Super Gene - Chapter 528: Entered the Shelter Alone

Chapter 528: Entered the Shelter Alone

Chapter 528: Entered the Shelter Alone

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The strength of the silver beetles was only their number and sharp mouths. In fact, their strength was not too impressive.

However, wearing the golden armor and gargoyle glyph, Han Sen could completely block out the silver beetles. In addition, he was covered all over, so there was no gap where the silver beetles could approach him.

Although the silver beetles chased humans away, the creatures were also chased away. Taking advantage of the mess, he could enter the royal spirit and maybe there was a chance for him to get the spirit stone.

Han Sen summoned his armor and glyph, sneaking into the shelter in the mess.

Just when he approached the battlefield, waves of silver beetles had come to him, drowning Han Sen with their little bodies.

Han Sen felt the crackling outside his armor as the silver beetle was trying to bite his armor. However, because of the double berserk sacred-blood beast souls, even their sharp mouths could not hurt the armor at all.

Han Sen felt rea.s.sured and marched toward the royal spirit in the sea of beetles. Under the cover of the silver beetles, no one was able to notice him.

Outside the royal spirit, Han Sen jumped over the wall and entered the royal spirit that looked like a cosmopolitan.

The majority of the creatures had been scared away by the silver beetles. There were obviously less creatures in the royal shelter, but their number was still astonis.h.i.+ng.

Seeing the silver-haired spirit girl walking toward the center of the shelter from afar, Han Sen gritted his teeth and chased in her direction.

There were no silver beetles inside the shelter, but a lot of creatures rushed to Han Sen.

Han Sen did not linger but spread his nightmare wings, dodging the majority of the creatures and went toward the spirit girl.

The weird birds and black winged beasts in the sky came toward Han Sen. Han Sen flapped his wings and dodged the block of the beasts and birds like a b.u.t.terfly, thanks to the speed of the berserk sacred-blood wings. He quickly reached where the spirit girl was standing.

The spirit girl had already come to a large ancient architecture. Feeling the turmoil in the sky, she looked back standing on the stairs. Seeing Han Sen who was in the sky, her silver pupils contracted.

Even he was covered in armor, the silver-haired girl still recognized Han Sen who had once killed her. She was not depending on her eyesight, but her scent that she left on Han Sen's body when he killed her.

Her face turned cold. The silver-haired girl waved her staff and the birds and beasts rushed to Han Sen. A dual-headed silver bird and a black bull with wings also rushed to him.

Han Sen did not mind ordinary birds and beasts, because they were much slower and weaker than Han Sen. Han Sen could kill them as he wanted. However, the silver bird and flying bull were obviously both sacred-blood creatures. They blocked Han Sen's way among other creatures.

After doing that, the silver-haired spirit girl did not mind Han Sen anymore and continued to go inside the mysterious architecture.

After the spirit girl went inside the architecture, two identical black snakes were climbing on the columns at the gate, flicking out their tongues.

Han Sen had seen one of the black snake before. As time when the spirits were attacking the Starwheel Shelter, she brought that black snake, which was also a sacred-blood creature.

"How come there are so many sacred-blood creatures in this royal shelter?" Han Sen frowned.

Not all the royal shelters had a large number of sacred-blood creatures. The number of sacred-blood creatures in a royal shelter depended on the size of the shelter, the number of sacred-blood creatures nearby, and the spirit's ability.

In terms of both size and number of sacred-blood creatures, this royal shelter was exceptional, which showed how strong the silver-haired girl was.

To go back or forward was an impending decision that Han Sen must make. There were so many creatures here that Han Sen could not be trapped. Once he was trapped, he could never escape again.

In just one second, Han Sen had decided.

He had already entered the shelter, so it was the perfect opportunity, and he had no reason to go out.

If the three forces could not take down this royal shelter when they united, since most sacred-blood creatures were not even inside the shelter at this point, he would never have an opportunity to try again if he missed this opportunity.

With his eyes cold, Han Sen was calculating all the moves and trajectories of the creatures he was seeing. In his mind there was a holographic image and a route that would take him inside the ancient architecture.


Flapping his wings, Han Sen made a dive, avoiding the silver bird and flying bull.

However, because he went slower, many creatures on the floor started to jump at him, throwing themselves at Han Sen who was flying low.

Remaining calm, Han Sen landed on an architecture. When he flew, he avoided the snaps of the creatures on the land and flew up again.

In the sky, the dual-headed silver bird and other creatures rushed over again. Han Sen landed again, changing his position continuously and dodging the attacks from different creatures, going toward the ancient and mysterious architecture like crazy.

There was no way to block him. Han Sen moved quickly among the architectures, flying up from time to time. He perfectly used the s.p.a.ce between the architectures and the creatures themselves, going to the ancient architecture at last. The creatures were always a bit too late, not formulating any threat to Han Sen.

That included the two sacred-blood creatures, because they never stopped Han Sen.

However, because he was using the terrain and the creatures, Han Sen did not go straight but made a huge circle in order to arrive at the ancient architecture.

The two black snakes had come down from the giant columns, blocking the closed stone gate. They opened their mouths and issued screams at Han Sen, bearing there frightening fans, looking rather scary.

Han Sen did not pause and went up the stairs, rus.h.i.+ng at the two black snakes. Behind him were all kinds of fierce creatures, looking like ghosts from h.e.l.l. They followed Han Sen and tried to take him down.