Super Gene - Chapter 592: Miracle

Chapter 592: Miracle

Chapter 592: Miracle

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Zhu Ting and his people were shocked and a little uncertain when they saw the vast host of powerful creatures now confronting them. Their presence consumed his entire vision, and their numbers far exceeded the two hundred Han Sen had with him. They weren't even all that talented; so, it was hard to imagine what slaughter might transpire if they started to attack.

Even if the creatures queued up and allowed them to fight one on one, it would only be a matter of time before each battler became too exhausted to fight and was killed.

Even Uncle Qing, the old man who had seen much, bore a bleak face. Seeing that the creatures did not budge, he did not dare enter and provoke them.

Han Sen, however, ran into the creatures alone. The others were unsure of whether or not to follow him.

The next second, Yang Manli, Uncle Qing, and Zhu Ting were left staring in disbelief. As Han Sen ran towards the monsters, they parted like an ocean, as if they were afraid of him. They seemed frightened, and they each scrambled out of the way.

Whenever Han Sen took a step forward, another creature took a step back. Even a t.i.tan snake that was one hundred feet long fell back and dared not hit him.

Seeing Han Sen march in like a G.o.d was a strange thing to watch. Yang Manli and the rest had their jaws on the floor, and they almost couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"Boss, are you going to heaven?" Zhu Ting followed.

Uncle Qing and the rest followed, as well, despite their frightened and bewildered looks. As they followed Han Sen, the creatures that were near would run off as soon as they got close. He was truly like some deity, striking fear into the bones of every monster in the shelter.

"How can he do that?" Yang Manli had a puzzled expression when she looked at Han Sen, and she couldn't imagine what sort of powers he was employing.

Uncle Qing looked faithful, and maybe a little bit fanatical when he looked at Han Sen. "He really is the heir of Master Han, isn't he? He does possess magical powers - he does!"

For the others, they either thought they were witnessing was an absolute miracle or they were dreaming.

Han Sen brought Yang Manli and the rest to the Spirit Hall. He was familiar with this place and did not want to waste any more time. So he rushed in as soon as he arrived.

Not situated too far from the wall of the royal shelter, Queen was able to see everything. She too was quite surprised. "How did he do that?" Although some medicine could repel certain creatures, such items would not work when facing creatures under the direct command of a spirit. Especially such large numbers of them.

This heightened Queen's interest in Han Sen, so she made sure to take extra care in her observations. From a distance, of course.

Finally, Qi Xiuwen managed to enter the shelter with his people. What he saw gave him the jinkies and scared him quite a bit. There were creatures everywhere, and in far greater numbers than what they faced on the battlefield outside. There were even many sacred-blood creatures waiting for them.

But he could not see where Han Sen or his people had gone, and neither could he see any sign of a struggle or battle. It was as if Han Sen and his people had pulled a Houdini, vanis.h.i.+ng without a trace.

"That is strange. Where are they?" Qi Xiuwen was confused, but he couldn't spend too much time dwelling on it. A large group of creatures approached, and everyone thrust themselves into a terrifying battle with the monsters that had come for them.

At this time, Han Sen and his people were right outside the Spirit Hall, and they had gotten there with no trouble. Yang Manli wanted to shake herself, as if trying to wake up from some weird dream. After she saw the gold and silver lady spirits, she couldn't help but say, "The twin spirits resides in this shelter?"

"You guys take a break, sit and watch. I'll take care of this." Han Sen had trained his Dual skill for the longest time with the aim of taking down the twin spirits. He didn't want anyone else to join in, for he wanted to beat it by himself.

Besides, the people from the other shelters had yet to arrive. If they beat the twin spirits too soon, many creatures would run off, as well. The reward everyone could achieve would be reduced, so he wanted to wait for Qi Xiuwen and the rest to arrive before finis.h.i.+ng off the spirit.

Uncle Qing and his people were already treating his words like gospel, and now, they watched Han Sen go towards the twin spirits like he truly was their religious deity going into battle.

They were each stricken with a strange feeling, however; one that they couldn't quite place their finger on. Ma.s.sive numbers of creatures in the royal shelter just stood and watched Han Sen begin combat with the twin spirits. They weren't doing anything, and it was so bewildering that if they told this story to others who were not here to see this happen, people would chalk them up as liars or plain crazy.

Han Sen's kidneys were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy and his heart was jumping like rhythmic thunder. His body felt as if it had boundless power. As he held onto his purple and silver swords, he ran towards the twin spirits without hesitation.

The twin spirits hated Han Sen. Tightly clutching their gold and silver swords, they went to fight against their pestering nemesis once more. Each strike was brought down like gold and silver lightning.

"These are some really good skills. It is no wonder why they are royal spirits. Is the boss going to be okay battling them both?" As Zhu Ting finished his words, he saw Han Sen use his two swords to batter the twin spirits with such force, it sent them rocketing through the air.


Everyone had this word on their mind. Han Sen's powerful sword and skills had resulted in the twin spirits being stripped of its ability to fight back. No matter how quickly or powerfully the twin spirits attacked, Han Sen was always one step ahead.

Both of Han Sen's hands held a sword, and each one was performing a different sword skill to do battle with the twin spirits. And as he fought and fought, the twin spirits were being beaten back further and further.

"The boss is too cool!"

"The boss is the man!"

"One man taking on two girls? d.a.m.n, he is the best!"

The young men in the back were waving their flags in support. It was surreal. This was supposed to be a battleground of b.l.o.o.d.y war, but it was more like they were sitting back to watch a show in an arena.

The faces of the twin spirits looked terrible. Before, they could go against Han Sen without any trouble. But now, they could not keep up with him and were repeatedly being knocked backwards - they did not have the power to fight back. Then Han Sen ran into the center of the Spirit Hall.

On the other side of the royal shelter, there resided dozens of elite-killing creatures. A path formed between them as the bodies of countless creatures slumped and staggered away to form mounds of the deceased. Along the b.l.o.o.d.y path others now walked. They were trying to find the spirit shelter.

The leader of these people was cloaked in green lightning, and he held a longsword that flashed, sparked, and crackled with electricity. The creatures that were hit by this sword were sent flying backwards, burned into charcoal by the airborne fire that charged his weapon.

This group of people marched forward, uninhibited by the creatures that attempted to stop them.

This was Thunderdevil and his men. But no matter how fast they cleaved a way forward, they were not as fast as Han Sen, who did not even have to fight any creatures.

Besides, Thunderdevil and his people did not know where the Spirit Hall was. They spent a long while looking for it, but they were still unable to find it. Then, he b.u.mped into Qi Xiuwen.

"What are you guys still doing here?" Qi Xiuwen saw Thunderdevil and his people with much surprise.

"This royal shelter is way too big. It's easy to get lost! We are unable to find where the Spirit Hall is. We have already scoured the other end of the shelter, so it has to be this way." Thunderdevil pointed in the direction he was going.

"Let's get going then. The people from the other two shelters are on their way, too. We can't let them get there first!" Qi Xiuwen said. Then, merging with the forces of Thunderdevil, they marched towards the spirit shelter.