Super Gene - Chapter 590: Infinite Power

Chapter 590: Infinite Power

Chapter 590: Infinite Power

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Han Sen did not plead for Queen to stay. After all, what had happened earlier was far too embarra.s.sing.

"After I unlock the first gene lock, where should I go to find you?" Han Sen asked.

"Send a message to Pingqing. She will let you know," Queen answered as she exited the room.

After she stepped out of the room, she stopped and said, "In regards to what happened earlier, if word of it gets out, you are a dead man." Then she was gone for good.

Seeing Queen leave, Han Sen thought about all the words she had spoken. Clearly, Queen herself had unlocked her first gene lock. She also said the term us, which meant she wasn't hunting alone.

A powerful character like her needed others on the same level to go on a hunt? There was only one possibility Han Sen could think of. They were hunting a super creature.

"I wonder if they have killed a super creature before." Han Sen was disturbed at this revelation, but he hadn't yet unlocked his gene lock. He simply wasn't qualified to join them.

"It looks like I must hurry up with the Dongxuan Sutra, despite my inability to rush it." Han Sen continued to sit where he was, thinking things over. If he wanted to unlock his first gene lock, the quickest way to do so was through mastery of Jadeskin. But he was afraid of learning that skill to its full extent, due to his fear of becoming like the cruel people of the Xue family. It was a difficult decision to mull over.

"I have been learning Dongxuan Sutra for so long, perhaps Jadeskin has been purified. Let's give it a go!" Han Sen really wanted to see if the people with Queen were truly off to hunt a super creature. And he wanted to know if they had killed one previously. For this, he thought it was worth the risk of going back to Jadeskin.

But he already had Dongxuan Sutra, and if there were any issues while learning Jadeskin, he could always use Dongxuan Sutra to alleviate them.

But before he continued learning Jadeskin, he returned to the snowy basin to collect the last red mushroom.

He cut it into thin slices and used it to train Jade-Sun Force. Although he continued to suffer a burning sensation, it was something he could keep under control.

After he absorbed the energy of the red mushroom, his kidney s.h.i.+ned and his power felt limitless.

Han Sen's heart felt strange, however. Although the Jade-Sun Force he learnt was correct, it now seemed a touch different than before. There was a magical, purple light s.h.i.+ning alongside it.

"That purple light must be the power Queen shoved into me. It must be the power she gained from unlocking her first gene lock, too. But how can I use that to my advantage? I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, since it seems to be trapped in my kidney now." Han Sen was lost in thought.

Whatever the case might be, there didn't seem to be any negative consequences to its presence. After consuming the rest of the mushroom, the Jade-Sun Force was finally complete. Both of his kidneys now shone like stoves, providing endless power for Han Sen 24/7.

He was not sure if it was affected by the Jade-Sun Force, but Han Sen's Heresy Mantra had also completed its first stage "Long Live."

In the past, whenever Han Sen used Heresy Mantra, if he used it for too long, his heart could not withstand it. It'd end up damaging his body. But after learning Long Live, not only was Heresy Mantra more powerful, he could use it infinitely without damage being dealt to his body.

"With Jade-Sun Force and Long Live, it's as if I have infinite power. Any difficult skills I learn can be used indefinitely without the need for a break." Han Sen, after learning all this, became really happy.

This was almost like a cheat. Although it felt like nothing special when dormant, using it felt extremely powerful.

It was just like Yi Dongmu. When he used wind strike, he concentrated all the power in his body into one fell strike. After he used the strike, there'd be a long recovery time.

But right now, Han Sen was different. He could use wind strike like normal, over and over without rest. He did not need a break.

It was like playing a videogame where people had to gather power to unleash their ultimate ability. But Han Sen had glitched it so he could use his super ability over and over.

Jade-Sun Force and Long Live made a frightening combination. Han Sen was shaken.

But Han Sen did not know how to use wind strike. But that did not matter, because of the most powerful burst-power skill there was: Thunderknife. In the past, he would suffer a cooldown of at least eight seconds before being able to cast it again. Now, he could use it over and over.

"It looks as if I'll have to modify Dual some more." Han Sen was overjoyed, despite the extra trouble.

Because of his vitality, his Dual skill had been lacking in certain departments. His vitality and power could never remain high enough to support the demands of the skill.

But now things were different. Han Sen could use Dual to its full extent. Every skill was an ultimate power skill; and now, his damage output would most likely be tripled. It would be far easier for him to kill the Twin Spirit like this.

Han Sen was of the mind to do it, and so he did. Off he went to modify his Dual skill once again. He wanted to make it into an ultimate skill. He exchanged five S-rank Saint Hall licenses for five evolver-cla.s.s powerful sword skills. He borrowed the techniques inside and implemented them in his Dual skill, modifying them so each skill performed was an ultimate one.

The Dual skill now was two sword skills combined with over a hundred movements. After vigorous modification, that number was brought down to fifty. After even more extensive work, that number was brought down to twelve.

Those two sets of twelve movements were the skills that dealt the purest, most concentrated amounts of damage. Every move had its own special trait, but when they were all combined and cast at once, he didn't believe any opponent could withstand such a devastating attack, no matter their power or level lead on Han Sen.

"This is the Dual skill I have always wanted. Dealing with the Twin Spirit should no longer be difficult. But I wonder if Qi Xiuwen has managed to successfully convince Li Xinglun and Philip yet." Han Sen could no longer wait to attack the royal shelter.

Qi Xiuwen had faced much resistance in his attempts to convince Li Xinglun and Philip. This was because he was unable to solve their silver beetles problem. Li Xinglun and Philip did not dare attack a random royal shelter while under the thumb of their current threat.

So, Qi Xiuwen had to pay a heavy price to convince Li Xinglun and Philip to agree and join the attack on the royal shelter.

"The ice field will belong to me, Qi Xiuwen!" Qi Xiuwen returned to the BlackG.o.d Shelter with much excitement.

Taking the royal shelter and becoming the boss of the ice fields was an exciting prospect for him. And a record like this was sure to paint him in a different light in his father's eyes. Maybe he'd even be able to inherit Dong Lin.