Super Gene - Chapter 543: Who Practiced the Wrong Thing?

Chapter 543: Who Practiced the Wrong Thing?

Chapter 543: Who Practiced the Wrong Thing?

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Xue Yi Yang's beast soul was a sacred-blood cla.s.s beast soul from the Second Shelter. After his transformation, his speed and strength greatly increased.

But, despite these improvements, they was clearly not enough for him to escape his predicament. If Han Sen's fist touched any part of his body, it would burst through and significantly damage his internal organs.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Fists collided in quick succession, but Xue Yi Yang, who had already transformed with the aid of a beast soul, was only beaten back further. Blood gushed from his nose, mouth and ears.

Everyone watching this was highly surprised. Xue Yi Yang was already using a beast soul and yet he was still being beaten badly. His opponent was truly frightening.

"How can he be so strong?"

"This man is terrifying! This guy is off the charts. He is using Nano Crystal to prevent Xue Yi Yang from fighting back; that's sick!"


To everyone's disbelief, Xue Yi Yang had already been pushed to the edge of the arena. His mouth was agape in rage and his face contorted to a look that refused to concede. But he just could not stand his ground against Han Sen's fists. His body was like an ice demon, but then another punch hit him. He went flying off the stage.


Xue Yi Yang was furious and his organs had received significant damage. Through overwhelming anger, his body had finally reached its tipping point, and he pa.s.sed out.

Han Sen did not take a look at his opponent, who was now being rushed to recovery. He left the stage and returned to where he had been sitting. The people in the Xue family weren't as strong as he had expected. Although Xue Yi Yang had learnt Ice Skin, there was something not quite right with his variant. It definitely did not come close to usefulness of Han Sen's Ice Skin.

The greatest benefit of Ice Skin was its ability to reinforce your body's bones and organs. That meant your internal organs would be as strong as your exterior. Despite Xue Yi Yang's use of Ice Skin, and subsequent reinforcement of his organs, they were still weaker than his exterior. That was the difference between his Ice Skin and the one Han Sen had learnt.

Han Sen did not know what was going on. If he had learned the wrong skill, that meant Xue Yi Yang's Ice Skin could end up greater than his. But, right now, it was clear that it wasn't. It was most strange.

But after all, it was just a duel in an exchange event. Han Sen had not fully exerted himself; if he had, all of Xue Yi Yang's organs would have been destroyed.

"Little Sen Sen, you are really good!" Lin Wei Wei smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

"It was only because that guy was so weak," Han Sen replied casually; but that was the truth. The Xue family was definitely not as strong as he had thought.

After the exchange event ended, they went inside the airs.h.i.+p.

The bookwormish man looked shocked at Xue Yi Kuang and said, "You did not do anything to Han Sen; that's not your style."

Xue Yi Kuang's jaw was sharp like a blade. His eyes were black like onyx, and just as cold. His long hair casually flowed down his shoulders. It was still tidy, and each strand was refined like ice.

"That was an exchange event. What difference does it make if I go out there and beat him up? He had hurt my family - beating him up would be too small a punishment. Help me check which shelter he comes from," Xue Yi Kuang said. His face displayed no emotion, and his manner could run chills down the hardiest of spines.

"The Second Shelter is too dangerous. Is it necessary for us to jump to another shelter to kill him?" the bookworm asked.

"Yes," Xue Yi Kuang said quietly.

The bookworm laughed and then started his search for Han Sen. Soon after, he sent his findings to Xue Yi Kuang's communicator. "Your luck is bad. He is in the ice field bordering the North Ice Sea. That place is too isolated. You would have to cross a great amount of large, barren landscapes to reach there. There are many spirit shelters."

"That's fine by me." Xue Yi Kuang replied. Then, he stepped inside a teleporter.

After Han Sen returned, he immediately started to learn the Dongxue Sutra. He was already a beginner in the practice, but that was all. It was still going to take him a long time to pa.s.s the first entrance and open his first gene lock.

In the exchange event, Han Sen had received many benefits. According to the Qi Gong that Lin Wei Wei discussed, Han Sen had to look back to the Ice Skin skill. He realized he should have already have opened his first gene lock.

Although Ice Skin was not as effective as the Dongxue Sutra, it still had nine tiers, only one less than the aforementioned sutra. According to what Han Sen had heard, if he had learnt the first tier, then he should have unlocked the first gene lock.

But Han Sen did not feel any different or special following his opening of the gene lock. Aside from being able to inhale frost air and to progress with Ice Skin more quickly, there was no sign of him being able to control the powers of the universe. This was unlike the tales of others who had opened their first gene lock.

Xue Yi Yang's Ice Skin had not even gone past the first tier, but his usage had already yielded large amounts of frost air. It seemed as if Xue Yi Yang had managed to break through the first tier, which would allow him to control the power of ice.

Han Sen had already ascended past the first tier but the results did not display the effects he had expected. This confused him, and it made him ponder whether he had learnt the wrong skill.

"Is it because I did not use the geno solution produced exclusively for Ice Skin?" Han Sen asked himself.

This was just one idea to pa.s.s through his mind. Although he did not have the power to control ice, he was still satisfied with his Ice Skin - particularly in the way it would reinforce his genes. Now that he had learnt the basics of the Dongxue Sutra, he was confident about learning it in its entirety.

Han Sen closed his eyes. His blood coursed through his body exactly as he wanted it to, and the cells in his body made happy noises. Even if it was for just a second, Han Sen's body was crystal clear, like jade. A pleasant scent permeated the air around him. The sound of his breathing was divine, coming in and out of his nose.

The blood flow in Han Sen's body steadily accelerated. It was as if his entire body had become a magnet, and a sparkling light was being drawn into his body. He was becoming transparent, and exuded a glorious light.

Slowly, his breathing began to weaken. The cells of his body started shrinking with his air intake.

If someone touched Han Sen's nose, they would be scared. He was no longer breathing at all, like a dead body.

Although no longer breathing, Han Sen did not feel unpleasant. The cells in his body possessed a strange strength that made him feel as if he was just a baby again. Inhaling fresh air and exhaling dirty air, his body became more and more transparent. The fresh scent of life now grew stronger, too.

One circle had been completed. Han Sen opened his eyes. His black eyes looked around, and he was overwhelmed by a blissful, magical feeling. The pleasant-smelling aura of his body began to leave. He felt as if he was ready to fly and launch straight towards the heavens.

"It really is a Qi Gong for Break Through the Vacuum, and yet it is just a beginner skill. I already feel as if I've been reborn. The cells in my body can freely breathe by themselves. No longer do I have to be afraid of running out of oxygen in deep waters." Han Sen's heart was overwhelmed with joy.

With this power, he could finally hunt creatures under the sea without fear of drowning.