Super Gene - Chapter 554: I Can Do It

Chapter 554: I Can Do It

Chapter 554: I Can Do It

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Han Sen looked at what Zhu Ting had brought with him. They were a few sheets of parchment, with words written upon them. Despite not being printed words, they were not handwritten, either; they looked as if they had been rubbed in.

"What is this?" Han Sen took a look at one of the papers. The words he read were as small as tadpoles, but they contained knowledge pertaining to Qi Gong.

There were three sheets of paper, each containing a separate paragraph that seemed to bear no relation to the others. Nor did the paragraphs look complete, as there seemed to be large chunks of content missing from the pages.

"Boss, do you like the hyper geno art featured in the papers?" Zhu Ting smiled.

"I can't read them," Han Sen said as he put the paper down, as the content only seemed to be a mishmash of texts that lacked cohesion. The words themselves were also complicated to understand, because they were archaic. He couldn't begin to understand what hyper geno art, if any, was contained in those pages.

"Boss, have you heard of the hyper geno art called Jade-Sun Force?" Zhu Ting asked, with a hint of mystery coating his words.

"No." Han Sen shook his head. The skill sounded an, but he had never heard of it.

"When you have some free time and return to the Alliance, why don't you browse the Skynet for information about this ability? If you like, we can then resume this discussion. Otherwise, I fear you won't believe me, no matter how much I praised this hyper geno art." Zhu Ting paused briefly, then continued. "My version is the real one; it stems from an ancient time. It was copied from a certain tablet and I can a.s.sure you that it is the real thing. It's good stuff."

Han Sen did not dismiss the idea; in fact, he rather liked it. He waited for Zhu Ting to depart, and when he did, returned to the Alliance. He wanted to find out more about this so-called "Jade-Sun Force".

The search engine quickly presented numerous articles. It looked as if it was a fairly popular hyper geno art. Han Sen picked a site at random.

"Do you want to stay long and hard? Do you want your partner or wife to moan and scream all night? Do you have problems staying hard or finis.h.i.+ng too soon? If you said 'Yes' to any of these, then the Jade-Sun Force is here for you. It will train you to become a man with a golden sword. You will soon be slaying your wife in bed, breaking her voice as she screams your name. What are you waiting for? Come order it today. Learn this and become a real man."

"What...?" Han Sen almost spat out the tea he was drinking. "What the h.e.l.l is this?" He clicked on another link, but that too offered to sell the same hyper geno art, one that was related to the suffering of an unhealthy kidney.

Han Sen quickly realized that this was indeed a famous hyper geno art. There were many different types of Jade-Sun Force on the Skynet, each having been slightly modified to suit the various needs of different people. It was not unlike the skill Panorama.

They were all mostly the same, though. The Jade-Sun Force was a hyper geno art that seemed to be designed for the strengthening of a person's kidney. But its versatility lent itself well to the aiding and correction of many different sicknesses and debilitations with could afflict men.

"What is wrong with this Zhu Ting? Do I look like I need this skill? I could do it with ten women in one night." Han Sen felt as if his very dignity had been slighted.

Even his disposition had taken a nasty blow - it was no wonder Zhu Ting had told him to check the hyper geno art out on his own.

"Besides, this cheap c.r.a.p is all over Skynet. There is no need for me to buy it, I can just find it. Who needs this c.r.a.p?" Han Sen felt personally offended.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Han Sen felt enraged, and swore that he would teach Zhu Ting a lesson he would not soon forget. He would teach him not to underestimate the abilities of his master. But while he resolved to do this, the communicator rang.

He accepted the call, and a beautiful image presented itself. It was Huang Fu Ping Qing.

"Sister, your beauty only increases as the days go by." Han Sen saw Huang Fu Ping Qing look both mature and attractive, and he couldn't help himself from complimenting her appearance as soon as he laid eyes on her.

There was no harm in offering compliments. Besides, she used to be of great aid to him.

Huang Fu Ping Qing looked happy, and her face bore the most incredible smile. But then she froze, looked past Han Sen vacantly and sighed.

"Did my face grow flowers?" Han Sen touched his face, wondering why she looked at him in the way she did.

"Little Brother must be tired these days." Huang Fu Ping Qing gave a strange look.

"My recent affairs have been tiring, and I've been constantly rushed off my feet." Han Sen answered her question casually, uncertain what she was wanting.

Huang Fu Ping Qing's expression was puzzling. After a moment, she said, "Although you are young, you should attend to your rest. Your body's health receives no reward from over-exerting itself."

Once she had said this, Huang Fu Ping Qing hung up.

"Is she insane? What was she even talking about?" Han Sen looked at his communicator and felt quite annoyed at the encounter, unsure what was wrong with her. She called him, spoke some inane blabber and then hung up. What could she have wanted?

Thinking of that, Han Sen turned around to look at his monitor. He froze.

"Do you want to stay hard and long? Do you...?"

The advert was still fully displayed, and he quickly understood what had happened. He understood why Huang Fu Ping Qing had acted strangely and hung up hurriedly.

"No. No!" Han Sen felt like he was in trouble, and frantically called up Huang Fu Ping Qing.

This was really bad. If she told people that Han Sen was unable to "perform" effectively, he couldn't imagine the embarra.s.sment. How would the girls he knew view him then? A chill ran down his spine just thinking about it.

Shortly after, the communicator was connected.

"Sister, listen to me! Let me explain..." Han Sen then tried to tell her why that advert had been on his screen.

But he had only spoken two sentences before Huang Fu Ping Qing responded by saying, "There is no need for you to explain your issue to me. I am not who you are. The woman from the Ji family is pretty, and you can do to her whatever you see fit. That has nothing to do with me."

She didn't give Han Sen the chance to explain, and hung up before he could start talking again. But then the communicator rang with someone else on the line.

Han Sen was getting frustrated, and wanted to call her back so he could explain. He was going to push the call b.u.t.ton, but his finger slipped to press "receive".

Ji Yanran's image appeared, and gave Han Sen a fright.

As Ji Yanran looked at Han Sen, she had a sweet smile. But that soon disappeared, as well.

Han Sen wanted to slap himself for having forgotten to close the advert again. He tried to explain, "Calm down, Yanran! It isn't what you think."

"I've found some time today, so that I may do it with you... but it's okay. It would be best if you go and train; I'll gladly wait for you to improve." Ji Yanran looked supportive.

Han Sen felt himself going mad. Just when he wanted to explain, he heard someone else calling her. Ji Yanran then said to Han Sen, "I'm going for a meeting; you should practice in the meantime. I won't disturb you. But make sure to get some rest."

"No, it's not like that! I can do it, I really can..." Han Sen wanted to explain, but she had already hung up.