Super Gene - Chapter 611: An Unbelievable Sense of Power

Chapter 611: An Unbelievable Sense of Power

Chapter 611: An Unbelievable Sense of Power

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Han Sen wanted to jump into the sea, but the blood crystal wasp prevented him from getting close enough. He had to dodge in according to the wasp's attacks, so he wasn't able to go where he wanted to.

It did not matter what skills Han Sen used or how wickedly fast they were; the wasp only had to flap its wings to destroy any plan Han Sen devised.

Han Sen hadn't been stung yet, despite how long the wasp had been nipping at his heels. This surprised Queen.

Queen, putting herself in his boots, believed she would have been stung a long time ago.

Queen didn't think it was only his skills that let him dodge the attacks. It was more like Han Sen had the ability to predict whatever his enemies were planning. Before the blood crystal wasp showed any indication of where and when it would strike, Han Sen was already moving to dodge it.

If he was being purely reactionary, he wouldn't have had the time to dodge no matter how quick he was. Instead, it was more like he had incredible foresight.

Also, he wasn't casting any skills to do this. It was as if this was purely an inherent talent of his.

Her guesses weren't far off the mark. Although Han Sen hadn't totally unlocked his seventh sense, the powers of his other senses were already far better than they should have been. And just as she thought, the reason Han Sen dodged so well was because he could read the wasp's mind and dodge before it started to strike.

If it was anyone else, even if their speed and skills were superior to Han Sen's, they would not have been able to dodge such ferocious attacks.

Queen was aiming her throwing knife from afar and had been doing so for quite some time. Similarly to the silver fox, she just couldn't find the right opportunity to attack. She gritted her teeth, summoned a sacred-blood s.h.i.+eld, and went towards Han Sen.

"Don't come!" Han Sen noticed Queen approaching, which surprised him. Although her Heavenly Go was a tremendous thing, it would still be futile against the speed of these wasps.

Queen did not heed his command, and instead continued her approach. After a while, she threw the s.h.i.+eld out of her hand and yelled, "Run!"

Han Sen saw where the s.h.i.+eld was headed, and that it was on a collision course with exactly where the wasp was attacking. He was taken aback at the realization of how well she could predict the movement of the wasp.

"You really are a queen." Han Sen's heart was glad. He used the opening Queen and her s.h.i.+eld had provided and dove into the sea.


But the wasp's attacks were like bullets, and it pierced right through the s.h.i.+eld. Despite the st.u.r.diness of her metal aegis, the wasp had not lost any momentum, and it still had Han Sen in its sights.


At that moment, Queen's other hand let fly a throwing knife. It smacked against the wasp's head.

The throwing knife shattered into little more than cold, hard glitter. The strike had taken the wasp in the exact center of its head, but again, it did not slow down. It avoided the belt of s.h.i.+ny knife-shards and continued its pursuit of Han Sen.

Using the time Queen had bought him, Han Sen ran ten meters. But as he marked his tenth, the wasp had already caught up again. Han Sen noticed something, though. Although the wasp could spike itself through the s.h.i.+eld, and was somehow unaffected by a throwing knife to its head, it did seem keen on avoiding the airborne remnants of the knife.

That didn't mean it was afraid of those shards. Some pieces did hit the creature, and they did not harm it. But there were some pieces it avoided. That suggested the wasp had some sort of weakness.

Even though Han Sen was not facing the wasp, he could a.n.a.lyze every last detail of what occurred behind him through the power of his senses.

Han Sen saw that it only avoided the splinters around its waist.

It was the area that connected the abdomen with the thorax. It was like a woman's waist where it was slimmest. When the shattered pieces neared that point, the wasp carefully swerved out of the way.

The wasp did not care about any of the others and let them bounce off of itself.

"This is it!" A strange look streaked through Han Sen's eyes. Under the buffs imparted by Snow Lady, his body started to release an air that purified Han Sen's mind, clearing it like a virgin crystal. With the absence of human emotions, he had become fearless.

All of a sudden, Han Sen stopped moving and looked at the wasp that hunted him.

"What are you doing?" Queen was surprised. The wasp was frighteningly powerful, and it looked like Han Sen was preparing to fight it. Did he have a death wish?

But what happened next made Queen's pupils shrink.

The wasp flashed in front of Han Sen. Queen didn't see where it tried to sting, but Han Sen's hand was moving.

It was unbelievable. His hand moved like a blade, with the speed of lightning. Han Sen swung his hand horizontally, slicing the wasp's waist as it came for him.

Her one-time use sacred-blood weapon did not phase the wasp in the slightest, but the wasp swerved to dodge Han Sen's attack.

Han Sen missed his strike, but it confirmed that the wasp's waist must indeed have been its weak spot. There was no need for him to dodge and be afraid any more.

While Han Sen was falling back, he kept trying to stop the wasp. The maniacal little creature did its best to keep dodging Han Sen's flurry of attacks, but so quick and fast did they come, it was never provided the opportunity to counter them.

Han Sen had given himself the chance to breathe, and he continued his retreat towards the sea.

Queen was already in the water, however. She only kept her head above the surface to watch Han Sen, who was still engaged with the wasp.

The speed of Han Sen's attacks couldn't quite match the speed of the wasp, but Queen was still fascinated by the spectacle.

He wasn't using any sort of formation. He was employing a high-tier prediction ability. As Queen watched the battle between Han Sen and the wasp, she felt something in her heart. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was, but it felt like an itch.


Han Sen was finally able to jump into the sea. The wasp was more afraid of the water than the White Tiger had been, and without similar abilities, it couldn't do anything to Han Sen once he was under the surface. Not wanting to follow Han Sen in, it flew around the sh.o.r.e in circles for a brief while, and then buzzed on back to the deeper recesses of the island, chasing after creatures that hadn't returned to the sea yet.

"You hid it well." After they escaped their dangerous predicament, Queen confronted Han Sen with frosty eyes.

Cough. "Oh, I only just unlocked the gene lock. I was forced to use it, due to it being a life or death moment. Desperate times call for desperate measures." Han Sen laughed after his explanation, realizing that he couldn't hide his unlocked gene lock from Queen any longer.

Queen rolled her eyes, unable to muster the strength needed to argue with him. She summoned her whale and climbed aboard.

"Thanks!" Han Sen thanked her with sincerity, jumping onto the whale with the silver fox in hand.

If it wasn't for Queen's attack, which revealed the wasp's weak spot, he didn't think he'd be where he was right now.