Super Gene - Chapter 533: Snow-Lady Beast Soul

Chapter 533: Snow-Lady Beast Soul

Chapter 533: Snow-Lady Beast Soul

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There were a lot of negatives a.s.sociated with the "Dual" sword skill, and they created problems that would arise during combat. This made Han Sen realize that creating a sword skill was no easy task.

But Han Sen had no other choice. Any new sword skill creation required vigorous combat testing, so he had to be patient and make a note of every flaw he noticed during battle, in order to rectify and improve later.

If there were any mistakes, he was free to make changes now, but if a problem arose during a real field of battle, the price for such a mistake would be paid in his own blood. Knowing this, Han Sen was in no rush.

Han Sen continued to improve over time as he tried to perfect the dual-blade sword skill. Today Han Sen had visited the shelter again. Li Xing Lun was there and found him, wearing a strange facial expression.

"Han Sen, I found a Humanoid sacred-blood fused transfigured beast soul." Li Xing Lun's tone of voice was also somewhat strange.

"Is its owner willing to trade?" Han Sen asked.

Li Xing Lun did not answer directly, instead saying, "Earlier, I sent out word that a friend was willing to swap a Berserk beast soul for a Humanoid beast soul. Although many people wanted to trade, and many people called me, Humanoid transfigured beast souls were too rare and no-one was willing or able to make a trade like that."

Li Xing Lun paused for a moment, then continued. "Yesterday, BlackG.o.d contacted me. He said he wanted to use an Egregore soul to trade for your Berserk beast soul.

"Does he really have an Egregore soul?" Han Sen asked.

"Yes, I looked. It is a sacred-blood cla.s.s Snow-Lady beast soul. The abilities of the Snow-Lady beast soul are quite special. It does not increase one's strength, just one's speed. It also has the ability to reduce one's temperature, but that seems rather useless to me. It would most likely just become a problem. I don't think it's worth trading a Berserk beast soul for a Snow-Lady beast soul. Plus, you had argued with BlackG.o.d before," Li Xing Lun said severely.

"Did you say that it was me who wanted to trade?" Han Sen asked.

"No, I only said that it was a friend." Li Xing Lun shook his head as he spoke.

Han Sen thought for a moment about what to say, then said, "That's okay - feel free to tell him it's me who wants to trade. If he is willing, tell him to come here so we can complete the transaction."

Speed was what Han Sen needed most right now. The strongest aspect of the Twin Spirit's power was their speed. If he was able to match with their speed and break their sword skill, the battle would be much easier.

And combined with the beast soul's ability to lower the body's temperature, for Han Sen, there was an absence of negatives. The "Ice Skin" skill worked even better in a cold environment, so not only was it of no detriment to Han Sen, it was an outright benefit.

For others, this would have been a debilitating attribute, but Han Sen would be glad to receive it.

Besides, to find a Humanoid sacred-blood beast soul was extremely difficult in the ice fields. It was good to be able to trade a Snow-Lady beast soul, which was not too far from a Humanoid beast soul. Han Sen was satisfied at the proposal of this trade.

"You really want to make this trade with BlackG.o.d?" Li Xing Lun asked. "You really have to consider this well. If you trade your Berserk beast soul with BlackG.o.d, he may use it against you in the future."

Han Sen laughed. "Thank you for your concern," he said. "If I am willing to trade this with him, of course I am not afraid of his owners.h.i.+p of the beast soul."

"Okay, then. Did you bring the beast soul? Tell me about your situation and I will talk to BlackG.o.d," Li Xing Lun smiled.

In the past few days, Han Sen had already raised the Inferno Bull into a Berserk beast soul. When he summoned it, it combined with his body to become a black-winged bull.

He told the specific attributes of the Inferno Bull to Li Xing Lun, all the while muttering, "It's a shame". A beast soul that was able to greatly increase one's strength and which provided the ability of flight was much stronger than the Snow-Lady of BlackG.o.d; one which appeared to be inherently flawed.

The Snow-Lady beast soul, aside from being Humanoid and providing a pa.s.sable speed boost, did not appear to be anything special. The ability to lower one's own temperature seemed pointless and stupid.

But Han Sen insisted on making the trade, so Li Xing Lun went off to talk with BlackG.o.d.

Han Sen waited a day. On the second day he went to the shelter. Li Xing Lun was there and he had already spoken to BlackG.o.d. Aside from the Snow-Lady, Li Xing Lun had managed to bargain for an additional two Mutant beast souls.

"Thank you, Brother Lun. But for those two Mutant beast souls, we should share them. Let's take one each." Han Sen said.

But Li Xing Lun did not want any, no matter what. He only told Han Sen that after the saving of the Starwheel Shelter, it was an honor to help.

It was time to trade with BlackG.o.d. BlackG.o.d had brought people with him to the Starwheel Shelter. He noticed that Han Sen's eyes were a little cold, but of this he made no mention.

After they both observed the beast souls they were to receive, they handed their own over to Li Xing Lun. Then Li Xing Lun completed the trade by handing the beast souls over to their new owners. The transaction was smooth and without incident.

Han Sen received the two Mutant beast souls and Snow-Lady beast soul. He looked them over to ensure no mistakes had been made, and while he was getting ready to bid Li Xing Lun farewell, BlackG.o.d called to him.

BlackG.o.d looked at Han Sen with disdain, and coldly said, "Han Sen, you dare gamble with me? Perhaps now we can settle our grudge."

"What do you want?" Han Sen furrowed his eyebrows in response.

"You and I engage in battle. Regardless of who wins or loses, our grudge can be settled." BlackG.o.d looked at Han Sen and continued, "Of course, if you do lose, you must leave behind the Snow-Lady beast soul. If I lose, however, I can leave behind the Inferno Bull beast soul."

Li Xing Lun frowned and said, "BlackG.o.d, we only want to exchange beast souls on this day. Nothing else."

"I am merely suggesting a solution to our grudge. It is entirely up to him if he wants to partake in my idea. If he does not dare to engage me in battle, that is fine," BlackG.o.d said sternly.

"What if I do not wish to gamble?" Han Sen looked at BlackG.o.d as he asked.

"If you do not wish to settle our prolonged dispute, then you will become my enemy. And I do not go soft on those I deem to be my enemy."

The few people who had accompanied BlackG.o.d now summoned their beast souls.

"BlackG.o.d, this is the Starwheel Shelter. This is not BlackG.o.d Shelter." Li Xing Lun's eyes went cold, and he summoned a few leaders from the Starwheel Shelter to push back against BlackG.o.d's people.

"Li Xing Lun, this is about me and Han Sen. This is none of your business." BlackG.o.d furrowed his brow.

"I am the notary of the exchange; I do not care for your grudge with Han Sen, but in my Starwheel Shelter, none can lay a finger on him." Li Xing Lun's eyes were firm, hesitation and the desire to hold back entirely absent from them.

"Li Xing Lun, do you really want to offend me on the behalf of a person who doesn't even matter?" BlackG.o.d looked at Li Xing Lun sternly.

"Han Sen saved me when the Starwheel Shelter was in crisis. He is my savior; no one can do him any harm before me." Li Xing Lun said these words directly.

BlackG.o.d's emotion began to change, the atmosphere inside the Shelter growing tense. It was like a room that was packed to the brim with explosives, where the presence of a single spark would be enough to ignite the volatile atmosphere.

"It is okay to have a one-on-one, but the beast souls that we gamble must be held onto by Li Xing Lun." Han Sen said all of a sudden.

"That is no problem." BlackG.o.d agreed to the terms, as he knew all about Li Xing Lun's ident.i.ty. He knew he was not the sort to accept the beast souls and make a run for it.

There was also the fact that BlackG.o.d's purpose there was not merely to win a beast soul - he wanted Han Sen's life.

Han Sen had stolen the Snake Fish King in the past and used a poison dagger to hurt him. This had almost taken BlackG.o.d's life, and was the cause of the anger that he could never find it in himself to swallow.