Super Gene - Chapter 609: Snatch

Chapter 609: Snatch

Chapter 609: s.n.a.t.c.h

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Luckily, the silver fox wasn't too stubborn. Despite its craving for the seeds, it still leapt into Han Sen's arms when called.

Han Sen took a long sigh, and with Queen, ran off. They didn't draw near to the sea, either, so they tucked themselves into a hidden spot near the base of the hills.

Shortly after they left, the peac.o.c.k-looking bird swooped down to where they had been. The lobster also came ash.o.r.e, madly snapping its pincers as it rapidly scuttled inland and up to the hill where the lotus resided.

The war for the lotus had begun. After observing the lotus seeds, it seemed even the peac.o.c.k acknowledged the fact that they weren't yet ripe. So, instead of waiting, the bird turned around and screamed at the lobster.

The lobster, with its claws snapping, skittered towards the bird. Its large body and sh.e.l.l didn't seem to slow it down in the least.

The peac.o.c.k opened its wings and took off into the sky. It broadened its feather train like a fan in a display of hostility. Beneath its green plumage was a collage of impeccable eyespots that emitted a blue light.

When Han Sen looked into the eyespots that decorated the peac.o.c.k, he felt dizzy. He almost felt as if he was going to faint.

"Don't look at its blue lights," Queen said, already having closed her eyes. Her purple light was swirling around inside her, signifying she had already activated her gene lock.

Han Sen did what she bid and also used his hands to cover the eyes of the silver fox, but still, the blue light somehow managed to pierce his eyelids.

He quickly turned around and moved to hide behind a rock, which brought him instant relief.

Queen hid behind a rock, as well, with neither of them opting to open their eyes for a second. For now, they could only rely on their ears.

Han Sen used Jadeskin to activate his gene lock, as it didn't require him to have his eyes open. With it, he could survey the entire area and reconstruct the entire scene without looking.

The giant lobster looked drunk as it rampaged to the left and right in response to the peac.o.c.k's blue light. With its foe affected so badly, the peac.o.c.k found an opening for its attack.

The lobster's sh.e.l.l was unbelievably st.u.r.dy. When the peac.o.c.k feistily pecked it, the only damage it sustained was a white scratch mark.

Han Sen watched their combat in awe. While the lobster may have seemed to be at a great disadvantage, its sh.e.l.l proved to be a most hardy defense for it. The peac.o.c.k couldn't do anything to hurt it.

The blue light from the eyespots across the peac.o.c.k's plumage continued to make the lobster dizzy, however. Without being able to deal damage, they both seemed to be at a stalemate.

But still, they had both come here for the lotus seeds. If the peac.o.c.k could keep the lobster suppressed long enough for the plant to fully mature, it could quickly grab the seeds, gobble them up, and fly away. All while the lobster continued flailing around as if it were blind.

"What should we do?" Han Sen asked himself.

"There is nothing we can do. The peac.o.c.k's blue light makes others dizzy. Even if we closed our eyes and rushed in, our eyelids aren't strong enough to block out the light entirely. And how are we supposed to fight two super creatures with our eyes shut? We'd be stabbing in the dark," Queen replied.

Han Sen did not respond. He suddenly smelled something quite pleasant, and noticed it was coming from the lotus seeds.

The lotus was starting to emit a red light, and a red fog crept out of it, masking the area in a red haze. As ominous as it looked, its scent was delightful, and strong enough to be smelled from every corner of the island.

"The seeds are about to mature!" Han Sen continued observing the fight between the peac.o.c.k and lobster, still of a mind to get the seeds before anyone else could. He couldn't wait until sometime after they had matured because the monsters would be upon them, swallowing them all in one nibble. Compared to the size of the peac.o.c.k and lobster, the seeds weren't even big enough to get stuck in their teeth.

The silver fox looked like it wanted to jump out of Han Sen's arms any second, and its ardent desire for the lotus seeds was readily apparent. However, when it opened its eyes to take a look, it quickly buried its head in Han Sen's chest. The blue light was an extreme deterrent.

While Han Sen was wondering whether or not he should rush over there, an ill feeling swept over him. A noise came from the sea.

"Even more super creatures are coming?" Han Shen wondered in annoyed bewilderment. Using his seventh sense, he quickly surveyed the seaside.

What he saw frightened him a great deal. All around the island, a vast host of different creatures had come, all of the mind to grab the lotus seeds for themselves. There were giant fish, giant shrimps, and even monstrous clams. There were many more that Han Sen could not even describe.

A large group of creatures marched their way inland in the direction of the lotus.

"Holy smokes?! What are these lotus seeds? The pleasant smell even makes them ignore the silver fox's presence. Disregarding the existence of the super creatures on the island, they all seem intent on taking the lotus seeds for themselves." Han Sen was more than surprised. It was difficult to wrap his mind around what sort of substance would actually incite so many ordinary creatures to muster the sort of courage required to go up against super creatures.

In the sky, many more sea birds and flying creatures appeared. Without fear, they swooped down for the lotus seeds, ignoring the presence of the super creatures that were locked in combat.

But when they entered the zone that was bathed in the peac.o.c.k's blue light, they all crashed to the ground. It seemed as if ordinary creatures could not withstand the light at all.

More and more creatures arrived at the hill, only to die upon their immediate arrival. Some were killed by the light, others fell victim to the violent thras.h.i.+ng of the lobster and peac.o.c.k. It wasn't long before a vast number of bodies had collected to build a hill of their own, one that was dyed red.

"Let's fall back; it's too dangerous here," Queen said, as she started to retreat from the scene.

Han Sen noticed the rapid advancement of the seeds' maturity and didn't want to fall back empty-handed. After mulling over what to do for a good while, he pa.s.sed the silver fox to Queen. "Take him out of here; I will go and try for the seeds."

But the silver fox jumped away, not wanting to leave either. His body was unable to even stand straight in the light, almost as intoxicated as the lobster.

Although the light could not deal the silver fox damage, it would have been difficult for it to exert the strength needed to go up, get the seeds, and get out.

"You get out of here. Don't worry; I'll give you some of the seeds after I collect them," Han Sen told the silver fox.

The silver fox either did not hear him or was too stubborn to leave. It wanted to grab the lotus seeds despite its incapacitation.

Han Sen grabbed the silver fox and forced it back. It was behaving like almost any other creature, giving up everything it could to take the lotus seeds.

The peac.o.c.k and the lobster were still sealed in turbulent conflict with one another. If any other creature tried to ascend the hill, they would be killed in the midst of their battle. Winning the lotus seeds would be a most difficult prize.

All of a sudden, from inside the lotus, a bright light burst forth. It was red, and it beamed into the sky, widening like the bloom of a flower itself. The pleasant scent carried across the entire sea, urging even more creatures to come and battle for it.

The lotus was ripe.