Super Gene - Chapter 531: Beast Soul of Inferno Bull

Chapter 531: Beast Soul of Inferno Bull

Chapter 531: Beast Soul of Inferno Bull

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As a super mount, the golden growler was no weaker than a sacred-blood mount of Second G.o.d's Sanctuary after becoming berserk. In addition, its giant body was extremely fast. Every step it made was more than 300 feet. Even with the speed of the silver-haired girl, she could not catch up with it.

In addition, most creatures were like ants in front of the golden growler, unable to block its way.

Even so, numerous creatures still threw themselves at the mount, biting at it and making it bleed. As the golden blood was spilled, the golden growler rolled in pain.

As Han Sen killed the creatures that threw themselves at him, birds and flying beasts were charging him from the sky. With blood and dead bodies of creatures everywhere, it was incredibly violent.


Han Sen was. .h.i.t hard on his head. It was the beak of the two-headed silver bird. Although Han Sen's helmet was not broken, it was so painful that Han Sen screamed and almost fell from the golden growler.

The golden growler had G.o.d knows how many creatures on its body. Bleeding everywhere, golden growler was still the king of First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

With a roar, it fiercely jumped up into the sky like a hill. When it fell, several palaces were smashed and there was almost an earthquake in the future royal shelter. A lot of creatures were killed and the majority of the creatures on its body were shaken down.

Han Sen grabbed the golden hair of the mount and managed to stay on top.

The golden growler got up and ran toward the main gate again. Groups of creatures came up to it.

Fight fight fight!

It was the first time for Han Sen to be trapped in such a hard battle. He had no idea how many creatures he had killed. His hand became numb, but more creatures kept coming at him.

A mile from the main gate, the golden growler roared and fell to the ground, smas.h.i.+ng the earth.

It was covered in golden blood and its skin was broken everywhere by numerous creatures. One of its paws no longer looked intact, baring bones. It was incredible that the mount had lasted so long.

Han Sen took back the golden growler and spread his wings, flying outside the shelter.

However, all the bird creatures and flying beasts were coming at him already, especially the flying bull, diving at him with its horns likes spears.

Without the protection of the golden growler, Han Sen knew that he could not be stopped again. Seeing the two-headed silver bird chasing him from the back, Han Sen gritted his teeth and charged the flying bull.

A black lightning bolt and a golden lightning bolt clashed. When Han Sen's head was about to hit the horns, he suddenly contracted his wings and flipped in the sky, putting his legs forward, clipping the neck of the bull and bowed to hit the bull's stomach hard.


The ghost-pawed claws stepped into the stomach of the black bull with fierce force. Han Sen pulled hard and blood was spilled.

A scream sounded, and the magnificent body of the bull fell to the ground.

Han Sen stepped on the back of the black bull and summoned his wings, rus.h.i.+ng out of the shelter.


Hearing a loud object fall, Han Sen then heard the voice.

"Sacred-blood creature inferno bull killed. Beast soul of inferno bull gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 sacred geno points."

However, Han Sen had no time to mind those. Like a b.u.t.terfly covered in blood, he broke the blockage of the flying creatures and came out of the royal shelter.

Seeing Han Sen going out of the shelter, the silver-haired girl looked mad. However, there was nothing she could do.

Under these circ.u.mstances, the men still managed to leave the shelter, so there were no other methods that she could adopt.

Outside the shelter, both creatures and humans had left. The silver beetles were going back to the

underground. Han Sen's berserk nightmare wings were incredibly fast, and he quickly disappeared on the icefield.

Back to the Crystal Palace, Han Sen treated his wounds as he thought about the twin spirits that he ran into.

Han Sen did not regret at all. All he could think about at this point was how to take the twin spirits for himself.

He want them so much. Rare twin spirits, both royal. They were so scarce. Coupled with their strength and beauty, it was a gift from heaven.

"I must have them," Han Sen thought, feeling resentful.

However, the twin spirits were so powerful and had so many sacred-blood creatures. When Han Sen entered the shelter, only several sacred-blood creatures were guarding the shelter. If it were any other time, there should be at least 3 to 4 dozen sacred-blood creatures inside. So, it was very unlikely for him to go inside again.

However, that did not make Han Sen give up his greedy thought. He was determined to have the twin spirits, so no matter how hard it was, he will have them.

"In order to have them, I must first have the ability to beat them and get the two spirit stones. The sacred-blood creatures were not that frightening. After all, they were not intelligent. There is always a way to cope with them. However, the spirit sisters are very clever and powerful. If I am not able to beat them, I can never have the spirit stones." Han Sen thought back on their sword skills.

Han Sen had taken countless strikes from the sisters. He had at least 100 to 200 injuries on his body. With his experience to fight the silver-haired girl, Han Sen had learned their sword skills.

"Give me some time, and I will come up with a solution for sure." Han Sen was certain that he had this ability.

Their sword skills were so strange and fast. With the two working together, there was almost no solution.

However, no matter how strong their sword skills were, there was a pattern to it. As long as there was a pattern, there must be a solution. Han Sen was confident that he could think of a way to tackle that.

"Wait for it, you two will become mine next time," Han Sen was determined.

Although he had sacrificed Mad s.h.i.+eld, luckily, he had killed a lot of creatures in the shelter. He had gained several primitive beast souls and a mutant beast soul, in addition to the sacred-blood beast soul of inferno bull. He did not really suffer a loss.