Super Gene - Chapter 550: Solo Assassin

Chapter 550: Solo Assassin

Chapter 550: Solo

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Yang Manli was unnerved. The forces of the BlackG.o.d Shelter were mighty, with seven elites with over 100 sacred geno points. Not to mention their reserves of an additional 200 troops that were branded as powerful evolvers, as well. The combined forces that had set out to attack them were much too strong for the G.o.ddess Shelter to repel.

If Han Sen was going to concede, Yang Manli didn't know what to do; she'd be uncomfortable, and most likely upset, too.

Uncle Qing had a puzzled expression, as he watched Han Sen venture towards the enemy, all alone. He looked to be deep in thought.

Zhu Ting took a step backward. If things went badly, he was ready to run.

Zhu Ting thought to himself, "Han Sen, this isn't about me being disloyal. It's just that the enemy is too strong, and if I do run, it's so I can live to fight another day. It would be to reclaim this place in the future."

Han Sen was now standing a mere ten meters from BlackG.o.d. He looked at him and said, "BlackG.o.d, how dare you show yourself to my shelter? Have you forgotten how brutally beaten you were, following our last duel?"

"To lose is no shame, but only the truest of victors gets the last laugh; and that will be me!" BlackG.o.d sneered. "I admit that you possess great individual power, but this is no longer a duel. If you surrender now, I will spare your life. If you refuse to concede, then take one last look at those in your command. They, as well as you, will be slain."

"I a.s.sume you are relying on the strength provided by these people behind you, those that are in your service." Han Sen gave the evolvers that were lined up behind BlackG.o.d another look.

"Yes. I have six evolvers that have over 100 sacred geno points and 237 evolvers that have more 60 sacred geno points. Destroying your shelter will be easy," BlackG.o.d said with disdain.

Murmurs of concern could be heard from the G.o.ddess Shelter. At first, only Uncle Qing, Yang Manli and Zhu Ting could understand the strength and power that BlackG.o.d commanded before their gates; but hearing what BlackG.o.d had said, the rest of the populace was beginning to understand, too. To know that there were six evolvers with over 100 sacred geno points and 237 evolvers with over 60 sacred geno points were preparing to descend upon them made the people rightly fearful.

In the G.o.ddess Shelter, there were only about ten people with a fitness level above 60. Han Sen was the sole figure known to be over 100.

But now, their opponents had seven with over 100. The power gulf was too large to bridge.

"That means we have to fight today then, does it not?" Han Sen's face remained impa.s.sive, as he waited for BlackG.o.d to speak.

"Kneel to me, plead before me for forgiveness over your sins and transgressions and then give me your shelter. Do this, and I will spare your life." BlackG.o.d's mouth curled in a sneer as he looked at Han Sen.

He was not willing to settle for the death of Han Sen today - he was determined to take owners.h.i.+p of the shelter. If he could force Han Sen concede, then he would not have to expend resources in claiming another shelter.

Han Sen laughed, and then said, "That's a shame."

Coldly, BlackG.o.d said, "And what is a shame, exactly?"

"Soon, you will find out that which you rely on is puny and ridiculous. It's a shame you won't be given the opportunity to laugh anymore." As Han Sen said this, his legs spurred up with the strength of triumphant stallion. He galloped towards BlackG.o.d.

"Is he crazy?!" the people screamed in the G.o.ddess Shelter. No one had expected Han Sen to charge at the BlackG.o.d army all by himself.

There were seven evolvers with over 100 sacred geno points, and over 200 elite evolvers that had over 60 sacred geno points. If BlackG.o.d's army was a formation of hefty rocks, the G.o.ddess Shelter was a basket of eggs. For Han Sen to rush into the enemy looked like a futile suicide mission.

"How dare you!" BlackG.o.d shouted. He lifted his black longsword to signal his six supreme evolvers to step forward, attempt to block Han Sen's coming, and to potentially surround him.

From what BlackG.o.d was seeing, he too now a.s.sumed Han Sen to be a suicidal maniac. This was bizarre, because he personally knew how powerful he was. Still, such power paled in comparison to that of a whole army.

No matter how strong someone was, in a battlefield that was comparable to a meat grinder, Han Sen was just a single soldier. For a confrontation such as this, BlackG.o.d believed it would all hinge on how a commander led his troops.

What BlackG.o.d was doing now was using his army to crush Han Sen.

Seeing Han Sen race towards the opposing forces alone, it wasn't just BlackG.o.d who thought he was being suicidal – everybody else was, too.

"Crazy… This man is crazy!"

"Wretched people meet a wretched fate; how unsurprising. Oh well, n.o.body told him to behave this way."

"We should open the gate while he is away and roll out the red carpet, give BlackG.o.d a proper welcome. You know, just in case they decide to kill us after they're done using Han Sen as a chew toy."

"Yes. Get that gate open. Let's welcome them in!"

A few commoners went out towards the gate and attempted to open it.

"I'll kill whoever gets close to this gate, you hear me!?" Yang Manli stared down those who had ventured forward, while bellowing at them.

The G.o.ddess army that was guarding the gate then turned around to raise their weapons at any would-be meddlers. Seeing them receive such a hostile reaction, the commoners became afraid, and stopped their approach.

"Vice-Leader Yang! Han Sen is rus.h.i.+ng out and welcoming his demise with open arms. There is no reason for you to die alongside him. We seek to open this gate for the benefit of everyone."

"Yes, Han Sen may not want to live, but we do!

"He is like an egg playing conkers with a stone. Oh, Vice-Leader Yang, you are so pretty. Do not squander your beauty like this."

Although they did not dare to march any closer to the gate, they were still willing to argue with Yang Manli.

"Instead of being this worried now, you should be more concerned about what will happen when we beat BlackG.o.d," Yang Manli stated coldly.

The commoners all felt a chill run down their spine, but one person dared to speak out in continued defiance. "Yang Vice-Leader, perhaps you are too hopeful. The BlackG.o.d army is too strong, and Han Sen is going to get himself killed. And now you think you can repel the march of their army? You are daydreaming!"

"That's right, you're just day-dreaming!" Many others agreed, most of them being those who had quit the G.o.ddess army.

Outside the gate, out on the battlefield, Han Sen was racing into the enemy's army. His hands were empty, having not summoned a single weapon. He did not even wear armor, either. He might as well have been naked.

The six evolvers instantly launched forwards to fight Han Sen. They wielded beast soul weaponry, and unleashed their evil powers as they leapt towards Han Sen.

But Han Sen was incredibly fast. And even at the high-speed he was going, he could take sharp turns without slowing down. He avoided two attacks that came towards him by quickly dodging left and right, then pushed on towards BlackG.o.d.

The four evolvers were alarmed at Han Sen's advance, and attempted to cut him down before he could come any closer.

But Han Sen possessed the agility of a bird, and to move as he did, while maintaining his furious speed, was almost like magic. Within a second, he had got past the four that had attempted to stop him.

He was unbelievably fast.

And he was unbelievably strong.

Not one of the six evolvers had managed to stop Han Sen. And now, this solo had nothing to stop him. Once he pa.s.sed the six evolvers, Han Sen advanced towards BlackG.o.d.

"Impossible!" BlackG.o.d was shocked. It hadn't been that long since their last match together, but his powers had increased immeasurably. With a speed like this, heaven knows how much better he was now.