Super Gene - Chapter 541: Xue Family's Ice Skin

Chapter 541: Xue Family's Ice Skin

Chapter 541: Xue Family's Ice Skin

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Ji Yanran sweetly called her "Sister Wei Wei", but in her heart she felt taken aback. The friends.h.i.+p between Lin Feng and Han Sen must undoubtedly be special, for Han Sen to make such a joke without Lin Feng getting mad.

Han Sen did not know much about Lin Wei Wei, though Ji Yanran did. Lin Wei Wei was Lin Feng's aunt. Before his own rise to fame, Lin Wei Wei was something of a prodigy herself. She was ten years older than Lin Feng, although that counted for little.

Lin Wei Wei was a renowned little minx, known to play with others and get them wrapped around her finger. In the past two years, however, she had been preparing her ascension as surpa.s.ser and maintained something of a low profile.

Although Han Sen did not know what Lin Wei Wei's t.i.tle had been in the past, if it was enough to drain Lin Feng of hope and happiness, he thought it best to remain in her good books and not do anything to displease her.

The four of them began to chat, and mostly ignored the presence of Xue Yi Yang and Ji Qing Qiu. Needless to say, this made Xue Yi Yang grumpy.

Every generation of the Xue family learned Qi Gong, and although you could not say they outright despised ordinary people, they would strictly judge others by their own high standards.

Xue Yi Yang approved of the speech made by Lin Feng, which is why he had invited him to join them. Han Sen was not from the Qi Gong bloodline and had not yet proved his worth, and it was because of this that he did not invite him along.

But now Lin Feng and Lin Wei Wei were treating Han Sen like a best friend, and Xue Yi Yang started to feel angry over being ignored.

Watching the four of them talk amongst each other, Xue Yi Yang and Ji Qing Qiu were unable to come in and join the conversation. Xue Yi Yang looked around and then said aloud, "Lin Feng's Qi Gong is quite excellent, and you are Lin Feng's best friend by the looks of things. I can only a.s.sume you are learning Qi Gong, as well. How about you and I duel?"

The people around Han Sen suddenly turned to look at Xue Yi Yang. Ji Qing Qiu quickly supported her boyfriend's proposal and commented, "To sit here is really quite boring. We should definitely show off Yanran's boyfriend to everyone."

Ji Qing Qiu did not believe Han Sen had even a remote possibility of beating Xue Yi Yang in a duel. Everyone in the Xue family had an elite status, and in Ji Qing Qiu's heart, only Lin Feng could possibly come close to rivalling the level of Xue Yi Yang out of the four families.

People like Han Sen had no hope of competing with Xue Yi Yang.

Ji Qing Qiu deliberately pointed out that Han Sen was Ji Yanran's boyfriend because she was afraid that people might not be made aware that it was her own boyfriend who was set to beat up the newcomer.

"If you want to have a duel, fight against me." Lin Wei Wei squinted her eyes but smiled with the radiance of flowers.

Xue Yi Yang frowned. Although he was confident of his own abilities, it would still going to take some time before he was close to becoming a surpa.s.ser. There was no way he could compete with Lin Wei Wei, who was close to becoming one herself.

"Sister Wei Wei, let the man do his thing. We are just pretty girls who shouldn't let them take advantage of us," Ji Qing Qiu smiled.

"Which family are you from? Do you not know who the boss is around here? Who do you think you are calling me sister? Are you not aware that I am Lin Feng's aunt? Judging from our comparative, familial tiers and ties, you should be calling me aunt. Are you silly or merely ignorant of the rules?" Lin Wei Wei really was a little demon girl, and her temper could change in an instant. In a second, her warm face and composure turned ice cold.

Ji Qing Qiu's face suddenly became bright red as she blushed hugely then felt like she wanted dig a hole and hide. She heard Ji Yanran call Lin Wei Wei 'sister' which is why she thought she could do the same. It did sound friendlier, after all.

Lin Wei Wei had already become sick and tired of Xue Yi Yang and Ji Qing Qiu, and so had no desire to be polite to them.

After seeing Ji Qing Qiu be humiliated in this fas.h.i.+on, Xue Yi Yang's face wholly changed. From his body came a frosty wind and biting chill, and an angry force swirled inside him. Everyone looking upon him turned cold.

"I told you - if you want to fight, you pick it with me." Lin Wei Wei cared little for his behavior, and she had already stood up and got ready to compete.

It was normal to witness duels take place during an exchange event, but what was happening here wasn't normal.

"Sister Wei Wei, allow me. She was right in saying you are a beautiful woman, but to battle with a little child would mean you are stooping to his low level." Han Sen now stood up, smiling at Lin Wei Wei.

Lin Wei Wei was shocked. She looked at Lin Feng, who nodded to her, and she then sat back down on the sofa. She said, "Little Sen Sen, I will be watching you."

The reason why Lin Wei Wei stood up for Han Sen was because she had seen that Xue Yi Yang only get angry with Han Sen over Lin Feng's friendliness towards him. Otherwise, she would not be helping a person she had just met. Now Lin Wei Wei was actually surprised to see Han Sen stand up for himself.

Ji Yanran was feeling nervous as she watched Han Sen and Xue Yi Yang depart for the battleground. Although Han Sen was a talented battler, he was going up against someone from the Xue family, so her anxiety was fully justified.

The Xue family, although they weren't very famous, were always full of pride and confidence in themselves. They were even quite arrogant. But the skills the Xue family possessed were powerful and justified their self-regard. One generation of the Xue family could account for the knowledge and power by three generations of another family.

These days, Qi Gong was becoming more and more important to the Alliance. It was extremely beneficial to the strengthening of one's genes. So, the Xue family was quite important to the cause. Had that not been the case, the Ji family wouldn't have wanted a marriage with the Xue family.

After hearing Xue Yi Yang's three speeches, everyone knew how powerful his Qi Gong must have been. No ordinary man could dare to oppose him.

"Little Feng Feng, can Little Sen Sen actually beat him?" Lin Wei Wei could tell that Xue Yi Yang was a formidable opponent and extremely talented, but she had no clue what to expect from Han Sen, a person she had just met.

Lin Feng quietly replied, "I don't know. But when he goes against those in his tier, he never loses."

After Lin Feng said that, it wasn't only Lin Wei Wei who looked surprised. All the other families were shocked, too. They did not expect Lin Feng to say something like that in such confidence, and their view of Han Sen now changed instantly.

Earlier, all they had known is that Han Sen was Ji Yanran's boyfriend. His lineage was not a.s.sociated with Qi Gong and even if he was a good friend of Lin Feng, they could not take him seriously.

No one would have guessed that Han Sen was to be the opponent of Xue Yi Yang. Although no one had seen Xue Yi Yang fight before, he was from the Xue family. The power he had with the Qi Gong had to undoubtedly be stronger than anyone he opposed.

But Lin Feng had surely spoken too strongly about Han Sen. Everyone's curiosity over the young man's ident.i.ty and talent therefore increased tenfold.

When Han Sen went on stage, he calmly looked at his opponent Xue Yi Yang. He had survived many life-or-death trials and experiences, and he cared little what he felt were trivial matters. As such, he was rarely angered by unpleasant words that might be spoken to him. But he really wanted to see if Xue Yi Yang had learnt Ice Skin and to see if it was any different to the one he had.

If the Ice Skin he possessed was discovered, he would undoubtedly become a personal enemy of the Xue family. Before such a thing could come to be, it would be best to gauge their power first.

Xue Yi Yang stood upon the battlefield, and the chill in his eyes solidified. His skin was like ice, and a frigid wind blew from his eyes. His whole body looked strange, as if he personified the entire concept of cold. He looked like a demon composed of ice, and the chill air that surrounded him frightened those that saw him.

Many of the people who saw him took a step back. They thought it safer if they maintained a greater distance from the battleground. In shock, they each said, "This must be the Ice Skin, modified from the Frost Sutra. It is really a secret codex unknown to our heritage, and too powerful for any of us to comprehend."