Super Gene - Chapter 521: Treasure in the Sea

Chapter 521: Treasure in the Sea

Chapter 521: Treasure in the Sea

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The three sails rose at the same time. The mysterious and gorgeous crystal sailboat slowly rose from the bottom of the lake and floated in the water in a magical way, looking magnificent.

"My girl, march toward the ocean." Han Sen was incredibly excited. This crystal sailboat was much better than a submarine. It was an interstellar wars.h.i.+p in the water.

"Master, do you want to go above the surface?" Asked Mermaid Princess.

"No, let's march on the bottom." Naturally, Han Sen would not let the crystal sailboat to go up to look for trouble.

"Yes, master," replied Mermaid Princess and turned the rudder in her hand. The giant crystal sailboat suddenly sailed toward the ocean following the channel connecting the lake and the ocean.

The scenery at the bottom of the sea was indeed incredible. Han Sen saw a region of sh.e.l.lfish, which piled up like small mountains for hundreds of miles.

All kinds of corals were colorful and glamorous. Cl.u.s.ters of fish were playing games in millions in the ocean. giant monsters that looked like dragons were pa.s.sing by, making one's heart tremble.

Luckily, the Crystal Palace was indestructible. Otherwise, if it were hit by the horrendous beast, it would be ruined before long.

Boom boom!

A dual-headed turtle that looked like a hill hit the Crystal Palace several times before it went away slowly.

The number of the creatures inside the ocean was beyond Han Sen's imagination. However, he did not know what the status of those creatures was. He could not hunt as he wished for that reason. In addition, Han Sen wanted to check out first what the ocean had to offer.

All kinds of sea creatures that he had never seen before were swimming. From afar, he seemed to see a red river flowing on the bottom of the sea. However, when he approached it, he found it was formulated by numerous red-sh.e.l.led prawns, each as thick as a motorcycle. They were swimming among the seaweeds growing on the seabed. At first glance, Han Sen could not see the end of them and he did not know how many there were.

Han Sen's mouth was watering so he commanded the Crystal Palace to stop. Not turning on the function to avoid water, Han Sen opened up a channel that looked like a swimming pool. When one of the red sh.e.l.led prawn pa.s.sed by, Han Sen used the yin force to hit its head and killed it instantaneously.

"Primitive creature fire prawn killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 primitive geno points."

Han Sen took the prawn back, sh.e.l.led it to expose the meat that looked like jelly. He cut the meat into pieces and dipped it into some sauce. Suddenly, he felt the meat was so sweet and tasty.

"With such treasures, will I ever worry that the resources are lacking?" Han Sen was overjoyed, commanding Mermaid Princess to control the Crystal Palace to continue forward on the bottom of the ocean.

The creatures in the ocean were much more than the land. They were beyond Han Sen's imagination. Many of them Han Sen has never heard of before.

Humans did not have the ability to hunt creatures in the ocean yet. This might be the first time for humans to hunt creatures in deep sea.

However, because most of the sea creatures were huge in size, Han Sen did not rush to hunt. He mainly came to check out the resources nearby first. When there were suitable creatures, he would do some hunting. If there were none, he was in no rush.

The speed of the crystal boat was very fast inside the water. In just 5 to 6 days, it had already sailed out of the area of the ice sea. The water gradually became warm and the species of the creatures had also changed.

Han Sen saw some blue b.a.l.l.s glowing at the bottom of the sea. When he approached them, he saw they were giant jellyfish dancing in the water.

Fish of different colors were swimming in groups. Some sh.e.l.lfish were opening up at the bottom of the sea. Han Sen saw there were several s.h.i.+ny pearls inside a scallop that was the size of a bowl. Feeling interested, he swam out of the Crystal Palace and tried to grab the pearls. However, the scallop quickly shot, trying to break Han Sen's hand.

Luckily, Han Sen took his hand back fast enough and took the closed scallop back to the sailboat.

Placing the scallop the size of a bowl on a crystal table, Han Sen hit it with the yin force and suddenly heard the voice.

"Mutant creature treasure scallop killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain 0 to 10 mutant geno points."

Han Sen was very happy. He did not expect it to be a mutant creature. There was not much meat inside the scallop, so he should be able to finish it in one meal. This would give him at least 7 to 8 mutant geno points.

Opening up the scallop, Han Sen took out the pearls. They were three in total, all around and s.h.i.+ny. These would be rare in the Alliance.

"Is this a gear as well?" Han Sen thought to himself. He was not sure whether these pearls could be counted as gears.

Han Sen took back several more scallops. However, after killing them, he found that not all of them were mutant creatures. Most of them were just primitive creatures, and only the treasure scallops with silver pearls were mutant ones.

There were at least tens of thousands of treasure scallops in this region. Han Sen took a dozen back to eat himself and commanded the Crystal Palace to go forward.

After traveling for a few more days and eating many sea creatures, Han Sen had gained a dozen mutant geno points, making his mutant geno points as many as thirty-three.

This day, he saw from afar that in the deep ocean, there was a huge city that looks like a gigantic beast crawling on the bottom of the sea.

"An underwater shelter!" Han Sen glanced at it from afar and commanded the Crystal Palace to turn around, not daring to approach the shelter.

Judging by the size of the shelter, it was at least a royal shelter. Han Sen was alone at this point and he was under the water as well. There was no way he could conquer the royal shelter.

Because the royal shelter had blocked the way of the Crystal Palace, Han Sen could only try to sail to the side. However, the water became more and more shallow and it eventually reached the sh.o.r.e.

Han Sen glanced at the sh.o.r.e from afar and found many humans, out of his expectation. There was a castle next to the sh.o.r.e, which should be a human shelter, to Han Sen's joy.

The icefield was surrounded by ocean and blocked from other places by the royal shelter. There was no way for the icefield to contact the outside. However, now Han Sen could drive the Crystal Palace and come out from the bottom of the sea. This was a great business route. If he used it well, it was easy to make money.

Parking the Crystal Palace at the bottom of the sea, Han Sen rode the silver eel to go out. He swam to the sh.o.r.e and planned to ask where he was at. However, when he approached the sh.o.r.e, he found it was different from he had imagined. The reason for there to be so many people was that they were trying to conquer the shelter on the sh.o.r.e.

In front of the shelter, there were many creatures that looked like porcupines, covered in spikes

which could be shot like arrows. The humans charged several times but failed to break into the rain of spikes. Many people ended up getting hurt.