Super Gene - Chapter 527: Silver Beetle

Chapter 527: Silver Beetle

Chapter 527: Silver Beetle

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"I am afraid I have to let you down. I am the enemy of BlackG.o.d, so it should be inconvenient for me to go with you?" Han Sen smiled and said.

"You are the one who injured BlackG.o.d and stole the snake fish king?" Li Xinglun suddenly remembered, looking at Han Sen in surprise.

"It is no other than me. I don't think we should go together. When you started the fight, I will join you at that time," Han Sen said.

"That'll do. However, you must stay careful. At that time, all the advanced fighters in BlackG.o.d Shelter would be there. If BlackG.o.d did anything to harm you, it would be hard for you to escape. I am in charge of attacking from the West, you could go to my side," Li Xinglun pondered and said.

"Who is the one in charge of attacking the main gate?" Han Sen asked.

"BlackG.o.d is the strongest, so he's doing that."

After Han Sen asked about a few more details, he got up to leave. However, he had made up his mind to go to the main gate where BlackG.o.d would be.

Of course, before conquering the shelter, Han Sen would not thwart BlackG.o.d's efforts. However, after taking the spirit shelter down, Han Sen would not be polite anymore.

It was the first time for the human evolvers to unite together on the icefield. The scale was huge. Evolvers preparing and transporting supplies were everywhere to be seen. Some better fighters were in charge of hunting the creatures nearby.

Because the resources were so limited on the icefield, humans were only able to fight against the royal shelter after developing for a hundred plus years and a couple of generations.

However, everything needed to be spent on the icefield in order for humans to succeed. If humans lost, they would have such a heavy loss. Therefore, no one dared to slack.

"In addition, there must be some troubles regarding commanding. Once the shelter was conquered, no one could guarantee that humans would not fight against each other regarding the distribution of gains.

Han Sen was in no hurry to go there. It's was no use to go too early. He would like to go after the fight had started.

Indeed, like Li Xinglun said, the three forces launched a united strike against the royal shelter after two days. BlackG.o.d Shelter was in charge of attacking the main gate of the royal shelter.

From afar, Han Sen saw groups of creatures rus.h.i.+ng out of the royal shelter, fighting against human evolvers.

BlackG.o.d took a dozen evolvers who had a fitness level above a hundred, trying to go inside the shelter. However, they were soon stopped by sacred-blood creatures.

In the other two directions, humans were also stopped by creatures. Fighting could be heard everywhere, while the silver-haired spirit girl was standing on top of the wall of the shelter, looking at everything coldly, not planning to move a finger.

Han Sen eventually witnessed a large-scale fight. Han Sen could not see clearly was going on with Li Xinglun and Philip. However, against the dozen evolvers with a fitness level above a hundred, nearly 20 sacred-blood creatures had rushed out of the royal shelter, blocking the attacks from BlackG.o.d shelter completely.

This was obviously not everything the royal shelter had got. There were definitely more sacred-blood creatures inside the shelter, fighting against enemies from the other two directions. This royal shelter was incredibly strong.

"One man could never take down a large royal shelter like this one." Han Sen felt quite impressed. Without uniting the forces on the icefield, an individual could never conquer shelter like this unless he had the strength of a super creature.

Giant snakes as long as 300 feet, huge beasts that looks like t.i.tans, black winged beasts and birds flying in the sky. The whole battlefield was a mess. The scene was hundred times more impressive than a movie.

It was equally magnificent as an interstellar war. In addition, the b.l.o.o.d.y scene was something that could not be seen there.

Even Han Sen who was preparing to steal some gains felt his blood burning, wis.h.i.+ng to fight next to the evolvers.

BlackG.o.d was better at commanding than Han Sen thought. In addition, the majority of the evolvers had been through service, so they were no strangers to fighting together. When they were besieging creatures, they collaborated well. In fact, the casualties were not huge.

In addition, some were weaker evolvers would be in charge of logistics. Once someone was hurt, he would be sent out of the battlefield immediately. Not a lot of people died.

"This BlackG.o.d is quite impressive. He is able to command such a large-scale war. Quite talented," Han Sen thought to himself. However, an enemy was an enemy no matter how good he was.

Because for more than a hundred years, humans had been bullied by this royal shelter and fought the shelter multiple times, humans had a profound understanding of how strong the royal shelter was. After discussion, the three forces launched the attack with preparation. Although the royal spirit was strong, it started to fall. It seemed that it could not withstand the attacks from all three forces for a long time.

However, the silver-haired spirit did not plan to attack. She was watching the entire battlefield coldly on top of the wall, moving her staff once in a while, commanding the creatures to fight.

"If this continues, the shelter will be conquered if the silver-haired spirit did not have other creatures to help her," Han Sen thought to himself.

If it were an aristocrat shelter, Han Sen would have gone inside to steal the spirit stone already. However, it was a royal shelter and he did not know whether there were more sacred-blood creatures inside. Even if Han Sen went inside, he might not necessarily be able to find the spirit stone.

As Han Sen was thinking, he saw the silver-haired spirit living the war. However, he did not join the battlefield, but went back to the shelter.

Han Sen was surprised by her move. Currently, the fight had gone into a very fierce stage. The army of the creatures were at a disadvantage. If they lost her command, wouldn't they lose even sooner?

When Han Sen was feeling puzzled, he suddenly saw the earth started to shake on the battlefield in front of the shelter. Many stones were broken, and silver beetles started to come out like waves.

Where the silver beetles pa.s.sed, the bodies of both humans and creatures were eaten up completely, making one's scalp p.r.i.c.kle.

More and more gaps started to appear on the land, and numerous silver beetles came out. All of a sudden, the entire battlefield was a mess. Both humans and creatures were rus.h.i.+ng to run for their lives. No one had any intention to continue the fight.

Humans and creatures that were fighting against each other a minute ago started to escape together. It was hard to imagine that they were fighting for life-and-death just now.

Even the huge snake and the giant beast were running as fast as they could. It seemed that they were very scared of the silver beetles.

Han Sen was also rather scared. However, after careful observation, he found that the individual of the silver beetles was not that strong. They were slightly stronger than primitive creatures, but weaker than mutant creatures. However, there were so many of them and their mouth were really sharp. Even sacred-blood creatures had their weaknesses, so it was painful for them to have a silver beetle inside their body.

However, Han Sen felt his opportunity had come.