Super Gene - Chapter 555: Frottage

Chapter 555: Frottage

Chapter 555: Frottage

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"Zhu Ting, I'm not done with you!" Yelling continued to erupt from inside the room.

Because Ji Yanran had to have a meeting, she turned off her communicator. In a frenzy, Han Sen ran to the teleporter and returned to the shelter. "Zhu Ting, you son of a troll! Come out here!"

"Boss, what is it?" Zhu Ting left his room and couldn't help but notice Han Sen's soured expression. Zhu Ting turned and attempted to leave in a hurry, but Han Sen made sure to block his escape.

"Zhu Ting, you and your dreadful Jade-Sun Force... does it look like I need that sort of thing? My kidney is stronger than that of a t.i.tan! When I get hard, I sometimes scare myself!" Han Sen scowled at Zhu Ting with dagger-eyes, and gritted his teeth.

Zhu Ting felt a chill run down his spine. With a forced smile, he said, "Boss, please don't get mad! This isn't what you think."

"Then what is it?" Han Sen looked at Zhu Ting with murder in his eyes.

Zhu Ting was genuinely afraid that Han Sen was going to beat him, so he raised his hands against Han Sen's chest while trying to explain as quickly as he could. "This Jade-Sun Force does improve a man's... manliness, but that isn't the only thing that it does. Although using the Jade-Sun Force could allow a man to do it ten times without getting tired, a man such as you can already do that, surely. The benefit you can seek from the Jade-Sun Force would not concern this."

"Of course, I can do that." Han Sen's face was starting to appear a little calmer.

"The Jade-Sun Force's primary function is to strengthen a person's kidney. The kidney is a core organ of the human body, so its strengthening would yield benefits to your stamina, vitality and power. What I presented to you was the real thing, taken from the Jade-Sun Tablet - it's not some c.r.a.ppy product you can order from a sleazy Skynet site. If you learn this hyper geno art, you wouldn't even get winded after traveling a thousand miles in a single day," Zhu Ting explained.

"Pfft. You sure make it sound revolutionary. I'd wager it's not any different to those rubbishy mail-order products on Skynet," Han Sen said.

"It's not the same, I a.s.sure you," Zhu Ting said. "When the Jade-Sun Tablet was unearthed, a great many people desired it. After much quarrelling, it was broken. The tablet, as it once existed, can no longer be seen. However, a few copies of the original tablet do remain. I possess one such copy."

"There are countless copies already posted across the Skynet. What makes yours so special?" Han Sen thought Zhu Ting was playing him.

It did not matter whether or the teachings of a hyper geno art were a copy or not, all that mattered was whether the content within the copy was correct.

"Boss, this Jade-Sun Force is different. There are many different versions out there on the Skynet, each retailer possessing their own. They each provide different effects, and many can be negative. Those on the Skynet can only make you a little stronger." After a brief pause, Zhu Ting continued, "The original variant of this skill is quite amazing. Although many people know its content, people have interpreted it in different ways. What matters, however, are the words inside."

"Why? What about them?" Han Sen was now curious.

"The words that come straight from the tablet possess a curious mystical quality. Although the contents are mostly the same, reading these words will endow you with a Jade-Sun Force that isn't like the ones that are regularly taught. The original copy would indeed provide you with a special result. You may struggle to believe me, but I am telling you the truth; it could be a great boon for you."

Han Sen picked up the papers, read them and felt no different.

"Zhu Ting, be honest. Are you trying to lead me on right now?" Han Sen was getting concerned, and starting to truly believe that Zhu Ting was just pulling his leg. Perhaps the papers were nothing special.

"No, no! I copied this one myself. The real stuff is too precious. I was just worried that you'd destroy the parchments in a rage, if I hadn't been able to talk about this properly and explain it. I brought you a fake version, but if you really want it, I can provide you the genuine copy," Zhu Ting said quickly.

"Give me the real thing. But if I find out you have lying to me this entire time, do not blame me for being cruel to you." Han Sen stared at Zhu Ting with fierce eyes.

"Boss, if I give you the genuine Jade-Sun Force, could we do so in a trade? I would like to request a few Berserk mutant beast souls in exchange for this teaching." Zhu Ting looked at Han Sen hopefully.

"I'd have to consider it. Let me see what you have first," Han Sen said coldly.

Zhu Ting dared say nothing further. He went to retrieve the proper copy. He returned after a while, bearing a small safebox.

He placed the receptacle in front of Han Sen. He opened it carefully and brought out the genuine copy, which he then carefully placed on the table.

"Boss, see? I promised you that it was different to the last one I showed you." Zhu Ting spoke with renewed confidence.

Han Sen studied the new one that Zhu Ting had brought out. Its mere presence felt different to look upon, but he couldn't quite tell in what way.

He then took the three fake copies in one hand, and the real one in the other. He read them all side-by-side.

The words were the same, and so was their color. But seeing the genuine thing, there really was a feeling you couldn't quite put your finger on. Any real hyper geno arts always permeated its nearby atmosphere with a mystic hue, after all.

"See, Boss? I told you I wasn't lying," Zhu Ting smiled.

"There are some slight, noticeable differences." Han Sen stared at the real copy multiple times, trying to identify the strange feeling it was giving him.

"It's not just a little different - the differences are staggering! Since the Jade-Sun Tablet was destroyed, these legitimate copies have become the most treasured of articles. If you want to learn the proper Jade-Sun Force, it's through the use of these that you can achieve it. The replicas over on Skynet are useless. Even if they did provide an advantage, it would be nothing a balanced diet and a few sit-ups could get you. Believe me, if you want to learn the Jade-Sun Force, these are exactly what you need!" Zhu Ting continued to wax lyrical over the greatness of the copies he owned.

"How would you like to trade, then?" Han Sen averted his gaze when he asked Zhu Ting this.

"Five parchments compose the entire copy. How about one page for two Berserk mutant beast souls?" Zhu Ting did not have to consider this for long, having prepared to make this exact offer.

"Are you insane? You want to own ten of my Berserk mutant beast souls for this piece of c.r.a.p?" Han Sen's eyes were wide open, flabbergasted at Zhu Ting's proposition.

"But this is the real..." Zhu Ting tried to say, but he was cut off.

"--Three Berserk mutant beast souls and two ordinary mutant beast souls. That is all I will offer you for this thing. Take it or leave it - the choice is yours."

"Boss, please! Please give me more. This is a one-of-a-kind artefact. You won't find anything else like this across the entire universe!" Zhu Ting looked upset at his plight.

"That's all I can offer. If you don't like it, lump it." Han Sen turned to leave. He only had that much to offer on-hand right now, but his counter-offer was mostly driven by a desire to prevent too many Berserk beast souls be available amongst the populace.

"Fine. Three Berserk, and two ordinary ones. I accept." Zhu Ting clenched his teeth as he agreed to Sen's offer.

Han Sen glanced over the doc.u.ments he was about to receive in exchange, to ensure there were no problems or tricks to hand. He then sealed the deal.

Han Sen turned and walked on a few steps. But he then turned around and asked Zhu Ting, "Once I have learnt this, can I truly take on ten people at the same time?"