Super Gene - Chapter 591: Attacking the Shelter

Chapter 591: Attacking the Shelter

Chapter 591: Attacking the Shelter

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"Brother Han, all is prepared. We can attack the royal shelter whenever we desire." Qi Xiuwen returned to the BlackG.o.d Shelter and reported to Han Sen that he had successfully enlisted the aid of Li Xinglun and Philip for the a.s.sault.

"Well done. We will follow your plan." Han Sen was looking over the plan Qi Xiuwen had formulated.

"Brother Han, there is no need to worry. I won't disappoint you! We will take this royal shelter for ourselves." Qi Xiuwen then told Han Sen, purposefully deceiving him. His heart was sneering, "Oh, we will take the royal shelter. But its owner won't be you, Han Sen. No. It will be me!"

Han Sen looked at Qi Xiuwen, who wore an earnest, faithful face. Then he smiled, patted his shoulder, and told him, "Go. I have faith in you."

Han Sen was not a person who enjoyed being kept busy. He did enjoy watching others be busy, however.

After Qi Xiuwen left, Yang Manli approached Han Sen with a worried look on her face. She said, "Is it really okay to let Qi Xiuwen handle the entire plan of attacking the royal shelter?"

Han Sen smiled and responded, "The BlackG.o.d Shelter belongs to Dong Lin. Allowing Qi Xiuwen to make the plans will free us up to do our best in battle. For our attack against the royal shelter, this will be a good thing."

"And what happens after we attack the shelter?" Yang Manli was not as optimistic as Han Sen. It seemed as if her eyebrows were perpetually furrowed, and she frowned without ever allowing her forehead to relax.

"Don't worry. That royal shelter will be owned by Han," Han Sen answered.

Yang Manli noticed how confident Han Sen appeared, so despite her continued worry and reservations, she didn't push her concerns any further.

The troops of the various shelters were now mobile and nearing the royal shelter. Bravely, they moved to the outskirts of the shelter to clear out any creatures around it, in preparation for the big battle that was to come.

With everyone camped out and ready, they waited for the time they would be split into groups of three and sent out to follow the commands given to them.

Han Sen's group was the most powerful, and they were the ones a.s.signed to attack the main gate. Han Sen was following Qi Xiuwen's plan to a tee, without making a single change.

As a result, Qi Xiuwen was feeling rather He believed that Han Sen trusted him entirely, and that he had wrapped Han Sen around his little finger. If that wasn't the case, why else would he be doing exactly what he was told? Qi Xiuwen almost felt bad for being so manipulative.

"Just wait until I get the royal shelter. If he listens to what I tell him, then I won't treat him too poorly." This was a thought propagated by Qi Xiuwen's heart, but it wasn't soon before his mind questioned such judgment. "This sort of man is not suitable for important responsibilities. If the person in charge cannot be cruel and unforgiving, then it is only a matter of time before others try to take advantage and attempt to trample on me."

The siege began. The beasts that were behind the walls of the shelter, dozens of miles away, could be heard roaring. The tension began to bubble and boil as they approached the battlegrounds. And finally, everyone marched forward to do combat with the creatures that would stay their advance.

Far away, on the slopes of a snowy mountain, a fit woman watched the battle unfold. She talked to herself, saying, "I should be able to see what his power is from here."

Far away, on the other side of the battlefield, a little girl stood and observed the scene, too. She had long black hair that almost reached the ground. In her arms, she held a silver fox.

Although this was a siege, only a few people from the G.o.ddess Shelter fought alongside Han Sen. Those backing him up were not very strong, and most of them were commanded by Qi Xiuwen and positioned elsewhere.

But this time, Qi Xiuwen did not see the silver-haired spirit. This made him feel strange. Qi Xiuwen did not know that the silver-haired spirit would not leave the Spirit Hall, and he was afraid Han Sen might run ahead and try to steal the spirit stone.

But Han Sen did not care all that much. He wore blood-scale armor and held his two favorite swords in his hands. With Yang Manli and his other fighters, he led their offense against the main gate.

Qi Xiuwen had given Han Sen this position, where the creatures were the strongest. With only a few people from the G.o.ddess Shelter backing him up, he had hoped the monsters would eliminate them.

But instead of slowly battling their way forward, Han Sen and his people instead decided to rush ahead madly. Qi Xiuwen shook his head at the sight, and the conflicted voices inside him argued once more, "That person is brave; I'll give him that. But he's just as stupid! It's hard to do business with such a person... but then again, someone as brave as that may come in handy sometime in the future."

Qi Xiuwen, lost in thought, suddenly noticed the presence of a mult.i.tude of cracks in the ground, stemming from the royal shelter. And then, an endless parade of silver beetles burst out towards the battlefield like a flood.

The fight had only just begun, but already, the silver ladybug had decided to make an appearance. This was vastly different than the last time, when it showed up right at the end.

Qi Xiuwen frowned but had already made preparations for its coming. If he didn't, then it would have been impossible for him to convince Li Xinglun and Philip to attack the shelter.

The signal was sent, and all the soldiers opened their backpacks and lobbed creature meat out across the field. Within seconds, the entire snowy field was drenched like a frothy pool of blood.

The silver beetles did not differentiate between friend or foe, or even acknowledge who their aggressors were. But when they smelled the blood, they were immediately attracted to the mound of b.l.o.o.d.y flesh that was built up. With them out of the way and distracted, an empty s.p.a.ce presented itself.

"Get in there!" Qi Xiuwen shouted. All the human evolvers evaded the ladybugs and ran forward, using their strongest attacks as they advanced towards the royal shelter.

But when Qi Xiuwen turned to look at the main gate, he saw Han Sen and his people were already there. The speed with which they had cleared a path came as a shock to him.

The creatures at the main gate were the strongest, and despite that, Han Sen's team had not suffered a single casualty. Han Sen was in the front, clasping two swords. One was silver and one was purple. As he fought, it was like he was dancing, and every step he took around a monster was accompanied with another lesion in his foe, spewing blood.

"Powerful skills, sure. But he is still a stupid man." Qi Xiuwen looked at the sky above the royal shelter. In his heart, he thought, "This royal shelter has been host to great swathes of creatures. Thunderdevil will come in from the other side, though, and he should reach the Spirit Hall before Han Sen does. I just hope they are able to tame and subdue the spirit there. Whatever royal spirit resides in this place must be a maddening foe, and one that is worthy of a great deal of coin!"

While Qi Xiuwen was thinking, he saw Han Sen was already leading people inside the shelter. Because of the appearance of the silver beetles, many creatures had run off, which lessened the resistance they faced.

Qi Xiuwen did not dare slow down, so he ran towards the shelter from another path. Still, he wasn't in too much of a rush because there was no way Han Sen could be faster than Thunderdevil. By the time Han Sen reached the Spirit Hall, he was sure that the spirit inside would have been tamed by his secret ally already.

However, what Qi Xiuwen did not notice amidst all the chaos was a silver fox that had managed to slip inside the shelter. It was running towards Han Sen, too.

Yang Manli, Zhu Ting, Uncle Qing, and the rest of his people now followed Han Sen as he entered the royal shelter. But when they entered there, they were shocked to see a far greater number of creatures on the inside than the outside. And what was more, there were many sacred-blood variants mixed-in. It seemed as if the spirit would not have to come out and join the fight.

"There are far too many creatures here. Should we wait until the other groups show up?" Zhu Ting looked around nervously. They were the only ones who had rushed in, and the others were quite far behind.

"There is no need to wait," Han Sen said, and as he did, a silver fox leapt onto his shoulder.