Super Gene - Chapter 589: Absorbed

Chapter 589: Absorbed

Chapter 589: Absorbed

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The purple light that was being emitted from the woman's body started to fade. Although she was truly mad, she still managed to limit how much power she exerted on her h.o.r.n.y aggressor. If she hadn't, with the power of someone who had unlocked her first gene lock, one kick would have been enough to end Han Sen.

It was clear to her that something was wrong with Han Sen. So, despite her rage, she managed to put a cap on the damage she dealt him. Especially with the purple light, which she pushed into Han Sen's body. This purple light would attempt to course its way through his body and clear his mind from any encroaching force.

Although Han Sen's body was suffering, he was able to feel a strange but gentle sensation flow throughout his insides. It seemed to help subdue and eliminate the effects of the red mushroom he had consumed.

Clarity began returning to his mind, and when it had done so in a sufficient amount, he was able to close his eyes and focus on recasting Jade-Sun Force. He then started to absorb the purple light and the red mushroom into his kidney.

When these two distinct forces entered his kidneys, they made the organs glow in their two representative colors. His kidneys then started to glow like red, purple, and gold nuggets. This bounty of power was going all around his body.

Han Sen felt tremendous joy in his heart. Having both of these powers consume and reinvigorate him, he felt as if his Jade-Sun Force was getting better and better. The process was quick and free from trouble, and it seemed that it would all be over soon.

The woman summoned beast soul armor to cover her body and went to sit on a chair. She had a curious, complicated look on her face as she watched Han Sen, in between her blus.h.i.+ng.

"I should have killed you." The woman thought about the shameful scene and terrible groping she had been subjected to, and she looked at Han Sen with disgust.

Queen had been travelling through the Icefield, and she had come to learn that Han Sen was living in the area from Huangfu Pingqing. So she thought to give him a visit and ask him something.

Queen did not want to disturb or affect anyone else, so she came here alone during the night. With her skills of espionage, she knew she would not be discovered on her way there, but this was the last thing she had expected to happen.

When she thought about her body being felt all over by a man like Han Sen, she wanted to slap him to death.

But she was also conflicted with the knowledge that it was her disturbance that most likely prompted his out-of-character misdeeds. She didn't blame Han Sen, but she again thought about how her body – which had never been touched by another man before – had been so vigorously fondled by someone in such a manner. She blushed deeply and gnawed at her teeth in uncertainty until she almost drew blood.

But Queen had something else nibbling at the back of her mind. With her talents, she knew she should have fended Han Sen off and kept him away, but when she moved and used Heavenly Go, Han Sen was able to follow each step and block her way.

Perhaps this could be largely attributed to the small size of the stone house, but there was also the element of surprise. She would never have expected Han Sen to possess a power such as this. It was this sudden shock that led to her disadvantage.

She was the one who taught Han Sen Heavenly Go, but her calculations of his progress with the skill were obviously incorrect and had led to this grievous mistake. Her mind and body were not prepared, which was why she had been pushed to the wall.

If Queen had been prepared for what was to happen, things would have been different and it would have been impossible for Han Sen to follow her steps and pin her to the wall.

"How did he do that?" Queen's heart wondered to itself.

She only taught Han Sen the bits and bobs of Heavenly Go, but he had already shown that his level with the skill was not too far behind hers. At this rate, it was inevitably going to get better.

With Han Sen's fitness, and the number of skills he actively trained, it was unlikely he would lose to her in an all-out fight, either.

This surprised Queen a lot. She almost didn't believe that the little amount of the skill she had taught Han Sen could have been developed to such a great degree.

Han Sen's fitness was surprisingly powerful, too. His fitness was not too far behind hers, despite the fact that his first gene lock remained locked.

From what she could could recall, Han Sen had only been in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for just over a year. This wasn't a popular place, and to attain such talents and abilities here in such a short time was almost terrifying.

"I was going to test his power, but that seems to be unnecessary right now. Perhaps when he unlocks his gene lock, I can allow him to join me. But..." Queen then thought back to the scene from earlier. Part of her wanted to leave and never lay eyes on this b.a.s.t.a.r.d again.

But Queen was Queen, and she was of a greater resolve than most women. She did not leave. She just continued to sit there and look at Han Sen coldly.

When Han Sen finally absorbed the red mushroom and purple light, although he hadn't finished learning Jade-Sun Force as he had expected to, the h.o.r.n.y side effects of the red mushrooms seemed to have totally disappeared. But it was worth noting that this minor victory had only been achieved through the aid of the purple light.

Now that his kidney had absorbed the purple light, things seemed different. He believed that if he ate the red mushroom again, the horniness would not affect him.

To test this out, all he would have to do was collect the final mushroom and eat it, then practice the Jade-Sun Force one last time to finish its training.

Han Sen opened his eyes and saw Queen in front of him, staring at him coldly. The scene and all its wretched s.e.xual tension came rus.h.i.+ng back to him. Imagining his prior grab of her b.o.o.bies, he couldn't help but stare at her chest.

Excellent. They were excellent. Han Sen had laid eyes on many beautiful girls in his time, but this was the only stunner that was as powerful as he was. And her pair of were in no way inferior to those possessed by Huangfu Pingqing. Everything about her was perfect, pretty much.

"If you have a death wish, then by all means, continue to stare." Queen coldly looked at Han Sen. Her face did not display emotion, but anger continued to boil in her heart.

If Han Sen's behavior had not been triggered by her intrusion, she would have slapped him to death by now.

"I am sorry, but this is my room. You are the one who came in uninvited; you cannot blame me." Han Sen was coughing when he said this.

He saw the woman continue to peer at him, and it looked as if she wanted to kill him. His heart was stricken with a chill, so he quickly shuffled along the proceedings and asked, "Who are you, anyway? And why have you come here?"

Han Sen had never seen Queen's face before, and the l.u.s.ty thoughts from earlier had messed up his head. Having light amnesia over what happened when he was beaten up, he had forgotten what skills Queen had used to beat him to a pulp.

But Queen's general temperament had tipped Han Sen into thinking he knew her from some place.

"Queen," Queen told him.

Han Sen was flabbergasted. He said, "It's you! Why are you here?"

After Queen introduced herself, Han Sen understood why she seemed so familiar. Only someone with the power she possessed, dwarfing the presence of any other woman he had met before, could name herself Queen.

"I am just pa.s.sing by. I was coming to see if you were able enough to join us on our hunt, but from what I have seen so far, I don't think you are. When are you going to unlock your first gene lock?" Queen emotionlessly said.

Queen had indeed been impressed with the skills and fitness Han Sen possessed, but it would be all for nought if he had not unlocked his first gene lock. Without doing that, he would never survive the fight she was going to take part in.

"I am afraid it will be a while yet before I unlock it, but I can still lend a hand in the hunting of creatures," Han Sen responded.

Queen didn't say anything else, she just stood up and got ready to leave the room.

The reason why she stayed was so she could ask that question and see how Han Sen responded. After all, it was because of her Han Sen behaved the way he did.