Super Gene - Chapter 552: Killing the Boss Amidst a Thousand Soldiers

Chapter 552: Killing the Boss Amidst a Thousand Soldiers

Chapter 552: Killing the Boss Amidst a Thousand Soldiers

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Han Sen was in the air, and had raised his feet as if to tread invisible stairs. His body that had looked set to descend began rising up once more, and like an airborne projectile, he was homing in on BlackG.o.d once more.

Everyone was astounded. The ability to obtain power from the air and enable a person to leap again was extraordinary. People didn't believe their eyes.

Treading Cloud from the Chan family, although not as effective as Seven Twists which borrowed strength from the air itself seven times, was enough for Han Sen to reach BlackG.o.d.

BlackG.o.d was a hard, tough person. Seeing Han Sen fly towards him, he knew that it was now too late for him to turn back. He might be afraid, but still, he shouted and took on the appearance of an ape, wildly slas.h.i.+ng in his opponent's direction.

"Die!" BlackG.o.d screamed. His black longsword disappeared at the speed of light, and re-appeared directly in front of Han Sen's face.

He cast Tornado Knife twice as quickly. Through the power granted to him from his simian transformation, his power had reached such an unbelievable height that the stroke of his sword was too fast to be witnessed by the human eye.


Seeing his black sword appear so close to Han Sen's beautiful Apollo-like face, BlackG.o.d suddenly felt a numbness in his arm. The arm that held the sword could no longer be controlled, and he watched as it flew upwards. The sword nicked Han Sen's face, and drew a shallow rivulet of blood. A few strands of golden hair were also cut, and were carried off in the wind.

Han Sen used his fist to block BlackG.o.d's Tornado Knife, though none could see how, due to the speed at which events were happening.

Almost at the same time, Han Sen's other hand performed a totally different action. His hand took the shape of a blade, and shone like a bolt of lightning. Without warning, it swept forward like the attack of a ghostly

BlackG.o.d wanted to pull back his arm and attack again, but he noticed his vision begin to fade.

Han Sen's face looked further away, and he felt as if he was flying, joining Han Sen in the air.

To BlackG.o.d this all felt bizarre. In his vision, he now saw a familiar body, plated in black armor. The body was sitting upon a black wolf, but it lacked a head. From the stump of the body's neck, a fountain of blood spurted out.


BlackG.o.d was horrified, his eyes almost leaping from their sockets. The mouth was wide open, and blood gushed out. The area was soaked in ruby-rich blood.

The battlefield went quiet. Everyone's eyes were now fixed on the airborne head, and they all looked astounded, unable to fathom what they were seeing.

The master of the BlackG.o.d Shelter; the strongest man on the ice fields; the warrior who possessed the disappearing demon knife.

His head had been cut off by a hand stemming from the middle of his army's formation. Everyone was rattled, distraught. As if they had all been frozen, all they could do was stare at the blonde man who looked like a G.o.d.

Venturing into the battle alone, and slaying the leader BlackG.o.d, amidst his hundreds of men, so easily, Han Sen had now enough of a reputation to instil fear into all who heard his name. The warriors still on the battlefield believed him to be a demon or G.o.d, and they quickly surrendered.

"No... No way!" Zhu Ting's mouth hit the ground, and try as he might, could not close it.

Out of the six evolvers with a fitness level of over 100, and the 237 elite evolvers present, none had been able to stop Han Sen. They had practically allowed him to sever the head of an evolver that was over 100 with his bare hands. No one could believe what they were seeing.

Yang Manli's face was red with excitement, and her beautiful eyes sparkled. Her heart was pumping like mad. Even she could hardly believe Han Sen had been able to kill BlackG.o.d in such a fas.h.i.+on, in such a desperate situation. The formation that had faced him had been almost nothing to him. He had just waved his hand and ripped the head off, quick and clean, smooth as b.u.t.ter.

"Such unbelievable power! No wonder he is an heir of Coach Han." Uncle Qing looked bewildered as he spoke.

The people wanting to open the gate were flabbergasted. They could not believe Han Sen had able to run up to such a mighty elite, surrounded by his great army, and slay him like so. Within two to three minutes, it was all over.

Those few people felt a chill a.s.sault their necks, and they couldn't help but run their fingers around it. They felt that when Han Sen came back, and found out how they had behaved, they'd all be headless within a few seconds.

Many people started running towards the teleporter, consumed by fear. Han Sen had managed to hack someone's head off as if it were a game, in the midst of a huge battle. The moaners lacked the protection of the army, and neither were they elite evolvers that might have been able to fend for themselves. Their legs were turning to jelly as they made off to the teleporters.

Many tripped over themselves before they reached the teleporter, and it was an comical sight to see them act like buffoons, all desperately attempting to clumsily escape.

It would be a long time before any of them dared show their face at that shelter again. It would be no surprise if the sight of a b.l.o.o.d.y, airborne head haunted their dreams as a ghastly reminder of what transpired that day, either.

The six supreme evolvers remained frozen. They had witnessed many strong people in their time, but this was unlike anything they had ever seen before. One single man, targeting the head of his opposition like a rocket, had managed to dance and weave through an army to get to his objective. Their army.

Their hearts were chilled, and they abandoned all thoughts of fighting. They may have followed the command of BlackG.o.d, but they only did so due to the Alliance sending them into his service. They had no great fondness of him.

But now BlackG.o.d had quite literally lost his head, they no longer felt obliged to fight for him. Their minds kept flas.h.i.+ng back to the sight of Han Sen dodging and prancing past their entire forces to slay BlackG.o.d, and as these images recurred, chills ran down their spines.

The six had stayed put, and the ordinary evolvers didn't move either. Already, their minds raced with the thought of fleeing the scene.

"Han Sen, we only took orders from BlackG.o.d," one evolver spoke out amidst the silence. "We followed his command - that was it. We have no personal desire for conflict with you. Right now, BlackG.o.d is dead and there would be nothing to gain from further combat. Can we end it all now and call for a truce?"

"Whoever attacks my shelter is an enemy; my enemies are not for you to determine," Han Sen coldly said.

"If we fight for our lives, you might not have the advantage," another elite said. Still, his voice trembled with the obvious desire to flee and not be forced to engage with Han Sen.

"Since you are here, then you must have your answer. If you fight, we fight until the last man is standing. If not, then you will join my G.o.ddess army. You will follow me as I lead an a.s.sault to destroy the BlackG.o.d Shelter. This will make you a soldier of the G.o.ddess army." Han Sen looked at them gleefully.

"Um..." The evolvers sounded as if they were hesitating. They were already frightened, and seeing the G.o.dly-looking Han Sen, the last thing they wanted was to fight him. Although there were 200 evolvers with them, they still didn't feel safe.

But to surrender to him and take down the BlackG.o.d Shelter, they were afraid whether their main leader back in the Alliance would let them go so easily.

"I know the person called Dong Lin. After you return, you can register with me," Han Sen already knew much of the BlackG.o.d's dealings and affairs from Tang Zhenliu, so knew enough to make this suggestion.

Hearing this, they no longer hesitated. True or false, Han Sen had already given them a reason not to fight. Stricken with fear, the last thing they wanted to do was battle.

"We are willing to join the G.o.ddess Shelter and follow your lead," numerous evolvers spoke in unison.

The people in the G.o.ddess Shelter were amazed, as all of this was happening so quickly. They had been l.u.s.ting for their blood a few minutes prior, and yet here they were now, yielding to the command of Han Sen.

In their eyes, the power of the BlackG.o.d army was still strong. It was not as if they could fight back, so why would they so readily concede?