Super Gene - Chapter 542: Suppress

Chapter 542: Suppress

Chapter 542: Suppress

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Han Sen looked at Xue Yi Yang, who bore the appearance of an ice demon. In his heart, he was shocked.

The skill that Xue Yi Yang had just used might have been Ice Skin, but it was obviously different from the one that Han Sen had learned.

Although the Ice Skin Han Sen learned was easier to train while in cold air, unless you could lower your body temperature by two or three degrees, it was nearly impossible to gather as much frosted air as he had.

If Xue Yi Yang could be described as ancient ice, Han Sen was cool jade by comparison. It was the same general hyper geno art, but it had been modified.

"You strike first. If I go first, you will not be given the opportunity to fight back." Xue Yi Yang looked at Han Sen coldly.

"Little Feng Feng, is Little Sen Sen going to make it? Although this Xue Yi Yan is rather annoying, his ice skills are truly powerful." Lin Wei Wei looked at Xue Yi Yan who was like an ancient iceberg and couldn't help herself from asking once again.

"He should be fine." Lin Feng merely smiled, not seeming to display the slightest hint of agitation. Although it had been a long time since he had last seen Han Sen, he had been informed of Han Sen's recent endeavors by Tang Zhenliu. Based on what he had heard, he did not think Xue Yi Yang would be able to beat him.

Han Sen didn't seem to do anything except watch. He couldn't tell whether or not Xue Yi Yang's Ice Skin was better than his or not. Because of this, he did not hold back. In a flash, his body began to s.h.i.+ne and crystallize.

"Little Sen Sen is quite good; has he managed to learn Nano Crystal at this age?" Lin Wei Wei was taken aback.

No matter how he looked, Han Sen was still only around 20 years old. To learn Nano Crystal at such a young age was impressive because it generally took decades to learn it through a hyper geno art. The talent he possessed was quite surprising.

"He actually learned Nano Crystal? This man really is something."

"This can't be real. How old is he? How has he learned Nano Crystal?"

"Yes, Nano Crystal is a lower-tier Qi Gong, but his talents are scarily good to have already learned it by his age."

"No wonder he's a friend of Lin Feng. He is frighteningly talented!"

"Which is stronger? Nano Crystal or Ice Skin?"

"According to current theory, there is a big difference between the two. Han Sen's Nano Crystal has already been made, however. I am only afraid that the Ice Skin Xue Yi Yang has learned is something recent and not fully developed. It's impossible to tell who will emerge victorious."

People from across the four families were discussing with ravenous interest the events unfolding before them. There was a man who looked quite similar to Xue Yi Yang sitting in a corner and coldly looking at the stage, devoid of emotion.

"Xue Yi Kuang, your brother is an opponent in this battle." Next to this cold-looking man, a bookwormish sort explained the situation.

"The only opponents that the Xue family have are other members of the Xue family," Xue Yi Kuang said, not much caring for what the other person said. His confidence was enough to suffocate those in his presence.

"Really?" The bookwormish man smiled but said nothing more.

Han Sen did not say anything. He just raised his fist and threw a punch, trying his hardest, knowing that Ice Skin was highly powerful. When going against the Xue family, he did not dare to underestimate the talents of his enemy. In each attack, he gave his all.

His heart was jumping and thumping like an over-active generator, and the body that looked like crystal was annihilating the atmosphere around him. The sound of crackles, bursts, and bangs erupted from the air being pummelled near the human machine.

Xue Yi Yang's eyes went cold, and from the corner of his lips, a devilish smile arose. He cast an icy tornado that had the power to freeze the world and sent it hurtling towards Han Sen's fists.


Two fists collided, and the air at their meeting thundered. The air was swirling all about in distress, but neither of the fighters moved. The punch resounded with a boom. But after a second, Xue Yi Yang's face changed. Blood dribbled from the corner of his lips.

Everyone was aghast at the sight. No one would have expected one punch to injure Xue Yi Yang.

Han Sen's eyes were still icy cold, and the fist was still pus.h.i.+ng through Xue Yi Yang's defenses. Xue Yi Yang screamed. He raised up his fist once more, but it lacked the strength of his first strike.

The fists collided once more, and Xue Yi Yang started to bleed from his nose now. He was getting beaten by Han Sen, and he had to take a few steps back to rebalance and gather his composure. Han Sen was like a crystal demon, suppressing his every attack. Now a barrage of fists came his way, and though he desperately tried to dodge them, every thrown fist found its target. Although he managed to use his arm to block the hits, the sheer power of his attack continuously pushed him back. The blood from his mouth continued to spill.

Everyone was frozen in their place, watching. No one had expected Han Sen to possess the power necessary to triumph over Xue Yi Yang, let alone beat him so badly that he couldn't even attempt to fight back. The scary shadow was like an ancient demon, and he had the power to instill fear in all who saw him.

The smile had quickly vanished from Ji Qing Qiu's face. She did not expect Xue Yi Yang to get beaten by Han Sen, let alone beaten so harshly. He was injured from the first punch, and after that had no chance to fight back. The hits kept coming until his defeat. And now, blood leaked from multiple orifices. Xue Yi Yang was still screaming, but none of his attacks could match up to his cries.

Ji Yanran was delighted. Although she had known Han Sen was very strong, even she did hadn't believed that he had the power to beat someone from the Xue family so ferociously.

"Wow, that is so strong! Where did this guy even come from? He can't be from a Qi Gong family."

"Is Nano Crystal really that powerful? Can it really suppress Ice Skin like that?"

"Awesome. That is so awesome!"

"The Ji family has an amazing addition..."

Xue Yi Kuang's eyes changed. He said two words: "Yin Force."

"This is an extremely powerful Yin Force. To have a Yin Force be practiced to such a terrifying degree, I am not sure any evolver can rival him," the bookworm said.

"Hmmm," Xue Yi Kuang said, then said nothing more. As he looked at Han Sen, a murderous glint entered his eyes.


Xue Yi Yang hopelessly accepted another punch. He felt his organs being pummelled and then felt as if his heart was ready to explode. He screamed again. His body began s.h.i.+ning, and to expand in size. All of a sudden, he had taken on the appearance of a red-eyed monster. After this all of his attacks had kept being suppressed by Han Sen, he had opted to use a beast soul.

Many people despised Xue Yi Yang's new tactic, but he was desperate. If he did not want to concede, his final hope was in the summoning of a beast soul.

Xue Yi Yang, through the addition of a beast soul, had increased his power by a great magnitude. His eyes were still incredibly cold, and he raised a fist towards Han Sen. Because his power had increased, the fist was able to teleport in front of Han Sen and prepare to sucker punch him with great force.

This rage-fuelled fist could not even be seen by the audience.


Han Sen did not change his expression and did not even look directly at the fist coming directly towards him. He simply raised up his right hand and pushed the incoming arm away from him.