. At first, a giant blister would form. Then, bones would turn to liquid. And finally, the body itself would inflate, growing larger and larger until it burst like a reservoir of pus and blood.

When creatures were splashed with excess venom, although the effect it had on them was not as lethal as a straight-up sting, their bodies and faces were still left scorched with ma.s.sive blisters.

"Run!" Han Sen grabbed the silver fox and ran off down to the beach. The blood crystal wasps were frighteningly quick, and Han Sen had no idea whether or not his body could withstand their sting.

Without the light of the peac.o.c.k, the silver fox and Queen were both able to open their eyes. The previously pleasant fragrance had grown lighter, and it seemed to snap all the creatures out of their prior daze. In fear, everything now fled the vile trap of the wasps.

With so many creatures strewn about dead and bloodied, the island looked like a snippet of h.e.l.l itself. The creature death toll must have been immeasurable on this day.

Two people and a fox ran towards the ocean. No creatures fought amidst themselves, or even thought about targeting the humans. Escape was the only goal on everything's mind at that moment.

"I thought I could reap some benefits from that lotus thingy; little did I know how big of a mistake I was about to make!" Han Sen felt like a fool. When he turned around to take a look at what was going on behind him, his jaw hit the ground.

One of the wasps was headed in their direction. Like a red, blazing meteor, it was coming their way at a terrifying speed.

"When people are unlucky, they tend to choke when they drink water. With so many other creatures that are free for you to take, why the h.e.l.l have you come for us?!" Han Sen's heart was now stripped of all hope.

Han Sen's body steeled itself, blazing with all the power and might he had. His heart thumped like rhythmic thunder. As his seventh sense kicked itself onto a whole new level, his blood began to boil.

Queen noticed Han Sen was not any slower than she was, which surprised her. If Han Sen hadn't unlocked his gene lock, there was no way he would have been able to keep up with her.

But now was not the time to stop and question him over his deception. So she gritted her teeth and kept running as fast as she could.

As they continued to run, she noticed Han Sen was actually gaining speed. Soon, he had overtaken her. After a while, he was far ahead; she couldn't keep up with him.

Han Sen was also just noticing that his speed must have grown exponentially since he opened the gene lock.

Although Jadeskin did not grant him the power to manipulate and wield ice, the amount of power he had gained seemed greater than what most people received after opening their gene lock.

But his joy drained as he noticed the red wasp drawing nearer and nearer.

Han Sen was positive that its target was the three of them. If they weren't its target, it wouldn't have followed them as much as it did.

But Han Sen was not entirely sure which of the trio was its primary target. Was it him? Was it the silver fox? Or was it Queen?

"We should split up!" Han Sen yelled at Queen before going off in another direction.

As he suspected, the wasp turned just as he did. Its target was indeed Han Sen.

"Fudge! It really is coming for me and the silver fox." Despite having expected it, Han Sen couldn't but feel compelled to swear.

The wasps were way too fast. Despite his breakneck speed, the wasp had now caught up to Han Sen.

The wasp made its first attack. With all his power, Han Sen dodged it while still maintaining his speed.

The blood crystal wasp was so small, it was difficult to keep track of it at the speed they were both going. If it wasn't for Han Sen's incredible seventh sense, he'd have been an oversized blister already.

Although he was having difficulty following the wasp with his eyes, he cast the Dongxuan Sutra and used his feelings to determine when and where the wasp would strike next. He successfully dodged each attempted sting.

The silver fox, who was still nestled in Han Sen's chest, was quite alert. Thunder sparked in the wells of its eyes, but try as it might, the wasp was too quick for it to thunder shock.

Han Sen was not sure how much longer he could go on. All he could do was keep dodging on his way to the beach. He had to get into the sea, no matter what. If other wasps decided to join the chase, it would all be over. It wouldn't matter how proficient he was at sensing their locations, dodging any more would prove too difficult.

One more was all it would take to tip the scales.

Dealing with this single wasp, Han Sen was already exhausting his unusual talents of intuition and judgment. He couldn't use his seventh sense to lock down the wasp now, either.

Queen had already reached the oceanside when she saw Han Sen in the distance, having trouble with the wasp. Gritting her teeth, she summoned a throwing knife and threw it in his direction.

But being unable to track the dizzyingly quick wasp, it was impossible to hit it.