Super Gene - Chapter 551: Coldness

Chapter 551: Coldness

Chapter 551: Coldness

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Ever since Han Sen began learning the Dongxue Sutra, his perception had heightened. When he entered "Ultimate Breath" mode, the cells in his body were able to breathe freely, independently from the nose and lungs. This made Han Sen special.

Previously, his breathing rhythm had affected his performance and his ability to channel power. But now, with Han Sen able to forget his concerns about breathing and not become winded, he was much freer.

Through this curious talent he had learned through the Dongxue Sutra, his ability to survey and a.s.sess a field of battle had been greatly improved, and he could perceive every little happening.

Not a single movement and not a single drawing of breath could now escape Han Sen's attention. Without needing to attend to his own bodily rhythms, he could work his way around everyone else's.

Even if he was surrounded, he could weave in and out between potential oppressors. Every step he took was in-between someone's blind spot - he could swerve into places they could not reach, take advantage of a sole misplaced footstep, and manipulate enemies to exhaust their powers.

It was an incredible rush for Han Sen to be able to do these things. It was as if he had entered G.o.d Mode. With his great ability to perceive unfolding events, it was as if he was watching battles from high above.

If he was once a chess piece, he had now become the player himself. Everything had fallen under his control.

The six evolvers were now extremely frustrated. They had been trying to stop Han Sen's advance, but wherever he stepped was the exact spot that was the most unfavorable for them. When one evolver believed his colleague should be stepping in to stop Han Sen, the other would be thinking the same. When no move was made by either, Han Sen was already leaving them in the dust.

It was incredible to see, as if the six evolvers were secretly aiding Han Sen.

But this was the advantage and benefit the Dongxue Sutra gave its learners. Everything was as clear as gla.s.s, and each situation could be read like a book. The sutra offered the powers of G.o.ds and demons and whoever became a surpa.s.ser would receive them.

Han Sen still hadn't reached the level of surpa.s.ser, but that didn't matter at this instant. His opponents were weaker than he was, which meant he could read their mind with ease. As a result, he was unstoppable.

Seeing that six elites were unable to stop Han Sen's advance, a chill ran down BlackG.o.d's spine.

BlackG.o.d's sworn foe was entirely different from the last time he fought him, and as he drew nearer, BlackG.o.d began to feel a wicked fear take hold.

"Kill him!" BlackG.o.d shouted. As he did, BlackG.o.d fell back. He had no idea why, but as he looked into the eyes of his fierce, lone attacker, a chill fell upon him. He started falling back even further. He did not dare to engage Han Sen in direct, one-to-one combat.

The 237 evolvers were heavily armed, and they worked together to surround Han Sen. They presented a wall of spears, facing Han Sen like the craggy peaks of a mountain range. The points of the spears joined together like a trapping net, and moved up and down like the roll of an ocean's waves. It looked as if they could shatter stone if they so chose.

The people back in the G.o.ddess Shelter were shocked. It appeared that the BlackG.o.d army possessed talent and a unified strategy; they weren't a group composed of throwaway mercenaries and sell-swords. To take a formation such as this was not something any ordinary regiment could do. It was obvious they had received much rigorous training; otherwise, such seamless co-operation could not be possible.

Yang Manli was waiting alongside her team, watching the field with shredded nerves. With the killing abilities they appeared to possess, victory over them was something not even a collection of hardened elites could pull off. Her anxiety over the well-being of Han Sen became even greater.

Han Sen was going up against a high-powered meat grinder; surely any attack would be hopeless - unless he had the power to turn the tables.

The evolvers in the BlackG.o.d army had impressive fitness levels, and with them co-operating like this, it would take a person whose level was many times higher to turn the tide against them. The enemy was like a well-oiled machine, cogs turning flawlessly without a single hitch; if Han Sen's speed and power weren't as great as it had to be, the machine could not be stopped.

Even if he was able to take a few of them out, there was a high probability of him being killed by others in the formation.

And Han Sen was not wearing any armor. His entire body was exposed and weak, so to believe he could survive a battlefield in such conditions was an extremely dangerous endeavor.

He was only wearing a traditional combat outfit that was standard-issue for the Alliance. But now suddenly Han Sen changed, as a red armor suddenly appeared to clothe his entire body. His short hair grew into a stream of long, blonde locks. His eyes sparkled with the color of gold and a ruby crown was lifted upon his head to decorate his new appearance.

After his sudden transformation into a Fairy Queen, the whole world seemed to slow down in Han Sen's vision. The spears that had been coming towards him like arrows had slowed to a crawl.

He danced like a b.u.t.terfly, or more menacingly like a wild bat in the dark. His body moved incredibly quickly, managing to weave its way between the swordsmen and their spears. He formed a gap between the ranks of the a.s.saulting formation, and after breaching through, ran towards BlackG.o.d.

Every evolver Han Sen pa.s.sed by possessed a confusion in their heart.

The position Han Sen chose to breach was strange to them. It looked as if he were going to go in another direction, but when they turned to look, he was back where he had started. Whenever they wanted to strike, Han Sen was already gone.

With these G.o.dlike powers possessing his body, he was unstoppable.

The evolvers on the battlefield felt hopeless and frustrated.

BlackG.o.d's face looked like mud. He could not believe that his formation, composed of over 200 evolvers, was unable to prevent Han Sen's advance. And he was frightened.

Han Sen's power had reached such a degree that calling him "strong" was no longer fitting. He was almost inhuman.

"Kill him!" BlackG.o.d screamed as he continued to retreat. His heart felt as if it had been stabbed with ice. Han Sen's performance had been too frightening to watch, and still, BlackG.o.d lacked the courage to battle his most despised enemy.

The six evolvers from the front rushed back and caught up with Han Sen who was now just beyond the formation and going for BlackG.o.d.

Their spears were like wretched dragons and their swords were like soaring eagles.

There were two elites now blocking Han Sen's way - the two from the army. They knew they had to capture their foe.

But no matter how strong Han Sen was, he was alone. Under the strenuous pressure of the formation, it was only a matter of time before he grew tired.

But if Han Sen was able to rush forward and slay BlackG.o.d, then the army would be crushed. It would be hopeless without a leader.

Han Sen leaped into the sky and danced across the swords and spears of his enemies, before jumping towards BlackG.o.d.

"Kill him!" BlackG.o.d's face was as white as a marble, and terror coated his words.

The four evolvers were glad, for their beast soul weapons were now targeted on Han Sen from four different directions. Now that Han Sen was in the air, the only way he could avoid capture was if he suddenly sprouted wings and began flying.

But Han Sen did not sprout wings, and so they approached him.

Seeing Han Sen starting to descend, the swords and spears readied to join him. Alongside the four evolvers, many more were prepared to skewer Han Sen on his landing. He would truly be helpless if he fell into their trap.