Super Gene - Chapter 553: The Legendary Man on the Ice Fields

Chapter 553: The Legendary Man on the Ice Fields

Chapter 553: The Legendary Man on the Ice Fields

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The BlackG.o.d's Shelter had had a change in owners.h.i.+p in the span of a single night. This was news that startled many.

The BlackG.o.d Shelter also changed its name, becoming the G.o.ddess Shelter. The same also applied to the smaller branches of the BlackG.o.d Shelter, so that they too adopted the new name of G.o.ddess Shelter.

No one was entirely sure what happened, and why everything had suddenly changed.

Many people wanted to confirm the rumors for themselves. If anyone knew an evolver from what was previously known as the BlackG.o.d Shelter, they could quickly find the answers they sought.

And now, the name of Han Sen had spread to every corner of the ice fields during a single night.

"On the other side of Snow Mountain, BlackG.o.d brought with him 300 elite evolvers and six evolvers that had a fitness level of 100 to attack the G.o.ddess Shelter. When it was all over, Han Sen had managed to decapitate BlackG.o.d by single-handedly breaching the protection provided by his army. Then they took over each and every BlackG.o.d Shelter overnight!"

"Did you know that Han Sen is eight feet tall, and his waist is eight feet wide, too? He has the strength of a monster! BlackG.o.d brought 3000 elite evolvers with him, and they battled together for three days and three nights. And guess what? Han Sen didn't even get a scratch."

"Are you sure? I heard it was an army of 30,000 that set out to attack Han Sen. And he effortlessly killed 10,000 people, which turned the rivers red with blood. The corpses, when stacked together, formed an entirely new mountain; and that was after filling a canyon. When it was all over, everyone in the BlackG.o.d army was killed, which led to the BlackG.o.d Shelter surrendering."

"What are you guys talking about? Han Sen is an extremely beautiful woman."

"I don't believe it! How can Han Sen be a woman? That's a man's name!"

"Well, you're missing something, either way. You see, there was a really touching story in the midst of everything. And it was all about me. Han Sen and I used to be neighbors, and not many people know about this, but back in the day..."

The legends that surrounded Han Sen, out on the ice fields, quickly spiralled into madness. But despite the constant additions to the tales that were told, one thing remained constant: Han Sen had been able to bring down the BlackG.o.d Shelter in one night.

The real warriors, like Li Xing Lun and Brother Philip, upon hearing the news, found it difficult to believe what had happened. It was more shocking for them to hear that than if Han Sen had managed to slay 30,000 evolvers with a single slap.

Killing people was easy but taking over territory was incredibly difficult. And to hear that Han Sen had managed to take over all the territory BlackG.o.d previously owned was quite frightening.

The reason why Han Sen had been able to effortlessly take owners.h.i.+p of the BlackG.o.d Shelter was the aid given to him by Tang Zhenliu.

Tang Zhenliu used to say that if Han Sen managed to kill BlackG.o.d, then he would be able to easily take over his power.

Han Sen had simply decided to try it. He had then asked Tang Zhenliu for a.s.sistance. If Tang Zhenliu was able to do it, then Han Sen would have no issue with claiming owners.h.i.+p of the BlackG.o.d Shelter.

If Tang Zhenliu could not do it, then he would at the very least resort to ransacking and taking what he could from the place. Without enough people to take over a shelter, it would be a demanding task, but looting the place could be fruitful.

In the end, Tang Zhenliu really did manage to take care of the people who had previously supported BlackG.o.d. They drew a line and allowed Han Sen to take complete owners.h.i.+p of the BlackG.o.d Shelter.

Li Xing Lun and Brother Philip were now on their way to the BlackG.o.d Shelter, to confirm with their own eyes the news they remained skeptical about. The original possessors of the BlackG.o.d Shelter were there, unharmed, now following the leaders.h.i.+p of Han Sen. They may not have been harmed, but they looked dazed by what had happened.

Han Sen did not plan on uniting the ice fields, for doing so would benefit him. After all, the people he had were not from his party, and he did not have enough of his own men to control all the shelters in the ice fields.

Now, what Han Sen wanted the most was to find a way to group up with Li Xing Lun and Brother Philip to attack the royal shelter, in an alliance composed of the three of them. It would be impossible for him to do it alone, after all.

Li Xing Lun and Brother Philip were relieved that Han Sen was not interested in becoming a self-imposed king of the ice fields.

Taking over the BlackG.o.d Shelter had presented him with many benefits, however. Not only would he receive income from the BlackG.o.d Shelter, he would even obtain the swathes of information and intelligence that the BlackG.o.d Shelter held in its possession.

There were many sacred-blood cla.s.s creatures residing across the ice fields. Although the BlackG.o.d Shelter could not eliminate them, their record-keeping housed a great deal of useful information on them.

Such information had cost many their blood, sweat and tears. It had cost the lives of many to collect. The effort taken by many generations to collect such intelligence was plain to see. It would have taken countless years for a sole person to collect and store such knowledge.

"It looks like the ice field is home to many sacred-blood creatures. It would also appear that we lack the sufficient resources for their elimination." Han Sen browsed the scope of the information and decided to hunt a few to see whether he could capture a few more beast souls.

Even though he had learnt the Dual skill, he still required two sacred-blood beast soul swords. Otherwise, it would not matter how strong his skill was; it would have been impossible for him to battle the Twin Spirit and emerge victorious with mutant beast soul swords. His weapons paled in comparison to their lethal rapiers.

But after Han Sen had studied the information for a little while longer, the sacred-blood creatures had him blurting out the impression he had formed of them. "Strong."

That was to be expected, of course. If they had been easy to kill, then BlackG.o.d would have slain them already. The ones that still drew breath did so, because they could not be killed. They had to be terrifically fierce and powerful foes.

Han Sen looked left and right, surmising that each of them would prove a difficult catch. But before he went to fight one, he wanted to study and learn about as many as he could.

Amidst the records detailing the sacred-blood creatures, Han Sen came across one that would yield him a sacred-blood beast soul sword.

This was a silver-eye ice snake king, and its group was huge. There were original, mutant and sacred-blood variants on offer, but the latter beast soul could provide a silver-eye ice snake sword beast soul.

As Han Sen checked the information he had on the sword, his desire to kill the sacred-blood silver-eye ice snake king increased.

But the silver-eye ice snake king lived out in the ice valleys. The landscape there was dangerous, and it would be difficult for him to bring an army over such a great and perilous distance. The group was huge, also, consisting of at least 10,000 of the snakes.

And the powers of the snakes were substantial. They had silver scales that were icy - sacred-blood weaponry would have a difficult time piercing their flesh and inflicting damage. Their attacking power was fierce, as well, and their toxic teeth could bite through sacred-blood s.h.i.+elds. And they could fly.

Across the BlackG.o.d Shelter's history, attempts to slay the beasts had been recorded. BlackG.o.d himself had tried once, but he and his people had failed. No matter what they tried, none were able to slay the silver-eye ice snake king.

Han Sen was still considering how he might slay such a beast when he saw Zhu Ting. He was smiling at him, and then he came over, saying, "Leader, you still aren't resting?"

"No, why? What's wrong?" Han Sen smiled back at Zhu Ting. So far, he had been as honest as could be, and had done nothing in defiance of Han Sen. If this behaviour continued, then he was willing to keep him in the G.o.ddess army.

"I have something for you, but I am not sure if you are interested." Zhu Ting pulled out what he had, and carefully showed it to Han Sen.