Super Gene - Chapter 588: Entering

Chapter 588: Entering

Chapter 588: Entering

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Han Sen was shocked as a burning sensation overwhelmed his insides. His kidneys were sizzling with heat, and it felt as if they had become two fireb.a.l.l.s ricocheting around his body. Han Sen did not feel good.

"d.a.m.n it! Why are you coming here at this time?" Han Sen did not have the willpower necessary to suppress the riot that was going on inside him.

Han Sen was in a trance. He couldn't hear who it was outside or what the feminine voice was talking about. But regardless, he did not need to listen because Han Sen could guess who it was.

Visitors to his room were infrequent, as it was something few would dare to do. It was only on the odd occasion that Yang Manli would come to visit him, when there were important matters to discuss. Aside from her, there was no one else.

Thinking about Yang Manli's thick, white legs, Han Sen felt his brain start to implode. He couldn't take his mind off those delicious legs, and he wanted nothing more than to kick the door down and hop onto her.

He used everything he had to suppress his l.u.s.t and double-timed it on the Jade-Sun Force. He was going to do his best to wait this desire out.

In the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, unlike the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, anyone could enter another person's room. But Yang Manli was not the sort of person to boorishly march into someone else's room, so Han Sen was not concerned about a possible intrusion.

If he was able to avoid seeing her, then Han Sen was of firm faith that he could beat this l.u.s.ty force that was consuming him.

But Han Sen's heart suffered a shock quite quickly when he heard the door open.

"Holy smokes! Yang Manli, I thought you were a reserved person. What is going on with you today?" Han Sen's mind was scrambled like an egg, and his heart was ablaze.

He heard the footsteps of a woman tread across his room. Although Han Sen was forcing his eyes closed, when he heard her voice, the resolve of his will crumbled to the machinations of l.u.s.t. The image of a woman's beautiful naked body was omnipresent, layered across all of his thoughts.

As he tried to suppress the carnal desires, his face started turning red. Then his nose began bleeding.

The woman was walking closer and closer to Han Sen, which almost made him scream out and call for aid. The effects of the red mushroom were too powerful. Zhu Ting was known to possess a strong will, but even he was eager to jump on top of a man for release. Given that, you might imagine the power of this mushroom.

Han Sen did not dare open his mouth or eyes. He was afraid that if he started talking, or even opened his eyes to look, his mind would forfeit all control to the l.u.s.t that was attempting to conquer his mind.

"Leave. Although I enjoy sleeping with women, I will only do it with the woman I love. I'm not entirely against consuming pills for added excitement, but shouldn't that be a woman's job? How can I eat them and suddenly be all l.u.s.ty? Leave. Leave. Get out of here! Get out of here, Yang Manli!" Han Sen's heart was encouraging itself to not give in, despite the rebellion of his mind.

But the woman continued to approach Han Sen, having seemed to discover that something was not quite right with Han Sen's behavior. She walked in front of Han Sen, trying to get a look at him.

The woman was drawing extremely near, and Han Sen could smell her. It was like his entire body was on fire and his nose was gus.h.i.+ng like a fountain.

Han Sen was fighting the desire to open his eyes, and he bit down on his teeth and kept them shut. He bit on his own tongue until it bled, hoping the addition of pain might help him beat back the l.u.s.t. Blood dripped from his lips.

The woman furrowed her brow, believing something had gone wrong with Han Sen's training. She suddenly thought that her uninvited entry was the catalyst for this apparent mishap of practice.

The woman bent over and reached out her hand to feel for Han Sen's pulse on his neck. She seemed eager to find out what had happened to Han Sen.

But when her delicate fingers touched Han Sen's neck, the floodgates of his mind were lost. It felt as if the fingers were bringing a fire, and it made Han Sen open his eyes.

A beautiful woman stood before him, and her body was incredibly refined. Her height was almost the same as Han Sen. She was wearing a tight white battlesuit. The curvatures of her thick, long legs, bubble b.u.t.t, and big b.o.o.bies were highlighted in the suit, perfectly sculptured, angled and curved to catch the attention of everyone, and get their hearts racing.

Her delicate face was as cold as it was elegant. It was the face of someone who was difficult to get close with.

The woman was directly in front of Han Sen, and her lips opened as if to say something.

But at this time, Han Sen couldn't hear a single thing. Although this woman did not look like Yang Manli, she was even more attractive, with a body and personality Han Sen favored even more. Han Sen lost all self-control.

An aura of utter evil shone in Han Sen's eyes. He reached out his hands and tried to grab the woman.

The distance was great enough that she was able to take a graceful step back to avoid his lecherous hands.

The woman's face did not change. She just looked at Han Sen with the strangest of stares.

But over the next second, her face warped. She could not believe Han Sen was coming after her.

The woman thought it would be impossible for him to do so, but he did. It wasn't long before her back was against a wall and there was nowhere else for her to go.

Han Sen blocked her every exit, and it was impossible for her to run away now. The woman became incredibly angry in her shock. She reached her hand out to hit Han Sen, but then quickly refrained. She knew she had disturbed his training and caused this predicament. Right now, his eyes were blood red, which more than suggested something was wrong. She pulled back her fist.

As soon as she hesitated, Han Sen grabbed on to the woman's battlesuit. Within moments, the battlesuit that had been designed to withstand bullets was ripped apart by Han Sen's l.u.s.t-fuelled hands. Her succulent pair of big white b.r.e.a.s.t.s were now on full display in front of him.

Han Sen threw himself on to the woman and pushed her against the wall. One hand was clutched one of her giant, which one hand could never hope to hold in its entirety, and his other hand reached down to squeeze her firm, bubbly b.u.t.t. Han Sen then brought down his lips to seal her own.

The woman opened her eyes wide, and her body froze. Within just a few seconds, her curvy, voluptuous body had been grabbed and touched all over by Han Sen.

A second later, her eyes were filled with the chaos-fire of hatred, and she looked at Han Sen a murderous eye. It was as if her entire body had entered berserk mode. Her body seemed to emit a purple light, and she took on the shape of a fairy.


A walloping knee drilled its way into Han Sen's stomach, which sent the h.o.r.n.y baboon flying across the room. Then the woman jumped up and struck Han Sen with her battleaxe-like legs while he was still airborne.

Before he could even hit the ground, she kicked him sideways again.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The beautiful legs had become frightening weapons that struck Han Sen around thirty times. And for the entire time he was beaten up, right, left, and even down, Han Sen did not touch the ground.

Her exposed b.r.e.a.s.t.s jumped and jiggled with every kick.

The woman knew that there was something wrong with Han Sen, however, which helped to calm her down somewhat. So, she used her hands to try to conceal her wobbling, jelly b.r.e.a.s.t.s.