Super Gene - Chapter 532: Double Fly

Chapter 532: Double Fly

Chapter 532: Double Fly

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Sacred-Blood Inferno Bull: Fuse the transfigured beast souls.

Han Sen looked at his new beast soul with a touch of hesitation. He had never thought it would reach the level of a sacred-blood transfiguration beast soul. It was a shame that it was only a humanoid beast soul. If it could transfigure, it could only battle with something that had an Inferno Bull's status.

Han Sen was not really interested in the transfigured beast soul, but an Inferno Bull had the ability to fly. A beast soul like this would sell for a high price.

And if he used black crystals to evolve it into a Berserk beast soul, its selling price would be even higher.

There was another Mutant beast soul that was also a s.h.i.+eld beast soul, but Han Sen was not particularly interested in that type. He thus made plans to sell it further down the line.

If there's a humanoid transfigured beast soul, the chances of beating the Twin Spirit in battle will be much higher, Han Sen thought to himself.

Although the Fairy Queen's ability in the Second Shelter was close to that of the beast soul, she was to a particular weakness: When she was transfigured, she could no longer wear armor. If that happened, Han Sen's defenses would be too low. He had no hope of withstanding attacks from the creatures from the Second Shelter.

This entire situation had yet to yield a solution. Although Han Sen's wounds were not grievous, they were genuinely quite serious. So he was for now sidelined, and he was left to think of how the Twin Spirit might be beaten.

Before he returned to the Alliance, Han Sen went to see Li Xing Lun. He asked him to keep an eye out for anyone who was selling Humanoid-transfigured beast souls.

"A humanoid-transfigured beast soul? That sort of thing is extremely rare in the ice fields. Even if someone managed to get one, there's no way they would be willing to trade," Li Xing Lun said.

"I would offer a sacred-blood transfigured beast soul in exchange. Although it's a beast, and not a humanoid, it possesses the ability of flight. Furthermore, it is a Berserk beast soul." Han Sen explained.

"A Berserk sacred-blood transfigured beast soul that has a flying ability? Can such a thing actually be real?" Li Xing Lun's face conveyed his shock, as he looked at Han Sen.

They were both transfigured beast souls. Generally, the beast soul was not as good as a humanoid one, but the combination of it being a Berserk beast soul and its flying abilities changed the stakes. The price of a Berserk beast soul was higher than that of an ordinary beast soul, but the ability of flight made its value even greater.

"Of course it's true - do I have to lie?" Han Sen did not summon the Inferno Bull because he had not yet raised it to become Berserk. If he wished to sell it in the future, summoning it now would be a problem. This was because the Berserk one would look different to the one now, and would be easier for others to discover.

"Okay, I will help you in asking around. How will I find you, if I have news?" Li Zing Lun asked.

"I am in the middle of conscription; it would be inconvenient for us to communicate. But I'll soon travel to the Starwheel Shelter, so we can talk there later." Han Sen said.

"Okay." Li Xing Lun said this straightforwardly but did not elaborate any further.

Han Sen then traveled from the Starwheel Shelter to the Alliance. While he healed the wounds he had incurred, he also tried to think how he might crack the Twin Spirit's sword skills.

With Han Sen's knowledge opposed to their sword skills, all he would need is a little more time to conjure a blocking skill that would prevent their attacks. But their attacks would come at the same time, and to fight them all was different to battling an opponent one-to-one.

Han Sen wasn't entirely sure whether he could block both of their sword skills. To be safe, Han Sen decided to learn a hyper geno art to withstand their sword skills.

Because of this, he went to the Saint Hall community in the military base to find the hyper geno art he desired.

The Twin Spirit's sword skills relied entirely on speed, so there were many ways to overcome their flurry of attacks. One could use speed to beat their own speed, but another could enable a high defense to withstand each hit. Han Sen had seen many evolvers' hyper geno arts, but none had satisfied him.

The military's Saint Hall community, compared to the Saint Hall community ordinary people could visit, offered a far wider variety of hyper geno art.

After Han Sen read the introduction, he found a species of the hyper geno art that made him feel optimistic.

This was a joint-strike sword skill called "Dual", one that required two people. That meant that two people were needed to practice the sword skill.

Han Sen thought about this for a moment. If each person was able to use one sword, it would be incredibly difficult for them to block the Twin Spirit's dual blades. With their speed, it would not matter how fast Han Sen's sword was - it would be extremely difficult for him to be faster than the Twin Spirit.

If he wanted to beat them, Han Sen would require two swords. Therefore, Han Sen selected "Dual" for its double-strike sword skill.

Of course, Han Sen did not think about looking for someone who could practice alongside him. He wanted to learn the "Dual" sword skill by himself and to learn to wield a sword in each of his hands in order to battle with the Twin Spirit. With this quality, the possibility of triumphing in battle became feasible.

If this was anyone else, it would be impossible for them to use both hands to cast such a sword skill, but Han Sen possessed the necessary talent of "Both Hands". His hands weren't cla.s.sed separately, as they were both considered primary, and the fort.i.tude of his mind allowed for perfect individual control - he could use a different sword skill in each hand.

He only needed to slightly modify the operation of the "Dual" skill. He would have no problem making use of this skill on his own.

Besides this, Han Sen used his body to remember the joint-strike sword skill possessed by the Twin Spirit. He had learnt the Thirteen Slashes from the Overflow of Slaying All With Double Blades, and Han Sen believed that he could modify "Dual" to become a skill that could beat the Twin Spirit.

Han Sen was the owner of many S-Cla.s.s licenses for the Saint Hall and without hesitating, he immediately purchased the sword skill "Dual". He now only had to wait for the geno solution to arrive before he could begin to learn it.

But the wounds Han Sen had incurred still had to heal, so he couldn't put himself through exercises that were too vigorous. Every day he went to the shelter and ate the flesh of some mutant creatures that he had prepared, and spent the rest of his time figuring out how to modify the "Dual" sword skill.

After he had started learning it, Han Sen noticed that the skills that required two people were completely different to one person wielding two blades. To complete this sword skill, it was nearly impossible for one person to do it solo.

After all, if there were two people, they could strike from different positions. Being alone and using both hands, your position and angle was limited. So a lot of the moves in the "Dual" blade sword skill were impossible to perform with two hands.

But Han Sen was not a person who gave up easily, and he could not think of any other ways he could defeat the Twin Spirit in battle.

He was still set on making big changes to the "Dual" sword skill, but before that, he needed to learn the default sword skill in each hand and then adapt it into a sword skill that suited the use of both hands together.

Perhaps this would have been difficult for other people, but Han Sen had practiced "Panorama" for many years. He had a great talent for fighting, so it would not be impossible for him to modify the skill on his own.

While he was thinking about the Twin Spirit's sword skill, he was also modifying his "Dual" skill, and at the same time, he referred to the Thirteen Slashes double-blade skill. His progress was rapid.

Within twelve days, Han Sen had modified a double-blade skill.

It was just that with this sword skill, there were many negatives. It was useless to dwell on them, so Han Sen decided to go to a virtual training camp. There, he would test out the skill he had created for real.