Super Gene - Chapter 530: Twin

Chapter 530: Twin

Chapter 530: Twin

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Han Sen wanted to take back Mad s.h.i.+eld, but the sword of the girl was too fast indeed. Before he took Mad s.h.i.+eld back, another flash flew across.


This time, the tower s.h.i.+eld was cut in half for real. The slim sword cut to the tall figure of Mad s.h.i.+eld like a lightning bolt. With a flash, there was a line added to the body of Mad s.h.i.+eld.


The body of Mad s.h.i.+eld fell into two halves. The spirit was killed like that.

Not having any time to regret the loss of the aristocrat spirit that he had gained not long ago, Han Sen ran toward the statue at full speed.

Treading Cloud, Han Sen had eventually put the footwork into use. Running like wind, Han Sen rushed to the statute like a tornado.

However, the silver-haired girl was not slower than him at all, but even faster. Catching up with him momentarily, she stepped her sword at Han Sen's back.

Without turning back, a golden worm covered in red armor appeared behind Han Sen, blocking the girl's sword, while Han Sen jumped up and spread the nightmare wings, throwing himself at the sparkling spirit stone between the statue's brows.

Ding ding ding!

The three strikes cut the golden rock worm king consecutively, and the red armor was cut deeply. Even the sh.e.l.l of the worm king was broken. Golden blood started to flow.

Luckily, the pet armor that had become a berserk super beast soul was much harder than the tower s.h.i.+eld, so the golden rock worm king was not killed after taking three strikes.

Han Sen took back the golden rock worm king. The spirit stone was right in front of him. Even if the silver-haired girl came at this moment, there was no time for her to stop him from taking the stone.

However, when Han Sen's fingers were about to touch the spirit stone, he suddenly felt a strong anxiety. His back was covered in cold sweat.

"Something's wrong…" As Han Sen felt that, he saw a golden figure coming from behind the giant head of the statue. At the same time, a gold sword went to Han Sen's chest.

That sword was so fast and Han Sen was so close that there was no time for him to dodge.


The golden sword pierced the golden armor into his chest. Han Sen then saw the person who stabbed him. It was a girl with wavy blonde hair and golden eyes covered in golden armor, holding a golden slim sword.

Except for the fact that everything was golden on her body, the girl looked almost identical to the silver-haired girl. They were almost like two dolls made from the same mold, only with different colors of their armor and hair.


The blonde girl kicked Han Sen down to the floor. Han Sen fell hard and saw that on the back of the statue there was another face. The statue was two-faced, and between the eyebrows of the face in the back, there was another spirit stone, which was golden and s.h.i.+ny.

"Twin spirits?" Han Sen eventually understood why the silver-haired girl would be so relaxed to fight Han Sen alone, not asking the creatures to hit him.

Because that was unnecessary. The spirit shelter was in fact a rare double spirit shelter. In addition to the silver-haired girl, there was a similarly good blonde girl.

Han Sen could not even get rid of the silver-haired girl, let alone two girls.

Without any hesitation, the moment when Han Sen fell to the ground, he got up and brushed toward the outside. Motivating his body and cracking his bones, Han Sen pushed his potentials to his limit.

The silver-haired girl and blonde girl did not mean to let him go. The two beautiful but deadly figures rushed toward Han Sen like to lightning bolts.

Blood spilled like rain. Han Sen had used the kiting skills to his limit. However, all he could do was to avoid his vital parts. The silver and golden slim sword continued to leave one injury after another on his body.

The sword skills of the blonde girl and silver-haired girl were compatible. They complement each other and were much stronger when used alone. Han Sen did not even want to fight anymore. He had miscalculated from the very beginning, so he did not have a chance to win again. All he could do was to go out as fast as he could in order to survive.

With blood covering his body, Han Sen was extremely lucid. His eyes cold, he quickly calculated every possibly as fast as he could. Han Sen only had one goal. Under the attack of both royal spirit's, he did not any chance to get the spirit stone again.

Every step he made was traded with his injury. Every step was carefully designed, but it could not save him from being hurt.

At this point, Han Sen had no other ways than trading injuries for his life. When he reached at the stone gate, he was covered in a lot of blood already.

At this point, Han Sen could only celebrate the fact that he had both the armor and the glyph. Otherwise, even if he had practiced Jadeskin, he would have died a million times.

The effect of the armor and glyph blocked the majority of the force on the swords of the girls. When the swords. .h.i.t him, the remaining force was less than 30%, only leaving shallow marks on him.

Although they seemed scary, they were not deadly, allowing Han Sen to fight again.

However, outside the architecture were full of all kinds of creatures including sacred-blood creatures like the black snake, looking even more scary than h.e.l.l.

Han Sen no longer had other options. If he could go out, he could survive. Those sacred-blood creatures were still inferior to the girls. In addition, they were less intelligent, which was Han Sen's opportunity.


With all kinds of scary creatures at the door, Han Sen did not cringe but rushed into them, thanks to his armor.

The flying bull fiercely threw itself at Han Sen, charging Han Sen with its horns. However, the next second, a huge golden creature fell from the sky, smas.h.i.+ng all the creatures nearby.

"Rush out!" Han Sen threw himself onto the back of the golden growler which was the size of a hill and roared, grabbing his hair.

The golden growler route and ran into the group of creatures like crazy, getting rid of the creatures and marching toward the main gate.