Super Gene - Chapter 529: Fighting Silver-Haired Spirit Girl

Chapter 529: Fighting Silver-Haired Spirit Girl

Chapter 529: Fighting Silver-Haired Spirit Girl

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The mouth of the two black snakes looked like the dark gates toward h.e.l.l. Their fangs were each longer than 3 feet, dripping disgusting venom, blocking Han Sen's way.

Han Sen no longer saw a way out. There were only the two snakes. However, he did not mean to stop at all, but speeded up. With her heart thumping like a drum and blood boiling, every inch of his muscles was motivated.

Stepping out, Han Sen almost immediately rushed inside the mouth of one of the black snakes.


The black snake quickly closed its mouth, trying to swallow Han Sen like that. However, blood suddenly spilled, and its snakeskin was ripped from inside. Blood and the golden figure both came out. The three purple lightning bolts shone.


Han Sen rushed out of the stomach of the snake and hit the giant stone gate of the ancient building, smas.h.i.+ng one of the doors and going inside without hesitation.

The inside of the ancient architecture looked like a temple, full of mysterious symbols and statues of deities. Inside the temple, a statue of ghost more than 100 feet tall stood like a demon.

Between the brows of the ghost there was a silver gem about the size of a fist, which should be the spirit stone of the silver-haired girl.

Under the statute, the silver-haired girl had changed into her fighting state. Her perfect body covered in silver armor, she looked lean and dedicate with a perfect curve.

Holding the silver slim sword, the girl had cold light in her eyes, staring at Han Sen.

Han Sen quickly rushed toward the girl. Initially, he thought the sacred-blood creatures would chase him inside, but they were all guarding outside the architecture and none entered the gate.

Han Sen was overjoyed. Just coping with the silver-haired spirit girl was much easier for him. In addition, he had killed her once. Even if he could not kill her this time, it would be easy for him to get the spirit stone.

Seeing Han Sen was approaching the statue, the silver-haired girl exclaimed coldly and slashed her silver sword at Han Sen's throat, almost reaching her throat immediately.

Han Sen was astonished. Last time, he deliberately took the strike that went through his body, so it did not matter how fast her sword was, since Han Sen did not want to dodge at all.

However, as she cut his throat this time, he would be beheaded if he did not dodge, which could never happen.

Fighting the silver-haired girl face to face, Han Sen felt how fast her sword was. Stepping back, Han Sen raised the ghost-pawed claws to block her strike and managed to save himself.


The silver sword and the ghost-pawed claws clashed, making noise of metal. Feeling a huge force, Han Sen could not help stepping back. Her strength was even a bit stronger than his.

After the strike, the silver-haired girl did not stop her attacks. Like silver lightning bolts, she continued to hit Han Sen with her sword, forcing him to defend himself with no chance to fight back.

After taking a dozen strikes, Han Sen felt the sword was so fast and unpredictable that he could only go back and could not even leave.

Same as her sword, the girl had incredibly fast footwork as well. She followed Han Sen like a shadow, not giving him any chance to breathe.

Ding ding ding!

Although Han Sen had blocked all the strikes from the girl, his berserk ghost-pawed claws were chipped by the slim sword of hers. Han Sen's arm was also numb.

Until this moment had Han Sen realized how lucky he was to kill the silver-haired girl last time. If he did not surprise her by taking this sword with his body and take advantage of her carelessness, he would never have had any chance.

After all, Han Sen had much worse fitness at that time. He was at a disadvantage facing the silver-haired girl this time still, which meant he would have suffered even more last time if it were not for his scheme.

It seemed that the silver-haired girl hated Han Sen to his guts. She did not conserve any energy, forcing Han Sen to step back with her sword.

Changing his footwork and using kiting skills, Han Sen was not the match of the silver-haired girl because he did not know any advanced claws skills. He was merely using the claws at a knife with Bladestorm. If it were not for the good footwork that Han Sen had, he would have been killed by her a long time ago.

Even with his footwork, Han Sen was still hit so hard that he could not fight back. All he could do was to step back inside the hall in order to avoid the girl's sword. Otherwise, even if his claws did not break, his arm would be broken.

The sword skills of the silver-haired girl were excellent. She almost became one with her sword, crossing the sky like a lightning bolt. She was so fast that her figure became a blur.

Han Sen tried to use the blocking technique in Dongxuan Sutra to block the sword of the girl. However, he knew nothing about her sword skills and did not know what the moves were. Unable to determine which move was the important one, he could not block her sword.

Also, the sword was so fast that even with Han Sen's eyesight, he could not see it clearly, which made it even harder for him to block it.


Han Sen missed a strike and quickly avoided his vital parts. The cut was made on his shoulder and blood started to flow through the cracks of the armor.

Han Sen was shocked. Even the golden armor with gargoyle glyph could not block the silver slim sword, which showed how sharp the sword was.

The silver-haired girl became even fiercer in her attacks. Waving her sword faster and faster, she made it more and more difficult for Han Sen.

As the sword was about to reach Han Sen's face, Han Sen did not have his claws in place in time, so he could no longer block his strike.

"That's it." Han Sen gritted his teeth and summoned Mad s.h.i.+eld, putting him in front of Han Sen to bear the strike from the silver-haired girl. Han Sen quickly rushed to the giant statue and went for the spirit stone, no longer lingering.


Han Sen heard steel being ripped apart. The tower s.h.i.+eld of Mad s.h.i.+eld was cut deeply by the silver-haired girl, almost breaking in half.